This Is What Single-Party Authoritarian Government Looks Like

A friend of the blog writes:

Now I understand why our councilmember, who represents part of the community that was destroyed in Saint Paul, ran as a woman of color versus running as a person with experience and knowledge- she thinks that is all that matters and that people who look like her would only be liberal. 

As she says in her tweet- “the conservacrowd who has never actually had to fight for their livelihoods from the state or the police or hate-filled organizations all at once.”
This implies a lot. None of it positive or particularly helpful and lacks an understanding of her constituents and small business owners in her community, history, and just about anything to do with what is happening right now. 
Screen shot of the quote, whole thread here:

Interesting how the councilwoman – who “represents” my ward – dropped the “-Nelson” from her last name.

Also – how a woman who holds a sinecure in a one-party town, pretty much guaranteeing a lifetime of income for her and her family at the expense of the rest of us, is wrapping herself in the “struggle” banner.

I’m going to be seeking an audience with her highness. This should be interesting.

Oh, yeah. “Unity”.

5 thoughts on “This Is What Single-Party Authoritarian Government Looks Like

  1. Fight for our livelihoods like against taxes and punitive regulations, then Democrap/Nazi govs and mayors lockdowns?

    What a maroon.

  2. Meanwhile, in Minneapolis, the city council is trying to abolish the police department, and replace it with unarmed community support groups. I’m sure that will work out well.

  3. Realistically, if your city is not controlled by the cops, it will be controlled by drug gangs.

  4. She is saying what her constituents want to hear. She has zero fucks to give what normicons think, say or do, and for good reason; they never show up. They don’t matter in the TC.

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