Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Went to dinner at Old Mexico in Roseville, sat on the patio, a pleasant evening. Dinner for three, one drink each, no appetizer or dessert, with tip, $100.

Is it just me, or are post-covid prices significantly higher than pre-covid prices?
 This is going to cut into my dining budget, which will extend the economic harm from the governors orders. 

Joe Doakes 

Restaurants are pricing the contortions they’re going through into their menus.

Or going out of business.

My favorite BBQ joint has jacked up its prices. Still worth it, but I can feel the pain – some of it. I imagine it’s worse for them (although they are doing very well).

Not much in between.

7 thoughts on “Price

  1. Even Cost Cutters is jacking their costs, or maybe just charging more for hacking off long, scraggly Covid manes.

    I asked, but only got a smirk in reply.

  2. There’s a surcharge tacked to the bill. Think it’s Covid related. I’m tipping the servers more. Wish I could order a Reagan style mass firing of teachers who don’t want to go back to work.

  3. simple economics tells you fewer consumers can afford a $20 plate of beans than can afford a $10 plate of beans. I wonder how long it will take them to pull the plug?

  4. Food prices are higher so restaurant food prices are higher. Not really surprise, well, unless you don’t read the news. Only you guys are surprised it seems to me.

    And yeah, Us Libs MEAN to do that. we created the virus after all, or the Chinese did, I can’t ever get your crazy stupid conspiracy theories right.. have you seen any witch doctors lately about your gynecological demons?

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