From The BlueAnon Archives: The Phantom Menace

To: Jon Collins, Minnesota Public Radio News
From: Mitch Berg, Irasible Peasant, critic of BlueAnon
Re: It’s Been A Year

Mr. Collins,

Last year – literally, a year ago last Wednesday – you sent out a message to MPR’s mailing lists asking if anyone had seen “white supremacists” during the civil unrest of the previous weeks.

I know this sounds crazy. But it’s 2020. And I’m working on story now about white supremacists coming to Minneapolis to foment race war under cover of the protests. I need your help, and your friends help. Please refer anyone with real, credible info (not rumor or speculation) or sources to me at (I’m gonna redact that)

As we go on a year after that request, and a week after President Biden reiterated the nearly two decade old claim that “white supremacist terror” is the greatest danger facing this country, it’s. probably not unreasonable to ask if you found anything.

A not-entirely-casual search of MPR News’s archives indicates “no”.

Any chance we could get an update?

That is all.

(I sent Collins an email. Since have it on absolutely reliable sources the management at MPR News has told their staff not to engage with peasants, I’d be amazed if I got a response).

7 thoughts on “From The BlueAnon Archives: The Phantom Menace

  1. I found them!

    I mean, if this list of white wealthy people ain’t the very definition of white supremacists, then who is?

    MPR Board of Trustees
    April 2020

    Officers of the Board
    Jim Dwyer, Chair

    Mary Brainerd, Vice Chair

    Jon McTaggart, President

    Sima Griffith, Secretary

    Dr. Larry Berger, Treasurer

    The year Trustee joined MPR’s Board of Trustees is denoted in parenthesis

    Vivek Agrawal, Senior Partner, McKinsey & Co. (2019)

    Jeannine Befidi, VP & Head of Internal Communications & Change Management, Thomson Reuters (2021)

    Wendy Bennett, Consultant to Foundations in Global Health (2015)

    Dr. Larry Berger, Executive Vice President & CTO, Ecolab (2014)

    Mary Brainerd, Former CEO, Health Partners (2014)

    Julie Causey, Chairman Emeritus, Western Bank (2017)

    Jim Dwyer, Chairman of the Board, 8th Ave Food & Provisions (2013)

    Ivan Fong, Senior Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary, 3M Company (2014)

    Sid Gandhi, SVP & Chief Strategy and Enterprise Technology Officer, Securian Financial Group (2019)

    Sima Griffith, Managing Principal, Aethlon Capital LLC (2017)

    Shawntera Hardy, Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, PolicyGrounds Consulting (2019)

    Kandace Heck, Executive Vice President & Chief Audit Executive, U.S. Bank (2020)

    Libby Hlavka, President, Driscoll Foundation (2017)

    Dr Kenneth Holmen, President & CEO, CentraCare Health (2018)

    Omar Ishrak, Executive Chairman & Chairman of the Board, Medtronic Inc. (2016)

    Rick King, Retired Executive, Thomson Reuters (2011)

    Jonathan Low, Predictiv Consulting (2014)

    Nancy Lyons, President & CEO, Clockwork (2014)

    Jon McTaggart, President & CEO, American Public Media Group (2011)

    Dave Murphy, Retired President & CEO, Red Wing Shoe Company, Inc. (2012)

    Drew Murphy, Senior Vice President, Strategy & Corporate Development, Edison International (2020)

    Michael Palmer, President, Winslow Capital (2021)

    Bryan Phillips, SVP, General Counsel & Secretary, Chief Compliance Officer, Inspire Medical Systems, Inc. (2021)

    Nii-Ayite Quaye, Vice President, Vermilion Group, M.A. Mortensen (2016)

    Marianne Short, Executive Vice President & Chief Legal Officer, UnitedHealth Group (2017)

    Patricia S Simmons, MD, Professor, Executive, and Trustee Emeritus, Mayo Clinic (2014)

    Jean Taylor, Board Chair, StarTribune (2013)

    Mandy Tuong, President & CEO, Thrivent Charitable Impact & Investing (2021)

    Active Life Trustees
    Susan Boren King, Retired Partner, Spencer Stuart

    Ian Friendly, Retired COO, General Mills

    Randall J Hogan

    Addison (Tad) Piper, Retired Chairman & CEO, Piper Sandler Companies, Inc.

    Steven M Rothschild, Founder & Chair Emeritus, Twin Cites Rise

    Honorary Life Trustees
    William Pearce (1988)

    Joanne Von Blon (1975-83, 1986)

  2. And oh, by the way, what’s a fish-belly white boy like Jon Collins doing running the MPR News’ Race, Class and Communities desk?, I mean, shouldn’t that ship be captained by a gender-fluid woman of color?

    Just asking…

  3. So at MPR they want you tp read a news story about black people rioting and looting and think “darn those white supremacists!”
    Like when you read a story about four people being shot in a drive by pf a drug house and they want you to think “there is the NRA at it again!”

  4. The first people protesting George Floyd’s death were outraged locals who were mostly peaceful and didn’t burn down their own neighborhoods.

    Then outside professional agitators came to cause trouble. The cops know about them – Police Chief Herrington warned us about them when the curfew was announced and “protestor support vehicles” were apprehended. The agitators travel from state to state. They drive vans with no license plates. They cache and distribute improvised weapons (PVC shields, caltrops, Molotov cocktails). They coordinate by hand-held radio. They start violence then fade back leaving others to be filmed and arrested. Umbrella Man’s activity is a classic example – bust a few windows and flee, knowing idiots like Dylan Robinson – the kid who got convicted – will see the opportunity to burn and loot and riot. The kid is a patsy; the bad guys are long gone.

    The agitators are not new and they’re not local. We saw them in St. Paul during the Republican convention. We saw them attack in Charlotte. We saw them on Lake Street last year. We saw them in the Capitol on January 6. War correspondent Michael Yon analyzed their tactics based on his experience covering insurgents. J. Michael Waller gave testimony to Congress later published in The Federalist. They’re not random troublemakers, they’re organized professionals.

    But the professional agitators are not motivated by the ideology of white supremacy, not attempting to intimidate and terrorize Blacks for the sin of being Black. The professional agitators are motivated by a desire to destroy orderly, traditional American society. They believe the people with the power to make changes are too entrenched, too protected, too corrupt and beholden to big money be persuaded to make changes; therefore, they must be forced to make changes by the howling mob. Antifa, anarchist, a**holes, call them what you will: pinning a label on them doesn’t affect their behavior.

    The people in charge know it but don’t care – they’re powerful, entrenched and corrupt – and the syncophants in the media (looking at you, Bob Carlson) dutifully recite whatever Lie of the Day is handed to them by Democrat politicians because that’s how you get leaks and insider tips. White supremacist? Sure. Nazi? You bet. Insurrection? Why not?

    RINOs play along because that’s how you get favorable treatment from the media and get invited to swell parties. People like Councilmember Ellison are too stupid to know it’s all a lie so they drive around during the riots with a fire extinguisher in one hand and a pistol in the other, looking for White people to shoot.

    I’m moving out of the city as soon as I can.

  5. This is a great example of market failure, the demand for white supremacists has far outstripped its supply.
    Yet there is no shortage of people who want the US to adopt a pervasive race-based legal system. These people are often honored guests on MPR broadcasts.
    This is a typical MPR story promoting racial quotas and racial seperatism:

  6. Very nice rundown on the riots Joe. I do feel sorry for the first few protesters who really were upset but peaceful.

    I wonder if we are going to hear from the trolls today on this topic. I think you just handed them their butts without them even being here.

    But, bu, mUh insERekshUn

  7. So when we are talking abut the DC insurrectionists, are we talking about the people who rioted and put the WH under siege on June 20, 2020, or Cowman in the Capitol on January 6 2021?

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