Open Letter To President Trump

To: President Trump
From: Mitch Berg, Irasicble Peasant and Scott Walker supporter
Re: Disaster Request

Mr. President,

This past week, Governor-For-Life Walz asked you to declare Minneapolis and Saint Paul “disaster areas”.

Make no mistake – they are.

But they are a disaster entirely due to generations of DFL policy, decades of mismanagement, and a week of seemingly assessing the situation during the various riots and seemingly selecting the stupidest, most self-destructive response.

  • Standing idly by while looters ravaged East Lake and other areas.
  • Evacuating the Third Precinct hours before the rioting re-started.
  • Sending in a token force of National Guard, nearly a day and a half after Mayor Frey’s half-hearted request, and basically hiding under the table as that force and the few Minneapolis cops left along Lake got chased all the way to Nicollet.
  • Responding days late with effective force.
  • Giving the rioters “space to destroy” at their will.
  • Trying to fob the blame on “white supremacists” when anyone looking at the graffiti can tell you it was the white, radical far-left – “Anti”-Fa – meaning “the children and nephews of the state’s and America’s leftist elite” – knowing that even if Minneapolis is burned to the last vertical stick and the earth is salted beheath the city’s feet, keeping the Minnesota DFL’s “progressive” wing fat and happy and unmolested is the real priority.

So – just as insurance companies won’t cover damage to your house if you take a sledgehammer to your walls and countertops, there is no way the taxpayers of the United States – or Greater Minnesota – should be on the hook for the Minnesota DFL’s stupidity.

As they point out whenever they win an election, they “…own these towns”. Paying federal tax money to ameliorate the stupidity of Walz, Frey, and generations of DFL politicians before them is throwing good money after bad.

But I’m nothing if not a uniter. So I have a suggestion.

Tell Minneapolis to start rebuilding with whatever’s left of the $500,000 Mayor Frey charged your campaign for the nonexistent “security” at your rally at the Target Center last year. You know – the one where mobs of leftist droogs (including at least one City Council member) attacked your supporters out in the streets (usually five or six of thugs, and their soi-boifriends, ganging up on an old guy, or a woman, usually from behind), all but cheered on by the Mayor. There is no way any of that “security” money got spent. Tell the DFL to use that.

Please don’t let Real America down on this. Please, please tell the Governor-for-life and Mayor Frey to go f*** themselves. Preferably in as many words, preferably on national TV. Until there are consequences for their, and their party’s, crimes against their positions and the people they govern, nothing will ever improve.

That is all.

12 thoughts on “Open Letter To President Trump

  1. Looks like you’re gonna ride that nag until he drops…

    I’m not a political scientist, but I’m pretty sure if anarchists were the Democrats base the nominee wouldn’t be Joe Biden.

    Quick, look, there’s a caravan of ANTIFA squirrels 🐿 🐿 🐿

  2. Amen Mitch. I’d vote for this plan as many times as Steve Simon let’s me.

  3. I’m not a political scientist, but I’m pretty sure if anarchists were the Democrats base

    True. In much the same way as the Sturmabteilung weren’t “the German base”.

    “Anti”-Fa and its various crews are, like their Brown-shirted cousins, the direct action arm and “enforcers” of the far-left wing of the Democrat party. The Dems are playing “good cop, bad cop”. “Hey, nice business you got there. It’d be a shame if a ‘random mob’ were to break it”.

    And I’ll wager a shiny new quarter that, like Peggy Flanagan, Biden’s veep will be a sop to the far, far left, to keep the “establishment” viable a little longer.

  4. Hey Emery;

    Feel free to prostrate yourself before The Dear Leader Walz and write a personal check to pay alms for a “better Minnesota.” Just don’t forget to wear your totally ineffective, feel good mask.

  5. Hey Mitch;

    If you’re OK with it, I just may use that letter verbatim and send it to President Trump, under my signature, of course. Of course, I might add these bullet points:
    1. The governor’s own daughter provided intel to the rioters, regarding the national guard’s mobilization.
    2. Both Minnesota’s AG Keith Ellison and his son, a Minneapolis city councilman, pledged their loyalty to AntiFa, with Keith holding up their manual the same day the trouble started.

  6. Boarded up windows, the shells of burnt out autos and closed businesses are just “keepin it real”, y’all.

    As the reprobates like to remind us, the majority population in US cities will soon be comprised of low IQ peasants from GuataMexidor, boat loads from various burned out African garbage dumps and uneducated, reprayshun seeking American Negroes…they’ll feel right at home so why not keep it the more welcoming place it is right now?

    Remember lads….


  7. As an aside, I’ve just read that the NAACP reports that 73% of “African Americans” said they did not have emergency funds to cover three months of expenses.

    That sounds bad, but maybe not. How long does a pair of Air Jordan’s last?

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  9. ^^ Small point: distrust of the woke left does not translate into support for Trump. In fact, Trump has done more to enable and empower the forces of left-illiberalism than anyone on the left. Conservatism needs to get rid of the one first in order to tackle the other.

  10. Things got a little out of hand. It’s just this war and that lying son of a bitch Johnson and…I would never hurt you. You know that.

    It’s never the left’s fault.

  11. In fact, Trump has done more to enable and empower the forces of left-illiberalism than anyone on the left.

    Incorrect. Trump is a symptom of the political polarization, not a cause.

    Trump’s presidency, it seems, has made the statists and elitists more desperate and willing to turn loose the anarchists, Marxists, and other extremists. Perhaps they think they can hurt Trump’s re-election. Maybe so. But they’re kidding themselves if they think that they can corral the extremists once the election’s over.

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