Two Minnesotas

We don’t like the statue of Columbus on the Capitol Grounds.

We tried to get it removed through official channels.

We lost.

We announced we were going to tear it down ourselves.

We heard the Governor tell us not to, that the police would stop us.

We didn’t care.

We tore it down ourselves.

We weren’t stopped.

We weren’t arrested.

We weren’t charged.

We weren’t even scolded.

We are heroes, taking back the lands our ancestors sold a century ago.

We’re coming for your house, next.

Joe Doakes

Some animals are more equal than others.

7 thoughts on “Two Minnesotas

  1. Kind of cool to have a bunch of hooligans willing and able to respond to a dog whistle and smash stuff you don’t like but can’t legally get rid off. It’s the Schicklgruber Effect.

  2. The tearing down of statues reminds me a bit of the anti-TMT (Thirty Meter Telescope) protests we had here last summer.
    Why would you expect them to stop?
    They have gone from victory to victory. At every point where they broke the law and could have been arrested & their organization broken up, the authorities have done nothing.
    People like Walz and Cuomo believe that the protesters are motivated by injustice, and that since they can give the protesters justice, they can control them.
    But the protesters are not motivated by anything as vague and subjective as injustice, they are motivated by hate, and you can’t satisfy hate by feeding it.

  3. People like Walz and Cuomo believe that the protesters are motivated by injustice

    I don’t believe that to be true. Walz and Cuomo look at the protesters as a tool to be subtly directed so as to take advantage of the opportunities offered by their actions. Taken advantage of for political ends. Power.

    Moreover, the protesters are anarchists. They don’t care about justice. They want to burn things down. I doubt they even keep the goods they steal unless they’re immediately useful.

  4. I’d like to see the Pioneer Press run a profile piece on the Native American women who pulled down the Columbus statue, to see how much better their lives are now. Lost weight? Found a good man? Got a better job? How, exactly, has your life been bettered by your actions?

  5. From
    “Racism, as we know, is not about what lies in the depths of a human’s heart. It is about word and deed. And a more aggressive commitment to truth from the press would empower our industry to finally admit that.”
    They want to control your speech and your actions.
    All to ‘fight racism’ of course.

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