Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Political scientists love to talk about the Spectrum, left-wing parties versus right-wing parties.
I look at it more from the point of view of government control. Anarchists are on one end, no government control it all. Totalitarians are on the other end, government control of everything.
Pure Liberty is pure license. It’s the right to do anything you want at anytime to anybody. We saw that during the riots. That’s anarchy. Nobody wants that.
Which means that in order to have real Liberty, there must be order. And ordered Liberty requires restrictions on what people can do. And restrictions require someone to enforce them, with force if necessary. Which means police.
If Minneapolis seriously goes forward with the plan to abolish the police, they are intentionally heading toward Anarchy territory. It’s no wonder businesses are uninterested in rebuilding there, and residents are talking about fleeing.
Joe Doakes

WIthout order, prosperity is impossible.

WIthout prosperity, liberty is pretty much academic.

Without liberty, prosperity is pretty much a “ruling clicque” thing.

The tension between liberty and order is what kept the founding fathers up all night writing the Constitution.

4 thoughts on “Spectrum

  1. Word I’ve heard is that these “anarchists” in Seattle aren’t letting anyone in or out of their Autonomous Zone. Sounds pretty totalitarian to me.

  2. ^ never mind the posse assaulting people if they get out of line or do something anarchists do not approve. What’s the difference between the posse and police other than spelling?

  3. OT. JD, sorry for jacking the thread but I have a question about law and order. Now that loot is being openly sold on eBay, Facebook and other social media, can the federal gov’t shut them down?

  4. Ha! Regarding that takeover by SJWs in Seattle, they received a major lesson on the socialism they want. There was a report yesterday that one of the organizers was tweeting out urgent calls for “vegan meat and soy to keep the project going and so they could eat, because the homeless people that they let into their compound, took all of their food.” Simple case of left wing redistribution from the haves to the have nots. Now, they are having to rely on the capitalist system that they are against, to donate stuff. Stupid feminazi had ONE job… I couldn’t stop laughing at the irony.

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