Compare And Contrast

In watching yesterday’s kerfuffle about the couple in suburban Saint Louis who strapped up – to a horde of catcalls about their deeply flawed gun handling – against a bunch of “peaceful” protesters who’d just smashed their community’s gate – I can’t help but recall four scan weeks ago…

…when armed Americans were briefly all the rage, if a confused sort of rage, to our cultural betters…

…provided it’s the right people with the guns.

21 thoughts on “Compare And Contrast

  1. The article asks: “But is this a path to vigilante justice?” without explaining what that means, or why whether it would be a bad thing.

    The answer, of course, is “Yes.” These citizens have formed a Vigilance Committee to maintain order in the neighborhood, with deadly force. They are suspicious of outsiders who are racially different from themselves. They literally are ‘vigilantes,’ in the true sense of the word.

    A more thoughtful author would have admitted it and explained why that’s the natural order of civilization when police are absent, and explained why defunding the police is likely to cause MORE vigilantes in MORE neighborhoods, each suspicious of the other, a recipe for conflict and bloodshed. A more thoughtful author would have concluded defunding the police was a deeply stupid idea and would have urged readers to tell the City Council so.

    But then, it’s NPR, so . . . .

  2. … oh, let’s not forget the comments about their dress. Relaxed fix dockers, pink polo shirts… I mean, geez, they didn’t even take the time to change into their SWAT outfit? C’mon, who doesn’t have time for that when the horde is breaking down the gates?

  3. As to JD’s comment, leftists forget that the police exist to protect the criminal class from vigilantes (aka us). Heck, the entire justice system exists for that reason. This notion is especially important when one remembers, by SCOTUS edict no less, that the police are *not* obligated to protect us.

  4. The fear of imprisonment is the only thing standing between a lot of people and a crematorium. You take the threat of law enforcement off the table, and you might as well rescind the law as well. The amoral scumbags our system of public schools, the left and popular culture have created will run wild; scores will be settled and wealth will be distributed and redistributed at gunpoint.

    It ain’t gonna be a fun time.

  5. jdm, I think the WASP uniforms triggered those invading slobs more than the weapons. I couldn’t tell, was he wearing tassel shoes? ‘Cause that’s like hauling out the .50 cal to the unwashed community.

  6. Law (Rule of Law) does not exist if there is no-one to police it. What the progressive demonCrats are advocating is anarchy, where only the chosen elite will be allowed to have armed protection (ex Durkan, et al). Hey, maybe George Miller could see the future.

  7. The remake of Natural Born Killers looks awesome.

    Fox News has done to parents what they thought gangsta rap would do to their children.

  8. So words are violence, and silence is violence. But breaking down the gates do your community is not violence.

  9. NW, only the smart ones use finger paints. We are dealing with ones who smear their own… you know what… on the wall.

  10. The hardest thing about reading the libturd mind is the finger paints they use.

    It’s not a coincidence areas like the “CHOP” look like a precocious child’s bedroom when the adults take it back. They’re children. And uneducated children at that.

  11. while observing recent trends this kind of jumps out:
    “June 2020 witnessed nearly 4,000,000 National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) checks, shattering not only the record for any previous June but also the record for any single month, period.
    FBI numbers showed 3,931,607 NICS checks conducted in June, besting the previous single-month record of 3,740,688 in March 2020.”

    from this:

  12. Pig, evidently many people, such as myself, that have an irrational fear of firearms have recovered from their phobia.

    Rather than lamenting my continued fear, I celebrate the others success. The more armed Real Americans there are, the less urgent it is for me to embrace the way of the gun.

    For the time present, I will remain content with my bow, although I aver my attempts to invent a concealable version have met with frustrating failures.

  13. swiftee, I can just picture: is that a bow in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

  14. designing a conceal-carry crossbow would be a feat of engineering genius, and worth every effort. Unlike some of my neighbors I don’t use a crossbow to hunt black bear (I lack the requisite faith) I have found the crossbow very effective for dealing with the White-Tailed Deer menace.

  15. OMG! That guy is hilarious! Love his evil doktor laugh! The bit about ballistic gel freezing while he wearing a t-shirt had me rolling on the floor. Swiftee, you (I don’t have the resources nor knowhow) gotta build yourslef one of those! But another thought – I wonder if you can modify a nailer to shoot x-bolts at a higher power.

  16. JPA – you’d need the nail gun from Lethal Weapon 2 for that. Or was it 3? I just remember them shooting and killing with a nail gun. And it wasn’t even firing bolts.

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