Taking Sides

So as law biting, hard-working, taxpaying Twin City ends wake up to get another day under siege, it’s providence to ask yourself – whose side are your leaders on?

Not just comic book characters like our “Attorney General”:

Did anybody else watch Minneapolis Mayor Frey’s press conference yesterday? It looked like an outtake from “Reno 911”. Minneapolis needed a leader – a Winston Churchill, Ronald Reagan, John F Kennedy.

They got pajama boy.

7 thoughts on “Taking Sides

  1. Yesterday, pajama boy was on television asking the public, “Why haven’t these cops been arrested?”

    Today, the public is asking pajama boy, “Hey sonny, you have 800 cops under your command, why haven’t you ordered one or more of them to arrest the cops?…..if that is what you really want to do.”

  2. Well, then you had Mike Freeman on last evening stating that there is new evidence that may prevent charges to be filed on the officer.

  3. Minneapolis needed a leader – a Winston Churchill, Ronald Reagan, John F Kennedy.

    Wha? What planet do you live On?

    Minneapolis is masquerading as a civilized American city. Now it looks like what it really is; a leftist shithile. By next Monday, SP will too.

    MinneFry is the right man at the right time.

  4. Rob Doar tweeted out earlier that many trouble makers were bused into the cities. If he knows that, they Frey, Ellison and the rest of the corrupt state cable know it, too. They want this to happen. Standard leftist strategy to start a race war. The virus didn’t work, so they had to do something else.

  5. Further to my last comment. Heard a couple of friends that live downtown that they saw at least 10 buses staged within walking distance of the downtown looting ground. Assuming that each of those coaches had 50 – 55 people on board, do the math on the number of thugs came into town.

  6. Hoss, the Bloods own North Minne, the Crips and VL’s are South. If they call a truce to get loot while the getting’s good that puts at least 400 gangbangers in action. Add in another 500 from the non-aligned independent jogging community, 300 leftist slobs looking for something to trash and you’ve got plenty.

    This was 100% local…no 52″ flatscreens left the state.

  7. I wonder if he will pay in any way for this Frey is such a cuck

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