A Commie On The Trail, A Monarchist In The Courtroom

The Democrats are proposing Kamala Harris as the next President (after, let’s be honest, Creepy Joe’s inevitable resignation or removal).

It’s not like I’m in any danger of voting for any Democrat, ever – that shouldn’t be a surprise.

But I wouldn’t vote for Kamala Harris if she were a fiscal conservative free-marketeering Second Amendendment advocate (which she has never been and will never be).

Let’s just cut to the chase: there is no circle of hell cold enough for prosecutor with Harris’s dubious relationship with honesty, ethics and morality.

She’s not ethically fit to be President – even in the post-Bill-and-Hillary Clinton sense of the term. Or even the post-Trump sense, if you’re wired that way.

She’s not morally fit to be mulch.

19 thoughts on “A Commie On The Trail, A Monarchist In The Courtroom

  1. Note to all commenters (cough cough): this post is about Kamala Harrris, no one else.

    Mitch, at least delete his thread jack posts if you are not going to ban him.

    Back to Kameltoe, withholding exculpatory evidence ought to dis-bar you and land your sorry a*s in prison.

  2. Donald Trump uses Kamala Harris nomination to strengthen hold on politically powerful “incel” vote.

    “Incel” is western term for emotionally stunted males who vent rage at women due to their inability to procreate.

    “Incels” are shunned in Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea or, if necessary, re-educated through joyful labor.

  3. Why Are Republicans Mispronouncing Kamala Harris’ Name? Racism

    Need I say more about this hag’s qualifications?

  4. MBerg’s pitch: “Creepy Joe’s inevitable resignation or removal).”

    The portrayal of Biden as a sputtering wreck has caught on quite well, despite the fact that he was a prodigious maker of gaffes in his prime. The glaring, and not mutually exclusive, omission here is Trump’s decline, amply evident in comparing his gaffe rate as well as weakened command of language in recent months to the 2015 version.

  5. C’mon, tell us how you really feel. 🙂 Supposedly Kammie is to attract the moderate vote that “moderate” Joe was letting slip away with pandering to Bernie and AOC. Poor choice.

  6. Managed to post one on-topic comment but couldn’t hold it together; Trump Derangement Syndrome took over again.

    Might want to see about getting the medication dosage upped.

  7. ^^ To paraphrase the Onion:
    “That’s just Trump Derangement Syndrome” Says Increasingly Nervous Man For Seventh Time This Year

    Unfortunately, I think we’re being generous to say they perceive well enough to get nervous about anything he does.

  8. For me, it is very reassuring to read here that all of the issues brought up about the Biden-Harris team are just so much hogwash. Man, I don’t even know why Trump even continues to run… he’s got to be terrified.

  9. You know that when Kam’s old paramour that helped her sleep her way to the top tells her not to take the job, you got issues.

  10. EI is such an idiot that he references a fake satire account on Twitter in an attempt to make a dubious claim.

    I stand by comment from a few days ago: Harris is a ethically challenged, morally stunted individual who should have been driven from the public sphere long ago by her actions as a prosecutor and AG. I would say the same about any prosecutor who did what she did, no matter the party.

    Oh, and by the way, Harris has yet another strike against any commitment to justice over politics: she supports court packing. But be careful if you expect any packing not be responded to in kind.

  11. Not the first time, nerdbert. Curiously, he has never shown a link to any particular tweet to which he’s referring, just the home page. The internet is hard.

  12. Yes, I’m sure you’d vote for Jeffrey Dahmer before voting for someone of principle, just so long as they have an R after their name.. blind obedience..

    And to be clear, the Imperial Presidency is a term used to describe Nixon, and now Trump, not Harris, not even close, not even within 1M miles, but please, project your flaws some more… Trump has mused about staying President for life, when did Harris, exactly? Oh yeah, never.

    BTW, on voter fraud, found this interesting, and given Harris’ commitment to supporting the ACTUAL law, vs. innuendo, sort of like your bitch about monarchies, which I find doubly ironic given you support the economic monarchies we have in place today… anyway..



    Just like your whinging about the Coleman election, where, when asked, not only couldn’t Coleman produce ANY evidence of fraud (despite your claims that it was widespread and you posting videos of supposed same), his lawyers during the recount said openly they would make no such allegations because they had NO SUCH PROOF.

    Same dog, different dog show here. Trump claims widespread fraud but I’ll bet you that shiny new quarter you prize so much that his evidence will be scant inference lacking in actual substance, just like Chris Kobach’s failed fraud investigation that was so replete with blither blather and nonsense it was laughed out of existence.

    Funny, funny stuff.

  13. The TDS folks sometimes prove they have TDS in their attempts to deny that they have TDS. They may, for example, tell you that they do not have Trump Derangement Syndrome, they are merely thinking rationally about him, given that Trump was behind the assassinations of both Lincoln and Kennedy, that he financed the 9/11 terrorists, and that he once set off a nuclear bomb in New York’s subway system during rush hour just to delay a legal judgment against him.

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  15. Mitch is correct about the Left’s projection thing.
    Antifa does it best — beat some old woman with bicycle lock while screaming that she is assaulting him.

  16. Huh, our liberal commenters seem to be not very concerned that Kamala Harris actually went to court to prevent convictions from being vacated due to the withholding of exculpatory evidence, and also that she prostituted herself to get her start in politics and a new car.

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