While We’re Destroying Things With Objectionable Cultural Connotations…

Georgetown and Harvard universities were both built with slave labor and the proceeds from sales of human beings.

Yale is named after an actual slave trader.

The city of New York didn’t ban slavery till 1827, and people in NYC still owned slaves into the 1840s, and the industries that made it wealthy before 1861 – textiles and cigars – were entirely powered by cheap material produced by slavery. New York City voted for the proslavery candidate for president in 1860 end, after three years of Civil War, 1864. The New York City draft riots of 1863 overwhelmingly targeted freed black men and pro-abolition businesspeople, politicians and groups.

The father of modern progressivism (as well as today’s bureaucratic administrative state), Woodrow Wilson, was one of the most corrosive racists In the history of American government; he is overwhelmingly responsible for the institution of Jim Crow at the federal level, which had cascade effects throughout the country, including an expansion of Jim Crow laws at the state and local levels, and the expansion of the KKK to its greatest power.

So if today’s “protesters“ are really serious about tearing down the legacies of a racist history, they need to tear down the ivy league, New York City, the Internal Revenue Service and about half of the executive branch departments.

Let’s go to it!

15 thoughts on “While We’re Destroying Things With Objectionable Cultural Connotations…

  1. So if today’s “protesters“ are really serious about tearing down the legacies of a racist history, they need to tear down the ivy league, New York City, the Internal Revenue Service and about half of the executive branch departments.

    It’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good, as they say. OK, if it weren’t for all the private property, physical capital, and intellectual capitol that would be destroyed, I could get behind this….

  2. Mitch, Mitch, Mitch.
    These people aren’t using reasoned arguments to formulate policy.
    They are using hate to gain power.

  3. Here’s a prime bit of historical revision. It’s from a female professor at Columbia University…of course.

    She begins with a few truths. Although there were other reasons, the Confederacy was created to protect the institution of slavery. But the Union didn’t attack the South to free the Negro slaves; most Northerners didn’t give a shit about slaves; the elected politicians certainly didn’t. They were worried that an ascendant South would grow to be a considerable rival, and were ready to commit to any action to prevent it.

    But then this ignorant twat goes right off the rails. To bolster her argument, she says ” Of its total population of 9 million, only about 1.5 million were white men of voting and military age; the rest—white women and the enslaved—formed the vast ranks of the politically dispossessed.”

    Ignoring the fact that neither women nor free Negroes could vote in the supposedly Democratic Northern states.

    Motives aside, the Confederacy was the epitome of Democracy. It has never been more apparent that our institutions of higher learning are a clear and present danger to public health. They need to be abandoned and reconstituted at such time the pandemic of leftist mental disease is vanquished.


  4. They are using hate to gain power.

    That’s not strictly true, MP.

    They are using hate, it’s true. But they’re not creating it; they are awakening it. They’ve spent 30 years training and carefully grooming Manchurian Candidates in the public schools. The filthy, ignorant mob at work today is doing nothing more than than running a series of pre-programmed attacks.

  5. Swiftee, I am cynical enough to believe that the revolutionary bourgeois is using black anger to achieve its goals. I think that it looked around for an identifiable, oppressed, unassimilateable minority and whipped them into a frenzy of hatred.
    The establishment Left cannot defend its self from this. See how quickly they have caved? They don’t believe in God, they don’t believe in the constitution, they don’t believe in the power in the power of reason. They certainly do not believe in the idea of human equality. All they understand is status.

  6. What libturd progressives are doing now is in some regards far worse than any act of barbarity perpetrated during the Confederacy. They want to turn half the country into their slaves and tear up the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. They are completely oblivious to the irony. Oh wait, you gotta have a brain to be aware. Speaking of brains, did you hear HBO cancelled Wizard of Oz because it offended people without brains?!

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  8. The City of Minneapolis has a budget of about 1.5 BILLION $/year.
    About 25% of that comes from property taxes. The rest is fees and permits. All of it, aside from property taxes, is heavily dependent on economic activity. What happens when people stop going into Minneapolis to buy a drink, go to a concert, or hold a convention?
    What happens when businesses move out or delay that new construction or building upgrade?
    Minneapolis is so screwed, they don’t even know how badly they are screwed.

  9. MP is right, and jpa is also right except there will be few rich to steal the wealth from. The rich will be looking to bail while property in the city is still worth anything. Without government money hijacked from out state people Mpls is destined to become another Detroit, just a little farther west. It’s been 50+ years in the making and the idiots want to take the whole state and country down with them. That day of reckoning is getting ever closer.

  10. Hah! This is where the money will come from! Your crackerjack AG figured it out!

    Minnesota sues Exxon, Koch and API for being ‘deceptive’ on climate change

  11. “Minnesota sues Exxon, Koch and API for being ‘deceptive’ on climate change”
    This almost certainly won’t work — I hear that there is a tone of case law on the other side — but it serves as fan service.
    It is hilarious because the amount of energy & green house gasses it takes to ,\maintain one living Minnesotan is HUGE. The best thing a Minnesotan could do to decrease CO2 emmisions would be to move someplace warmer. They want the heat from burning fossil fuels, but not the CO2 emissions, LOL.

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