Waves Of Schadenfreud

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Minneapolis Police Chief tells residents to prepare to be robbed, to hand over cars, wallets and cell phones, to obey criminals. 

Wonder if lack of law enforcement will affect the rape situation around the U of M?  Outstate parents still thinking of sending their daughters to college in Minneapolis might want to reconsider.
Speaking of reconsidering . . . do Minneapolis crime victims have any thoughts on reviving Stand Your Ground legislation?

Joe Doakes

It’s been a little depressing, reading the number of Powderhorn Park residents on some of the neighborhood social media who think that they deserve what they’ve got coming to them.

And when you think about it, they’re right, although not for the reasons they think. They think their “privilege” makes them justifiable targets.

Call it schadenfreud, but I say it’s “60 years of voting DFL as if it’s the only option you have”.

But there are a few that are getting the message.

8 thoughts on “Waves Of Schadenfreud

  1. the […] Powderhorn Park residents […] who think that they deserve what they’ve got coming to them.

    This is a quite revealing insight. It’s a religion. I think I may to dust off my copy of The True Believer” by Eric Hoffer again for a revisit.

  2. jdm,

    It’s only what they believe in public, and hell yes, that’s a bigger problem than truly believing it.

  3. A friend of mine, lives near Lake Nokomis, between Cedar and Bloomington Avenues. That area is part of CD5, due to Democrat gerrymandering over the years. He reports that there are a lot of campaign signs for Ilhan Omar in the area. He has also noted, with some glee, that a number of the signs, supporting the equally fraudulent Antone Melton Mieux, have been vandalized or removed prior to the primary. It’s fun to watch these twits eat their own.

  4. But there are a few that are getting the message.

    And getting out, or doubling down? Wanna bet Omar gets re-elected with an even higher majority of vote? That’s the bet I will gladly lose, but alas, I think it is not in the cards.

  5. Management keeps telling us about their commitment to racial justice, and reducing the wealth gap, and systemic racism. I get paid to sit there while they rant so fine with me, except I can’t help wondering when we’re going to start doing something concrete to solve the problem.

    “Hi, I’d like to record the deed to my new house, and the mortgage that secures the loan I took to buy the house.”

    “Yes, Ma’am, happy to oblige. Uh, just so you know, our county is committed to racial justice and reducing the wealth gap. I’m going to accept your deed but White-Out your name and pencil in one of the names from this list of under-represented racial minorities. They’ll be moving into the house instead of you. When can you deliver the keys?”

    “That’s outrageous. That house cost me $250,000. They can’t afford to pay that.”

    “Oh, no problem. Since you don’t own the house, you can’t give a mortgage on it. I’m going to throw away the mortgage. They own it, free and clear.”

    “But what about my loan at the bank? Who’s going to pay that?”

    “You are, of course. You didn’t qualify for that loan, it was given to you because of your White Privilege. Paying the loan on somebody else’s house is a form of reparations for centuries of oppression. That’ll be $46.00 for the recording fee, please.”


  6. “Racial justice and reducing the wealth gap.”. I always wonder why no says “what’s the proof of racial injustice?”. Everyone seems to take it as fact, but that where conservatives don’t debate very well-you don’t let the opposition start the discussion with a probable false premise. And no, unequal outcomes aren’t proof of injustice. As far as the wealth gap, is it all bad? One of the reasons that many immigrants-illegal and legal come here is because there is a wealth gap. Here they have the chance to get to the other side. Is everyone of the same intelligence, have the same work-ethic, the same drive to succeed? Then why wouldn’t there be a wealth gap?

  7. Wouldn’t it have been nice if the chief said “due to incompetence by the mayor and governor, the police are not going to be able to provide adequate service, so residents are advised to obtain and use carry permits.”?

    Won’t happen, since the chief serves at the pleasure of the mayor, and was probably in on the incompetence, but it would sure be nice.

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