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  1. Man baby Jake Frey looks like a deer in headlights and no one in on the city staff or clowncil, has a clue how to handle it. So, he gets on and acts mad about Trump calling him out. Of course, let’s not let Melvin Carter off the hook, because he’s just as bad.

    George’s family has been calling for calm, through the media.

  2. Not gonna lie; burning down the police HQ every now and then might go a long way in reminding cops they exist only as long as people allow them to exist.

    A little applied humility might give crooked cops pause next time they consider writing a BS report, or planting evidence.

  3. Swiftee – either that, or it generates a “we’ve gotta get some payback” mindset. But, I’d hope your way is what happens.

    I wonder how insurance works for the destruction of a police station. I hope they cleared the place out before abandoning it.

  4. I think that many PD’s fear anything that might result in an audit of the evidence locker. This could be s chance for the 3rd precinct to “clear the books.”

  5. What a Charlie Foxtrot, it’s not that much in the burbs but everyone is wary of the situation. Totally disgusting set of events.

  6. It strikes me that if the police, state police, and National Guard had showed up and made some arrests as people were looting, burning, and the like, they just might have a better picture of who was doing this, whether they were locals or from out of town, and perhaps even why they decided that the best way of honoring the life of Mr. Floyd was to burn down the neighborhood he lived in–and others.

    I’ve got to admit that, from the riots in the sixties through today, exactly why people decide to protest injustice by burning down their own neighborhoods puzzles me. That injustice is bad, sure, but it’s going to be better to have the injustice while one is homeless?

  7. BB – want to make a bet someone says it’s because they shut down metro transit? Since they couldn’t catch a bus to Woodbury or Edina, they had to destroy their own homes?

  8. Shaking–I am thinking it’s more “this is what was done in the late sixties in these kinds of neighborhoods, so given the new provocation, this is what we will do.” Perhaps the logic is that in the late 1960s, there was a correlation between the riots and affirmative action and other help from the government. One can quibble whether it was causal and all that, but I think at its root, the thought is “this is the tool we have and we think it has worked before.”

    Except for the fact, of course, that you can still drive through neighborhoods burned in the 1960s that still show the damage inflicted. Really, the overall effect is about the same as when I visited East Berlin in 1989–and the Communists still hadn’t cleared out some of the damage inflicted in WWII. One would hope that eventually, people would look around and say “you know, this plan isn’t working out very well for us, maybe it’s time to try something new.”

  9. I doubt the people looting TVs from Target are the sort of long-range thinkers who plan civil rights marches to effect political change.

    I suspect their personal time horizons are much more immediate.

  10. in the self identified creative class/arts community of Mpls the events of the past week are being characterized as the result of far-right Boogaloo militia agitators who are setting the fires and destroying and looting the business in order to bring about martial law in order to control the election come November. In particular this link is being passed around among them as evidence to prove that this is an attack on POC and alt-culture creative types:

  11. Well, Target just closed all 24 of their stores in the Twin Cities until further notice. I don’t blame them. If I were on Target’s Board of Directors, I would have Governor Kim Jong Walz and baby Huey Frey standing tall in the HQ and be hammering them. After all, with all of the contributions they get from both the corporation and all of the left wing voters that work there, they should be accountable. Further, I would hire an investigative team to trace those out of town looters to the outfit that hired them, then sue the shit of of them.

  12. MacArthur: Great, now I can’t even wear an aloha shirt without being racist. There is something circulating that a SPPD officer was the one that started the AutoZone fire.

    BB – true, but also agree with Joe D.

  13. Did I see it mentioned on this forum? It’s in the news today, this “Cop” had been complained about 10 times before in his 19 year career and why did not Klobuchar investigate him. Of course, that’s pretty wide open.

  14. They arrested a guy who shot a looter who smashed his store window and entered his business.

    His store was surrounded by intoxicated, violent Negroes who were burning everything in their path. It was so danger close, even the MPD thug squad ran away..

    Guessing there’s a bidding war among tort lawyers to get a piece of that settlement.

  15. Just from a precursory knowledge of past cases of unrest, strife and disturbances here in the US, to me, this seems a bit like riots that have occurred in Florida, Liberty City, sort of like that. Bad news.

  16. I can’t help but point out that these looters are not social distancing and about 30% aren’t wearing masks. As I commented yesterday, the masks give the miscreants perfect cover for their misdeeds. I sure hope that Hakim the Wife Beater will be filing suits over these people looting non-essential businesses without Kim Jong Walz’s approval. And one more thing. What about all of those alleged “food deserts” that the serfs experience, due to lack of places to buy fresh produce? Why are they burning down the stores that are there? That desert just got a whole lot bigger.

  17. Emery thinks a Black dying while in police custody is something to joke about.

  18. How is that Minneapolis mandatory mask edict going?
    Lock people down unreasonably & then light a fuse.
    Great going, leadership class.
    Soon there will not be one brick left standing upon another.

  19. And once again I have to give myself props for correctly predicting in these very pages that we’d see civil unrest by June 1st if the lockdowns weren’t lifted.

  20. “And once again I have to give myself props for correctly predicting in these very pages that we’d see civil unrest by June 1st if the lockdowns weren’t lifted.”

    You’re a riot Max, oops, wrong choice of words.

  21. What comes out of The Onion these days is like when your son flunks out of college, returns home, won’t get a job, and spends all of his time in the basement watching television, smoking dope & mocking the conformity of the people in the neighborhood who actually make a living and support themselves.

  22. Curfew announced 8pm-6am.

    SoyBoy Frey and the Mpls City Council essentially called incompetent by Walz.

    Walz admitted he didn’t take control of the situation and took responsibility. He’s the one who imposed the curfews.

    So we have incompetents running Mpls and the State executive branch, but that’s not something we didn’t already know.

  23. Oh, and what was the first thing Walz ordered? Protecting the Capital building. Good job there, gov. A little self interested maybe?

  24. Nerdbert wrote . . .
    . . .
    So we have incompetents running Mpls and the State executive branch, but that’s not something we didn’t already know.

    But on this covid-19 thing, they got it covered! They believe in SCIENCE!
    The same science that did not mention days-long riots as part of the side effects of enforced social distancing and business closures.

  25. Kid reported the Turf Club got hit. Not clear if it got burned or just looted.

    Had a lot of good times in there, but I guess since the state has turned to shit the best thing was to torch it like Pete Townshend ended his guitars.

    Evidently the grieving Negro mob also sacked RF Moheller jewellers. Nothing soothes a grief stricken jogger like a Rolex.

  26. Moeller’s was boarded up this morning, but one window, the wood had been torn off and the window broken. Windows were broken at the nearby Noodles and Chuck & Don’s Pet Food as well. Saw some plywood up at Walgreens and Target as well, but unsure if that was anticipatory or reactive. The Speedway at Grand and Cleveland was burned out.

  27. morons on I35 now. What do these people hope to accomplish now? I mean other than making us the laughing stock of the the world right now. I cant wait to move out of this fucking city

  28. also heard from roommate that all Walmarts and Cub Foods are closed not just in Minneapolis but the Twin Cities now. Frey has been dodging the media all afternoon.

  29. There was a Lunds grocery down the street from Mohellers when I lived in Highland, not sure if it’s still there but if it is, the fact that it evidently was untouched says a lot about the looters.

    They’ll loot the shit out of a convenience store, grab every bag of snacks and grape soda they can, but they wouldn’t know what to do with Danish cheese and prime rib.

  30. Saw an MGM liquors here in Bloomington boarding up the windows, of all things, a Great Clips too, maybe some Chinese restaurant, Festival Foods closes at 6pm today and tomorrow. Crazy stuff, at first COVID was forcing early closures.

    A bunch of hogwash indeed, hopefully, the buses are not running so these agitators can’t get around.

  31. If I may not plugging others’ twitter accounts, I’ve been watching one, well, I won’t plug the account but I’m seeing some place with Native American stuff got torched, I saw some bar that had been gutted. It looked like a “black” bar to me, If I can say such. I was in one of those years ago.

  32. Over in Hudson they closed the Target, Walmart, McDonalds, and a whole bunch of other stores early. The cops were asking the QuikTrip to close, but they hadn’t made a decision last I heard. They’re getting nervous being that close to the Cities.

    One good thing about all this: the wife asked me to move the safe that is meant for things I’m afraid of and would never own from my office to our bedroom closet despite what it would do to her storage space. The bad news is that it took 3 of us to move it and I kept having to give the son in law the evil eye when he kept saying, “I never knew you owned that!”

  33. Ah, yes, the ol’ epistemology check. how do we know that George Floyd died because a cop choked him by putting his knee on his neck?
    We don’t. There has been no official finding of the cause of death.
    This is starting to look like the Trayvon Martin thing, a big giant mess with the media working hard to whip up hysteria and hatred.

  34. MP, oh we do know that he wasn’t killed by choking. The first attachment to the charging document states:

    The autopsy revealed no physical findings that support a diagnosis of traumatic asphyxia or strangulation. Mr. Floyd had underlying health conditions including coronary artery disease and hypertensive heart disease. The combined effects of Mr. Floyd being restrained by the police, his underlying health conditions and any potential intoxicants in his system likely contributed to his death.

    Bolding added. So he did die from the restraints combined with other factors.

    From the additional videos they’ve been showing it’s fairly clear he couldn’t pass a sobriety test and he was resisting arrest. Still doesn’t justify what was done to him, but it does explain a lot about the interaction and why they didn’t go murder 2. IANAL but I think they’ll have trouble getting murder 3 given the circumstances, but manslaughter should be a slam dunk.

  35. I wrote a thing or two about this before, but I’ll repeat and elaborate.

    Actually, to repeat, I use the words of a professional writer, Jon Gabriel:
    MPL’s leadership seems fine with rioting in lower-middle-class areas. If and when riots hit one upper-middle-class gated community, the gov’t will suddenly end them.

    Not exactly sure what MPL is, MPLS?, but then that’s not what Twitter is good at/for.

    To elaborate, I smell a rat in that the looters and rioters are not going to where the power-brokers live.

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