Ain’t S**t Indeed

John Thompson – the DFL endorsed candidate for the Minnesota House, who threatened to burn down Hugo, Minnesota – is clearly not a fan of the police.

And it’s causing the DFL problems – while by all indications Ken Martin is keeping Thompson locked up in a closet and not letting him anywhere near the public, the Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association, normally a reliable endorser of DFL candidates, has switched its endorsements in two swing House districts, and possibly more. The kerfuffle – which the media hasn’t been able to bury, despite their best efforts – caused the DFL to bag a fundraiser with Thompson and other DFL officials last week, which is a big deal, two months before an election.

Now, I’ve had a policy since the beginning of this blog: I leave peoples’ families out of it. Some of my various stalkers haven’t been quite as discriminating – and yes, that does make me a better person than them.

And I’m not going to change that now.

But while it seems that candidate Thompson’s son has had some brushes with the law, it also seems that the son also owes his life to one of the Saint Paul cops who, Thompson the Elder reminds us, “ain’t s**t”:

In early August 2018, a St. Paul officer was credited with saving his life after he was shot outside a funeral home on the 700 block of Portland Avenue.

Thompson was found in an alley with gunshot wounds to his chest and abdomen after a confrontation with a fellow citizen became violent. The St. Paul Police Department said that officer Mathew Jones aided Thompson and stemmed his bleeding until EMS arrived to transport him to the hospital. It is unlikely that Thompson would have survived without the medical care Jones administered, authorities said.

Reports from Fox 9 and the Pioneer Press identified the man who was shot on Aug. 6, 2018 as Thompson’s son Damarco. The St. Paul Police Department confirmed with Alpha News that Damarco’s life was saved by Jones, who received the Life Saving Award for his actions that day.

“While the saving of a life is generally attributed to the hospital and responding EMS crews, the officers who take those initial actions, such as Officer Jones, should receive the lion’s share of the credit,” St. Paul Fire’s EMS coordinator, Captain Kenneth Adams, said of the incident. “For if it were not for them and their actions, the EMS crews and hospital staff would not have a patient to work with.”

I leave families out of things – but it doesn’t seem remotely unfair to point this out.

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  1. Thompson was found in an alley with gunshot wounds to his chest and abdomen after a confrontation with a fellow citizen became violent

    “Fellow citizen” got to love that term.

  2. The reporter checked the shooter’s citizenship status? He determined the shooter was not an illegal immigrant, not an undocumented resident, not a resident alien? Wow, thorough.

    Or, he just made it up. Which doesn’t inspire confidence in the rest of the ‘facts.’

  3. I agree, Mitch, you don’t leave families out when it serves your purpose.

    As you disparage this guy.. I want to offer up my view on another group of “losers” (guys who ain’t S$#@). Losers like Capt Gerald Gneckow. Gneckow spent 8 years as a POW in Vietnam (as I recall his story). What I think of Gneckow is this.. “He’s not a war hero..He was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.”

    Now, I met Capt. Gneckow in 1983 (iirc) when I was a Midshipman. Capt. Gnechow described how he was tortured by the NVA, hung by a rope under his armpits, which was, according to Capt. Gneckow, excruciatingly painful. Capt. Gneckow relayed that under that kind of torture you talk, but what you do is make up a lie which is close to the truth, close enough that you can remember, because if they find out you’re lying, they’ll kill you. He made-up his stories, I suspect some of what he said was truthful but no longer relevant. After Vietnam we changes our rules for the conduct of captured soldiers/airmen/sailors/marines, to allow them to divulge things to save their lives without the fear of prosecution. Capt. Gnechow maintained fidelity for 8 years with his fellow POW’s, holding them up as they held him up. He endured things you can only imagine, and sacrificed 8 YEARS of his life in service to our country.

    Yet, he’s not a hero. Not to me.

    No.. that’s BS, of course he is. He was a humble, self-effacing stalwart of what it is to be one of our nation’s finest. That’s why the Navy chose to make him the captain of the Battleship Iowa.

    But the words I used are the words of our President describing John McCain, words which disparaged the sacrifice of people like Gerald Gneckow.

    They also belie Trump’s true views on military service, people who, including war dead, he apparently described as “losers” and “suckers” to die for their country. Before you dismiss that, remember that he sought FOUR deferments for a bone spur on a foot he can’t recall, that he told Ivana he’d turn off support for Tiffany if she JOINED THE MILITARY, not got a job, joined the military (or the Peace Corps) and most importantly, as evidenced by his comments about McCain.

    So, I guess Gnechow ain’t S$#% or more correctly, Trump isn’t, yet you want to focus on this trivia, including bringing up the guy’s son, who has NOTHING to do with this. Who is it again, who ain’t S$#%?

  4. I like the comment he made about the police not being able to fix the problem of young (redacted) men using guns to resolve their differences, as if the police had no role in arresting those who commit manslaughter and murder. Yes, it’s got to go further than that–say by “helping parents understand the significance of getting married”–but ….maybe Thompson needs to confront reality.

    Here’s another set of reasons Thompson may not like the police, by the way.

  5. Paddy, as long as you’re going to threadjack things, I can remember four people who died heroically in Benghazi when a former President and Secretary of state not only insulted them, but denied them necessary security, and then spread a horsefeathers story about their deaths being due to a video that nobody in Libya had seen.

  6. When Mitch says A and a troll responds – not by trying to prove Not-A but instead by yammering about X, Y and Z – then we can assume A is true because if it were not true, the troll would have refuted it.

    I know, it’s not strictly logical reasoning, but it surely happens here an awful lot and the very frequency lends credence to the conclusion.

    So thanks for confirming it yet again, P.

  7. Thompson should be out campaigning with outstate Dems.

    He should be on Almanac every Friday.

  8. Peev/paddy reminds me of the George McDonald Fraser character Harry Flashman except instead of being interesting and engaging he’s banal and pathetic. But like Flashman he’s been everywhere and talked to everyone important in the last 50 years – don’t believe me just ask him.

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  10. Well, Paddywhacker, just like your brother Emery, you once again display your blatant hypocrisy.

    The Trump – McCain feud has been a chanting point of you Marxist Democrats since Trump got into office, but, funny, you lying ass hats showed even more disdain and disrespect for McCain when he was running for POTUS. Just like with Trump, your media propaganda masters had hundreds of “reporters” digging for dirt on him, literally making stuff up, paraded about 100 armchair “psychiatrists” that committed malpractice, by offering their “expert diagnoses”, without formally examining him, that his time as a POW, caused psychological damage and that he had “obvious signs of PTSD”, therefore, he was “mentally unfit to serve as President”, asking American voters if they really wanted him to “have his finger on the button”, etc. You know, all of the same BS that you losers drag out against anyone that doesn’t fit the narrative. Then, even funnier, you idiots present a candidate that has proven to be a racist, an anti-American and that he is actually mentally unstable. Once again, you have no moral high ground here.

  11. John Thompson can have had his kid saved by the police and have a serious critique of the police.  These things don’t have to cancel each other out, and he’s not a hypocrite.

    John Thompson has been around a little longer than just this summer, but the press is failing to point out that his activist life stems from his best friend, Philando Castile, having been killed by a grossly incompetant cop in an act of gross cop malfeasance that is nonetheless kind of an ambient feature of law enforcement these days. John Thompson has a beef that isn’t inexplicable.

    I can’t say I care about the political ramifications generally though.

  12. “I can’t say I care about the political ramifications generally though.”

    The guy is a politician. He’s running for the legislature to make political changes to the way law enforcement is allowed to operate in Minnesota. His entire platform is “I’m angry.” But Liberals will vote for him anyway, heedless of the consequences.

  13. So what…..  Yes, its to say “I dont care” is to think I dont think its all that consequential cept that Thompson comes off as an angry radical black man and that triggers a lot of white suburbanites.

    I don’t know who held the seat before Thompson, but I doubt there’s a practical difference in that vote re police reform unless it was held by a dem who wouldn’t vote for police reform because it would tinker with arb rights for govt workers.

    There is a little bit of Dem hypocrisy on Thompson.  Its that the larger institution, like Walz & the party, won’t own the same sort of anti-police stance that Thomposn does.

  14. John K, is “burn Hugo down” a serious critique of the police? I welcome serious critiques, but when Thompson pulls stunts like that, I dare suggest he’s left that place.

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