Just curious about the vigilance committees the NAACP formed in Minneapolis, after the riots. 


It shall not be lawful for any body of persons, other than the National Guard, troops of the United States and, with the consent of the governor, sons and daughters of veterans and cadets of educational institutions where military science is taught, to associate themselves together as a military company with arms, but members of social and benevolent organizations are not prohibited from wearing swords. Any violation of this section shall be a misdemeanor.

Should I expect to read about charges being filed, soon?

Joe Doakes

I’ve also noticed a certain…difference in tone in covering groups of “people of color” and immigrants (including a number that I consider friends) arming up to defend their property, and white people doing exactly the same thing with exactly the same motivation.

3 thoughts on “Vigilance

  1. “Army? No, this is just me going for a walk with my 300 bodyguards. We don’t have an army.”

    Meanwhile, the VFW, Legion, and Shriners figured out it’s ok to have swords, so decided to get some shields and spears as well. With no parades to do this summer, the Shriners have focused their time on the manual of arms vs motorcycles or mini cars. They’ve gotten really good.

  2. During the 20th century both left & right totalitarianisms have persecuted selected groups based on their ethnicity or social class. The fiction was that the existence of these groups was a barrier to progress by the other groups.
    On left & right, the technique was the same: the enemy (or “foreign”) group was identified and marked by the state, and then “de-privileged.” Legal protection was removed. The right to be secure in life & property was removed.
    At the core of the persecution was the state’s privileging and de-privileging of groups based on some arbitrary characteristic. Members of a deprivileged group became the prey of those in the privileged group. Often, action by the state was not necessary. Individuals in the privileged group acting on old grudges, jealousy, and greed was enough.
    If you do not believe that is what the left is trying to do in the United States, you are naive. The eternal history of the Democrat party has been to divide and privilege & deprivilege groups based on race & social class.

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