What A Difference Four Years Makes

Far be it for me, a mere peasant, to question the journalistic integrity of the New York Times…But, may please the court of opinion, there might be a slight difference in the way the “newspaper of record” carried the two different announcements of vice presidential candidates, four years apart.Well, the key and I might notice it, anyway. Let’s see how you do:

“Kamala Jong Un” – Photo by Glamour Shots, K Street, Washington DC. I suspect it’s the same photographer who shoots Amy Klobuchar for the Star Tribune

Flashback four years:

I know I needed that bit of red highlighter, myself

But don’t you dare say the media is biased.

21 thoughts on “What A Difference Four Years Makes

  1. Oh c’mon Mitch! There is nothing else happening in the world! Commala choice was the only newsworthy story unlike when Pence announcement was made. Period! Bias? There is no bias! Just accurate and fair reporting.

  2. It seems to me that the issue more complicated than a simple bias (and yes, the media is biased*). The NY Times et al (aka MSM) have understood and accepted that the majority of people who will pay money for their product are those that only want their opinions confirmed. And the MSM’s’got that covered. Perhaps they learned this from NPR.

    The problem comes from the fact that the opinions of the MSM once represented the majority of people and they are still living on that reputation. So people who should know better than to give MSM air-time (blog time), continue to do so as if the MSM is still in the business of serving the traditional market in which they made their reputation. It’s as if exposing their lies and hypocrisies will make them better. No, that ship has sailed.

    * actually I think the new Instapundit description is even more apt: “the infotainment industry — I refuse to keep calling it the news business — is a Democratic psyops operation against the American people”.

  3. majority of people who will pay money for their product are those that only want their opinions confirmed

    Have you seen latest numbers for subscriptions? And if you take away forced/free deliveries to hotels (there should be a racketeering investigation into this, just like CNN at the airports), cut those in half. And then consider ratings for MSM and anybody with a modicum of intellect will realize MSM is pissing into a wind. And yet, advertisers are keeping them afloat when any other business will have folded due to lack of ROI to their investors. It is as if the advertisers don’t care for their bottom line and return for their shareholders. Follow the money. Always follow the money.

  4. Senator Harris got her start serving in several positions under California Representative Willie Brown.

  5. Two of my former colleagues, who I still stay in touch with, are from India and became citizens. To put it mildly, they claim that not only them, but several fellow Indians and even Pakistanis in their circle, are disgusted and pissed with Kamala (the Ugandan Giant) for claiming that she is black. They consider her a fraud and a hypocrite, because her family owned slaves and her record as a prosecutor, is rife with outright illegal activities.

  6. More Mansplaining from the boys @ SITD…

    Women are held to such a different and odd level of scrutiny. Too much sharing and emotion is bad. Too serious and by the book is bad. I’m not sure what she’s to do to satisfy every unique need. These issues are raised mostly by men, interestingly.

  7. No less a great thinker than Aristotle considered women to be weak, spindly, mutilated men.

  8. Emery, in addition to being a callus sycophantic handmaiden to ideological murderers also adds to his resume his devotion to the policies of Andrei Vladimirovich Snezhnevsky and is looking forward to the Biden/Harris regime when it will be possible to cleanse the body politic of the philosophical intoxication and psychopathological mechanisms that threaten modern “Progressive” goals.

  9. jdm: show a little initiative—send that back to rewrite and punch it up a bit.

    piggy 🐷: try to be more concise — your sarcasm doesn’t improve with length…

  10. I’m sorry Emery, there was no sarcasm.
    Along with your more deplorable flaws you must recognize that reading comprehension is not your long suit.
    You aid and abet murderers every day and in addition to being a plagiarist/thief you are a callus reprobate!
    Concise enough for you?

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  12. Senator Harris got her start serving in several positions under California Representative Willie Brown.
    I believe that they were mostly doggy and missionary golfdoc. Sorry I couldn’t resist.

  13. Someone who is more clever than I needs to poke fun of the fact that E Incognito posted on Friday morning and then again Saturday morning on two separate threads (this one included @ 10:26 AM) that “*Some* people log onto SiTD when what they really need is a therapist…..”

    Physician Heal Thyself?? There’s gotta be a better joke/pun/retort

  14. My brother is no conservative by any stretch of the imagination, but his response to Harris’ comments on being oppressed is epic; “she’s a Brahmin”. There are many things which the children of two professors at Berkeley of West Indies and Brahmin descent are, but “oppressed” is not one of them.

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