Open Letter To MPR

A friend of the blog who fled Saint Paul just in time writes:

this msg is making the rounds of the S.MPLS progressive/arts set

Per Jon Collins at MPR News- “South Minneapolis: I know this sounds crazy. But it’s 2020. And I’m working on story now about white supremacists coming to Minneapolis to foment race war under cover of the protests. I need your help, and your friends help. Please refer anyone with real, credible info (not rumor or speculation) or sources to me at (I’m gonna redact that)

What the heck – let’s give this a shot:

 Mr. Collins,

I’m Mitch Berg.  I’m  a talk show host at WWTC-AM in Eagan, and I write the blog “”.  

Last week you put out a call to your listener mailing lists, looking for confirmed sightings of “white supremacists”.  

I’m genuinely curious – did you find anything?

While I am a very overt conservative (I went from Bob Collins’ Christmas Card list to…well, not on it over the past few years), I also spent time covering radical groups of all stripes back when I was in the mainstream media.  

And while I realize this is very unlikely, I’d like to invite you on my show (Saturday, 1-3PM) to talk about your findings.   Because it’s everyone’s city. 

Thanks, and stay safe

Mitch Berg

Given that I saw a lot of “AmeriKKKa” and “Destroy the 1%” graffiti, but not a single swastika or “14 words” reference, I’m thinking the Twin Cities either got the most inept “white supremacists” in the history of bigotry, or they were the most ingenious – fiendishly tricking a whole city full of leftists into doing the job for them.  

17 thoughts on “Open Letter To MPR

  1. The deeper the reprobate media digs looking for Nazis, the deeper they bury themselves. I’ve perused white supremacist and the Larping Nazi groups on GAB. Oh yeah, they’re cheering, but they’re eating popcorn on the couch while doing it. These people are not shy; if they were involved, everyone would know it.

    The consensus is ANTIFA is neck deep in this, and now that the FBI’s counter terrorism unit is involved, it’s all gonna come out.

    Andy Ngo has been shadowing ANTIFA for several years. He’s up close and personal with them and their leadership (they beat the f*ck out of him in Portland). He’s got a very interesting article on not only ANTIFA, but BLM at the American Spectator.

    He’s got a link to a story in Seattle where ANTIFA grabbed an M4 from a cop car before torching it, and an armed citizen rushed in to take it from them. Wonder why the networks haven’t played it?


    “Antifa’s American Insurgency”

  2. Update. They guy who disarmed ANTIFA was a private contractor for Fox13. Video clearly shows this guy knows how to handle firearms.

  3. Andy Ngo has been shadowing ANTIFA for several years

    For a short, little, gay Vietnamese guy, he’s an effing lion… wait, maybe honey badger is better.

  4. First, what we are seeing is much like the Chile protests, protests that country had about January or February. I forget the exact time but they were very destructive. Those were like a dress rehearsal for this.

    Secondly, They say the Strib buries ethnicities with stories of black on white violence. Why not a list? MPR?? I’d like to think I don’t harbor prejudices, we should just tell it like it is. Yeah, don’t expect 83-Oh WCCO to do this either, so I am looking at you too.

    That young white man who rode his bike to deliver some food, shot in the back and he died?? Anyone ever prosecuted for that?

    And how about the time that black told two white males to kneel and executed them? I found it hard to even find that story on the web in recent days.

    So, maybe MPR could read this out on the air and put it on their website.

    If we were talking about Israel, Palestinian territories, I”m sure some list could be drawn up rather easily, it’s in the news all the time.

  5. As we all know, powerful words get thrown around with little meaning. As far as I know, AntiFa, White Supremacists and Anarchists are all the same group. I know 20 years ago, I was approached in a parking lot by a young man who looked stereotypically like a Mac student- white, punk mohawk colored hair, black clothes, chains in pocket, Doc Marten shoes, piercings. I think now we’d look at him and guess AntiFa. That day, he was asking me to sign a petition for the National Socialist party to be on the ballot. Young people are just going to do stupid things and call themselves a part of whatever movement sounds rebellious at the time.

    Perhaps the bad guys are just bad guys and have no political affiliation and no formal group, but just want to create chaos. Trying to figure out what rebellious group name they are calling themselves only legitimizes them, imho.

  6. If you want to pass on this info to the MPR reporter, the only white supremacist I can think of that might be relevant is named Emmanuel Goldstein.

    Have him look that name up.

  7. Me too! I hate Goldstein! I’ve always hated Goldstein!

    Who else hates Goldstein? (peers left, peers right)

  8. Jon Collins should ask Ryan Winkler about this next time they break brioche together. Ryan can spot Confederate flags and white supremacist stickers on tanker trucks, even if no one else can.

  9. Mitch, go take a look at Bob Collins twitter feed.

    If you were still on his mailing list, he’d be sending you a p1p3 b0^^b. I expect to see him mentioned on the 5 o’clock news any time now.

  10. Mitch, go take a look at Bob Collins twitter feed

    Blocked his whiny white suburban “progressive” ass weeks ago.

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