Dissent will not be tolerated:

The Attorney General has leapt into action, suing the organizers.

In the meantime, the group of over-schooled, under-educated children of the political class who destroyed state property as the cameras rolled…

…and the State Patrol looked on are still “under investigation”.

“Some animals are more equal than others”

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  1. Just a question, maybe for JD.

    Could Mitch’s point be a defense for the organizers? I would suspect that even a half way decent defense attorney could point out to the court that there are double standards at work by our feckless AG. But, then again, as golfdoc observes, this is Chinatown.

  2. bh
    remember they are likely appearing in front of a judge appointed by Mark Dayton(Tina Smith).

    Slightly OT it is worth considering that Mark Dayton was the test case for Joe Biden being President. Dayton could barely walk some days, and certainly couldn’t make sense when he tried to talk, but behind the curtain Tina Smith and her crew(accountable only to Mark) were running the show. Like Mark, Joe is extremely pliable and thats what the power brokers want.

  3. My late grand uncle Fay was a longtime resident of Effie. He was a veteran of WW1, wounded in action. He lived a VERY independent life. I sincerely know what his reaction would be to the AG. I think we may have a new term for resisting an over reaching government…an Effie.

    Give mr. Ellison an Effie.

  4. Selective Prosecution as a defense almost never works. Everybody on the freeway is driving 80 and you’re just keeping up with traffic, but when the trooper pulls you out of the pack, the judge doesn’t want to hear about all the other scofflaws, he’s only working on your individual case. You admit you were speeding? Guilty.

    Mitch is raising at least three theories as potential defenses. They’re all tough.

    First, people have a fundamental constitutional right to assemble and petition the government for redress of grievences. By vigorously prosecuting the people protesting the Governor’s Covid order but refusing to prosecute the Indians who tore down the Columbus statue, the government is infringing on that fundamental constitutional right based of the Content of the protest. This protest is justified, no prosecution; that protest is not justified, prosecute. But the government shouldn’t get to decide which protests are justified and which are not – that’s the whole point of the Constitutional amendment, to prevent government from deciding who can say what.

    The second theory is that the crowd size limit in the Governor’s Order is unconstitutional because there is no rational basis for it. There is no medical, scientific proof that assembling 251 people is deadly while 250 is not. Without that proof, the number is arbitrary. An arbitrary restricting on a fundamental constitutional right is unconstitutional.

    A third theory is that Keith Elletson is engaging in racial discrimination. He actively supports the Black Lives Matter protests in Minneapolis; he refuses to prosecute the Indian protesters over the Columbus statue; he instantly announced charges against White protestors in Northern Minnesota. He’s a Black activist using the power of the government to punish White people solely on account of their race. That’s racial discrimination.

    The problem with all these defenses is twofold: first, the media has everyone terrified by the virus so Elletson will hide behind the plague explanation as justification for any and every restriction on the grounds we can’t be too careful; and second, as Pig Bodine pointed out, most judges are initially appointed to the bench by the Governor and routinely re-elected every few years (admit it, how many times have you even looked at the back of the ballot where all those judges are running unopposed?). If they’re selected because the judge is comfortable with their judicial philosophy, that could lead to a DFL leaning bias on the bench.

    I don’t say there IS a DFL bias on the bench, only that there COULD be and if so, the defendants have a very difficult battle convincing the judge to rule against The Party. I think the case is venued in Itasca County (might be wrong about that). Judge bios are here. Decide for yourself if bias will be an issue.

  5. Remember those stories you heard a month ago about the Swedish response to covid? They never locked down, and never mandated mask use, and so they were paying a heavy bill in covid deaths.
    You don’t hear any stories like that any more.
    Because Sweden’s covid deaths have been steadily declining.
    Your chances of dying today of covid in the US are 3.3 in one million. In Sweden they are 0.65 in one million.
    Historians will have a hard time choosing the worst actors in this self-induced American economic disaster — the idiot politicians, the idiot democrats, the idiot public health officials, or the idiot epidemiologists.

  6. Hundreds attended the John Lewis funeral in Georgia. Commoners like us are not allowed to hold funerals.

    Peasants like us face a 14 day quarantine when traveling from Georgia to Washington DC. The mayor of DC waived that requirement for the attendees.

    Since you are obviously not bright enough to get the point of the post emetic, here it is: double standards.

    I believe Mitch has already warned you about thread jacking?

  7. so the choice of Itasca county judges is from 3 bints appointed by Mark Dayton (Tina Smith) – I can map the course of the trial and the verdict now – other than superb luck and skill during voir dire, the only workable option is to focus on eventually appealing into federal jurisdiction on constitutional grounds.
    too bad I liked the North Star Stampede Rodeo, I used to go when I lived up there.

  8. @Deputy Dawg ^^
    These are the same people who will complain the loudest if the number of positive tests in their county leads to distance learning for schools. Fools like Pitzen are working hard to keep schools from opening.

  9. well Emery(s) whose task it is to deflect and obfuscate on behalf of his Murdererous Masters whom he aids and abets everyday, is back on duty this Monday morning.

  10. eventually appealing into federal jurisdiction on constitutional grounds

    Take it all the way to Supreme Court.

  11. State of Minnesota vs. Pitzen. Pitzen wanted publicity — mission accomplished.

    This isn’t Pitzen’s first (rodeo) experience with the Courts. He lost a paternity case 1992.

  12. Jury nullification in federal court set the Bundys free; it didn’t have to go to the Supreme Court.

    You misunderstood me. I want it to go to the Supremes so they can swat on the nose Hakims of this worlds as incessant gnats they are.

  13. Another idiot spotted:
    Locking the country down “really hard” for a period of several weeks could save the economy from long-term pain, the president of the Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank said Sunday.

    In an interview with CBS’ “Face the Nation,” Neel Kashkari said that the only way to have “a real robust economic recovery” is to quash the flare-ups of the coronavirus that continue to pop up across the country.
    Kaskari is not an epidemiologist. He has no idea what he talking about. He might have been going on guesswork he read on Drudge or Newsweek. I guarantee you, no actual epidemiologist told him that shutting down hard, nationwide, for 4-6 weeks (not “several” weeks) would allow the government to control the spread of the virus. Epidemiologists don’t talk in terms of absolutes. Like Fauci (and economists) they hedge and qualify their statements so they can never have been shown to have been wrong.
    The idiot boat of the elites is getting pretty full.

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