This Is War

Shizzle just got way too real:

This is getting personal.

Keegans was where I met some of the favorite arcs in my social circle: the NARN guys (Brian, Chad, Ben, Ed Morrissey, King Banaian, Michael Brodkorb), John Stewart and Marjorie Farnsworth Stewart and their kids Patience Stewart and Faith Worley , who at least started the process of meeting her husband Ben Worley (long story) there at a Trivia night one summer. It’s where I first met (socially, at least) David Strom and Margaret Martin, and Christopher K. Senn and Chris Neugent, where we were trivia regulars with Brad Carlson and Nancy LaRoche and Bill Charette and Guy Collins and Peg Kaplan and so many more, a place where Gary M. Miller and Bob Collins shared a table over a couple beers and some sports talk, where I met the likes of Tracy Eberly and Julie Hanson and Mark Heuring and Jacq Smith and Sean Michael and Diane Napper and Bridget Cronin, where I met Don Lokken after 20 odd years. where celebs like Mike Nelson and Lynn McHale’s husband rubbed elbows with a bunch of my other closest friends, and the last place I saw Joel Rosenberg and Sarah Janecek before their untimely passings, and…

…well, so many memories, it’s hard to catalogue them all.

Keegans – and the Savoy next door, both owned by the redoubtable Marty Newman – is closing after Tuesday night. Marty, like Terry (a Marine vet from Vietnam) and Virginia Keegan before him who founded the place, is a classic small businessman, is pretty much SOL.

The place was always jam packed – always – so let’s hear none of this “bars and restaurants close all the time” bullsh*t. This place was killed by the Governor’s ham-fisted quarantine combined with Minneapolis’ unicorn-driven small business policies.

This is a kick in the teeth.

I will be heading there Tuesday night. I guess that would be tonight…

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  1. @jfm: Sweden’s confirmed coronavirus deaths, on a per capita basis, are 50% higher than the US’s, and their death rate curve is climbing. This is a good thing?

    At some point, people will realize that “developing herd immunity” is code for doing nothing and letting the virus keep killing lots of people until everyone who could ultimately be susceptible to dying from it is dead. This is a strategy?

  2. Don’t let real science get in the way of SCIENCEtm. For the sake of brevity, I am not posting what Lindsey Rosales, a spokeswoman for the Texas Department of State Health Services said, but a quick summary via AmThinker.

    Most hospitals require a COVID test before elective surgery. This means that patients coming to the hospital for a non-COVID reason are tested for COVID, and if positive are being counted as a “COVID hospitalization.” If a patient goes to the hospital for a new hip or cataract surgery, and happens to test positive for COVID, they are counted as a COVID hospitalization.

  3. CFP Swiftee wrote:
    DJIA Performance
    3 Month

    Say Tom — what are your YTD stock market returns. Keep in mind the S&P is down 2.66% for the year.

  4. Mitch;
    The owner of Lloyd’s Pharmacy gave some pretty emotional testimony to the elected morons yesterday. Apparently, he grew up in the neighborhood, so that’s why he bought it.

  5. Hey Emery,

    Might want to read up on your masters at the CDC have been doing with the virus “cases”. Although Gateway Pundit had this posted, the meat of the post came from both the Atlantic and the NY Slimes.

    It must be tough to go through life so clueless and wanting the government to run it for you. There are countries where they will do that. China, Cuba and Venezuela, come to mind first.

  6. If there is one lesson to be learned from this pandemic is that leadership matters. I knew this in an abstract way, but, the absolute chaos this country is going through right now mirrors the absolute chaos that takes place in the Trump administration each day.

  7. Interesting writing style: just go straight to the definitive, adamant even, conclusion without any of that argument building nor presentation of evidence. Does this work in Left-world?

  8. Blaming everything on Pence is Trump’s only option at this point.

    Well, actually doing a good job is also an option, I guess, but for some reason, not the preferred one.

    BTW — loved your quick witted comment on >They Own These Towns< thread. Well done sir.

  9. I wonder if Swiftee has figured out his market returns are not up “+22.88%“ YTD….

  10. Class, are you ready for more SCIENCEtm? Please note, this is not a joke, this is what is passing for reality these days and what is used to gin up numbers.

    A person, asymptomatic, tests positive for Wuhan flu. Their spouse, asymptomatic, tests negative. It is reported as: “Case Positive, Test Negative”. Boom! another Wuhan flu case! This just happened to our friends. SCIENCEtm!

  11. Sweden didn’t lock down. Sweden’s death rate is high. Death is bad. Therefore, we should lock down to avoid death. Stands to reason, right?

    Well . . . no. Because Sweden’s non-lockdown death rate is also higher than the death rate in US non-lockdown states, meaning the lockdown isn’t the major factor in preventing US deaths.

    Maybe the major factor is that the average age of the population in Sweden is older than the US and this virus kills mostly old people. Or that Sweden’s health care system provides different quality end-of-life care than the US system. Or maybe something we haven’t thought of, yet.

    The lockdown argument is not logical, it only looks that way to people who are terrified of dying and grasping at any hope of delaying it. To the rest of us, it looks like the rest of life – a morass of conflicting possibilities with no clear path to success so we’re doing the best we can to muddle through.

  12. The point is not that “doing nothing” yields roughly the same result as we’re seeing in the US. The point is that Sweden planned their approach against a backdrop of a much stronger safety net than we have.

    The Trump administration had no plan, either in the abstract or for the pandemic they were warned about. We had no choice but to hide in our houses.

  13. Once again, Emery, you are proving your ignorance.
    Trump didn’t tell people to hide in their houses. Feckless, Mussolini worshiping, left wing governors did. They also added to the death rates of grandma and grandpa by continuing to send infected people into nursing homes, against the clearly set guidelines from Medicare officials.

  14. So the mystery continues to unravel. My wife actually listened to the entire 40ish minutes of the council meeting that questioned how 1 Wuhan flu case came to be recorded as 19. And in those 40 minutes she found this nugget – feds provide financial assistance to the state Health department. It was also VERY interesting the person from the health dept, a low level apparatchik who was there to provide clarity, did not know who authorized the revision to the case reporting methodology. If only there were journalists who would do, you know, journalism instead of activism, we may actually get this type of corruption and deceit out in the open.

    But the bottom line is, ALL numbers on which any and all decisions regarding lock downs and virtue signaling are made are based on SCIENCEtm and politics. Science had been killed and buried, alongside the truth.

  15. dang, it should read feds provide financial assistance per case to the state Health department.

  16. The economy cannot thrive while there is a pandemic raging. I don’t know how this continues to be confusing. The “choice” between human life and economic dynamism was always a false one. Absent control of the virus, normal commercial activity cannot return.

    Look at Sweden, the government may be continuing with its “head in the sand” crisis (in)action plan but both people and businesses are afraid, economic activity is down and the country has turned into an international pariah with border blockades from all its neighbors that managed to control the spread.

    The head of the FED, Jerome Powell keeps telling the country this very fact.

    The US has no strategy, just a president aiming for reelection avoiding giving bad news to voters…

  17. Correction – 1 to 17, not 1 to 19 as I reported earlier. Not that it makes much difference.

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