13 thoughts on “Don’t You Dare…

  1. der Übermensch und Wunderfrau! and the color palette very nearly matches that of Soci@list Realism that was so popular(was in fact the Official Style) in the ’40s & ’50s. Well done!

  2. Huh. I wonder if Kamala wore that outfit for Willie Brown? Inquiring minds want to know.

  3. Why’s he posed staring off into the distance? Shouldn’t he be posed standing behind her, hands on shoulders, shiffing her hair?

  4. It’s called “cult of personality”. It was disturbing when Hitler and Stalin did it. It’s disturbing now, regardless of the beneficiary.

  5. Joe
    he’s looking off to that bright future under his supervision when the proletariat is at last victorious over its class enemies and the notion of private property.

  6. I have the lingering thought the Republican campaign is deeply shaped by Donald Trump’s mind, a chaotic and impulsive thing that is instinctively feral and opportunistic and prone to contradiction and typically inconsistent. Trump is going to mostly lose the Trump election. Trump’s looking frantically for the right slogan while a majority of Americans are scanning the horizon for a better future.

    Oh yes, the cameras love Kamala Harris. Trump can mock Sleepy Joe but Kamala Harris is going to be dynamically in full view on people’s TV screens a lot — if not every night. She is the face of this year’s Democratic party. Avuncular Uncle Joe brought her along just for you! Reassuring.

  7. ^^ Even without a shred of evidence, many of Trump’s base will believe him. This strategy delegitimizes the US election, probably the single most anti-patriotic thing Trump has done in office.

  8. You mean like the fake “Russian collusion” that supposedly delegitimized the last presidential election?

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