This Is Today’s DFL

This is DFL-endorsed candidate for the MN House, Bob Thompson, this past Saturday in Hugo, outside the home of Lt. Bob Kroll.

It certainly didn’t end there:

Additional footage of Thompson’s speech showed him wondering why protesters “were so peaceful.” He then told a man holding a blue lives matter sign to “take that sign” and “stick it in [his] ass.”

We coming for everything that you motherf–ers took from us,” he added. “This whole [vulgarity] state burned down for 20 [vulgarity] dollars. You think we give a f– about burning Hugo down?”


The story has evaded the Mainstream Media, of course – they want the DFL to hold those suburban seats. You’ve got to go to the honest, conservative media to get the story.

By the way – when former state rep Matt Dean asked one of the area’s freshman DFL reps to comment, this was what Amy “Profile in Courage” Wazlawik had to say

Pretty sure Rep. Runbeck’s position on the demonstration is clear.

Unlike Wazlawik’s.

Or those of Ken Martin, Melissa Hortman or Ryan Winkler, for that matter.

Quick question for our DFL readers – do you disavow this?

Yes or no.

Oh, yeah – we know where Governor Klink stands:

This is the party that wants to rule Minnesota. Not govern – rule.

26 thoughts on “This Is Today’s DFL

  1. Interesting, diabolically so. Weren’t they trespassing on Kroll’s property? Littering to the point of vandalism?

    Hope some, many, most, or all of those white suburban housewives who find politics kind of yucky (and that Trump fella most of all), realize what is happening.

  2. Activists don’t make good politicians.
    Look at the Minneapolis city council and mayor.

  3. It is refreshing to see a DFL politician attacking a public employee union member for doing his job. Hey John, wanna stop the union from defending members? Eliminate the union.

    Of course, not John’s union, the public school employees’ union. Only the cops’ union. Because cops are bad. All of them. And that means they don’t deserve union representation. None of them. Because Philandro. And George.

  4. And this is what your beloved, the President said today..

    You can’t make this sh$5 up.. Another unproven, untested therapy.. and here’s Trump saying the “FDA should approve it” according to sources. Whether he said it then or not isn’t the issue, that he said it TODAY is, and that’s on record. No validating, no sourcing, no testing, just throw shlock out there. THIS is your leader. and you complain about the DFL. There’s a log in your eye.

  5. I don’t get it, if I buy MyPillow and get the best night’s sleep in the whole wide world, why do I need to also by MyPillow topper to get the best night’s sleep, and then Giza Sheets for the same reason, btw, Giza ISN’T a term for the best cotton in the world, we grow some fine cotton here, but anyway, why do I need to then buy Giza sheets?

    The point, you magnificently ignorant thing that a GOP rep recently called Kamala Harris, is this, Mike Lindell is a huckster, a PT Barnum level snake-oil salesman, and your President of choice believes this kind of ignorant clap-trap, even promotes it.

    In the US Army we had saying, “leadership is done by example”, what example do you think Dicktator in Chief is providing?

  6. So, the wealthy get tests that finish in 15-30 minutes, but we can’t get results nationally in 4-5 days …

    Bottom line, the wealthy, the people you love and whose asses you love to kiss, get testing whenever they want. You (the GOP) are the ones promoting the interests of the rich. Does it bother you that the rich get access to testing whenever and however they want? You like to claim the majority of rich are liberal, which is utter nonsense, they provided twice as much support to Romney than Obama in 2012 (for example), Again, you sit and worry about what some angry protester said (nice race baiting btw), but happily ignore the abuses by the rich and powerful. Where is Trump on this? Where is he calling out the inappropriateness of testing being provided to facilitate PARTIES, PARTIES, when we need this kind of rapid testing just to save live first responder’s lives?

    Answer, silence.. but please please keep up the focus on black protesters using course language. Any concerns about Trump saying that he just “moves on them like a b$#ch”?

  7. Boy, this post must be highlighting a Real Problem that the DFL would request the presence of two trolls. And a Paddyboy Special double post with not only one, but two threadjacks.

    I wonder if John, Jon, or Bob Thompson is getting a little behind-the-scenes talking-to about this kind of malicious stupidity.

  8. BTW, Mitch (and Stupid Joe), what was Trump doing on the day his brother was dying (of an “undisclosed” illness), he went golfing with Jay Feely. He’s spent 1/4 of his time in office golfing. He’s working so hard for the common man.. no reason for anyone to protest. He’s sure showing some kind of compassion.

  9. The cool part is how they instinctively swarm to protect the hive. Journalists need a list with talking points so they get the story straight. Liberals don’t need no stinking list. They just start spewing anything and everything to obscure our view of the truth. Remarkable.

  10. Hard to believe that Ryan “Bird-man” Winkler doesn’t condemn this!

    As for the threadjacks, I’ve said before that the old adage was “never pick a fight with someone who buys ink by the barrel.” The electronic age equivalent is squid-ink, as prodigious clouds of it will be expelled to cover up the inconvenient truths: in this case the virulent hate speech of a DFL endorsed goon and his squad.

    It appears, however, that Thompson may have locked up the “m-f’er” vote.

  11. Paddy,

    And this is what your beloved, the President said today

    Deflection rejected.

    YOUR party, after burning down parts of two cities including my neighborhood, is talking about burning down more.

    This isn’t Trump. This is YOUR PARTY.

    And apparently you agree with them.

    That’s all we need to know.

  12. Defend, Deflect, and Dissemble
    this is what passes for argument from the Emery’s and peev (paddyboy)

    Someone in the DFL hierarchy must have realized the damage these videos will do as campaign ads in suburbia this fall and again when Walz is up for re-election. Consequently the Sturmtrolle have been dispatched to quell their propagation.

    paddyboy if I read your blog right a few years back you said you live in South Bloomington by the river – wait till BLM shows up in your neighborhood.

  13. paddyboy if I read your blog right a few years back you said you live in South Bloomington by the river – wait till BLM shows up in your neighborhood.

    Would that be in a van by the river?

  14. That’s a great point, Night Writer.

    Paddywhacker, should follow the mantra of his communist leaders, acknowledge his white privilege and give his house (and his Lexus) to some poor BLM miscreant.

  15. I assumed that the ‘I’ also included an “apostrophe m” to match up with the latter case.

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  17. I don’t think that the common variety commies who make up the backbone of the Democrat party think of themselves as communists (they don’t think much at all). They just want sensible, common-sense regulations, and sensible, common-sense restrictions on your freedom.
    And if that doesn’t get them what they want, why, they’ll just add more common-sense regulations and restrictions. And more. And then more, until they need bulldozers to bury the bodies.
    Deep down, though, they know where this leads — to summary executions and murder camps. Because they hate you, and you don’t deserve the life you have, and when they get the chance, they will take it from you.
    Wholesale murder by the Russian Reds didn’t begin until they passed a law making it a crime to be a type of person — capitalists, counter-revolutionaries, bourgeois, monarchist.
    That’s when the bodies piled up until they could not bury or burn them fast enough.
    Do you think John Thompson wouldn’t pull the trigger? He is itching to do it. And peeve-boy backs him up, 100%

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