A friend of the blog writes:

Just had an online meeting with our kid’s teacher. Expectations were laid out and kid is expected to be on time and we can expect a daily schedule that has the kid doing school work live, on line from 9-3:30. (There are breaks built in as there are during in person learning). 

We are at a charter school. Compare that expectation with the public school teachers union, who wanted one hour weekly of live in person, online learning.

We need more advocacy work like what Rashad Turner is doing. here. 

These are crazy days indeed, with me being on the same side of an issue as Rashad Turner.

2 thoughts on “Choice

  1. One of the biggest fallacies – and scare tactics – regarding public education is that parents have to spend 6 hours a day educating their children. It’s a way to foster insecurity in parents and support for the sacred MEA.

    Any homeschooling parent knows that the six hours is a joke. Home education is much more efficient, and more focused, than whatever public or private school regimen is offered as a model (a model developed on trying to efficiently manage 25 to 30 students at a time).

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