“Red” states are 45% of the nation’s population – and about 21% of the nation’s Covid19 deaths (and 25% of the cases, as far as testing shows, although that’s a fuzzy numerator at best in many states, including Minnesota).

That leaves most of this epidemic’s carnage to the 100 most densely-populated counties – almost all of them “blue”. Indeed, Dallas and Houston – two of the only “red” major cities in the ocuntry – aren’t even in the top 100 metropolitan areas for infection rates.

And the red-state natives are getting restless (emphasis added):

“The cure is worse than the disease, no doubt,” said Mark Henry, a Republican who oversees the Galveston County government in southeast Texas. “There are businesses that were shut down that are never going to open again.”

In the country as a whole, outbreaks in conservative rural counties are rising, but not on a scale that would close the gap in the virus’s impact on red and blue counties.

Overall, the infection rate is 1.7 times as high in the most urban areas of the country compared with nearby suburbs, and 2.3 times as high in the suburbs as in exurban and rural areas.

That bolded bit is kinda key. The more incendiary, less filtered parts of the Blue commentariat are openly predicting – “hoping” and “praying to the God they don’t believe in” might be more like it – that the impudent Reds get their comeuppance, like some Biblical penitence for disbelieving. It’s the mirror image of the fundie crones who are saying the plague is God’s vengeance on the cities…

…except that the Blue scolds have an actual platform and audience.

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  1. My hypocrisy only goes so far. I don’t necessarily wish reprobates dead, but removing them from any influence on my life is always welcome by whatever means.

    I’d be just a satisfied with the imposition of an net +income tax paid and English literacy test for the voting franchise (which would remove at least 1/2 of the reprobate base from the rolls), but hey, whatever works is OK with me.

    Most reprobates feel the same way about my people, and I don’t begrudge them their reciprocal animosity.

    I think that disgraced satirist, Angry Al Franken, put it quite succinctly, speaking to Karl Rove:

    I hate you, and you hate me

    Very well said, Al.

  2. Oh, and BTW Mitch. Like everywhere else in the country, all of Texas’ major cities are thoroughly infected with leftist reprobates. You can’t swing a dead polecat in Houston without hitting a Brokeback Cowboy or ten. And the once beautiful city of San Antonio has been reduced to a TWS. Even an evening out on the Riverwalk is taking your life in your own hands past 10 o’clock.

  3. This whole experience should be an eye-opener for people, but I’m afraid it won’t be.

    State governors insist Trump shouldn’t impose a one-size-fits-all nation-wide restriction because the governors can craft restrictions to suit individual circumstances in their states. South Dakota’s response can and should differ from New York’s.

    Okay, fine, but then why can’t the governors see that the rules appropriate for New York City are not appropriate for Niagara Falls? That the rules appropriate for Minneapolis are not appropriate for Mapleton, Mahtomedi or Menahga?

    Red county people are frustrated, but are they ready to do anything about it? Even something as simple as Vote Republican? I hope so, but I doubt it.

  4. Chopper beat me to it.

    Houston had taken a left turn in the mid 80s when I lived there. It started with a pro gay and pro choice mayor, Kathy Whitmire. It’s gone downhill since. Annise Parker was the openly gay mayor from 2010 – 2016, three freaking terms and created quite the controversy over the use of bathrooms and issued subpoenas against five black pastors for their sermons against homosexuality.

  5. This argument really hurts red states, which are massively subsidized in US federal system.

  6. red states, which are massively subsidized in US federal system

    I love it when reprobates squirt tears about red state subsidies. It’s racist as hell, but since no propaganda site gives them the full info, they just don’t realize it.

    Red states get big federal dollars for two things: Military bases and welfare.

    Look at the distribution of minorities in the US.

    censusscope (dot) org/us/map_nhblack (dot) html

    I guess they want minorities to starve in the street. Why do leftist reprobates hate American Negros so much?

  7. It’s retirement too, Swiftee. As you indicated the other day, many retirees from Blue States move to Red States and that’s where their SocSec gets sent.

  8. Blue states SHOULD subsidize Red states. Blue states are richer therefore tax the rich, progressive tax rates, ability to pay . . . all those Blue state Progressive Liberal reasons apply to this analysis so what’s the problem?

    Oh wait, – were you trying to shame Red state residents for accepting a small fraction of their excessive taxes back? You believe they should be happy to over-pay for a nicer Minnesota? Sorry, that’s the MPR crowd you’re thinking of, the Mac-Groveland ELCA haired bunch. Wrong website.

  9. … oh, and by the way, raising taxes on rich people is something blue state congressfolk do with pleasure. That so many rich people happen to live in in blue states just goes to show how stupid the blue state reps are.

  10. The journalist Toby Young appeared on Youtube with several esteemed biologists & epidemiologists (one a Nobel winner).
    Youtube yanked the video, saying it violated Youtube’s “community standards.”
    You can watch the 4 minute video here:

    What You did not like, apparently, was Young’s argument that since the stay-at-home orders suspend civil rights, the burden of proof is on the government to prove the lockdown is medically necessary, and not on the people who are against the lockdown to prove that it is not medically necessary.

  11. Glad you found bitechute, MP. It’s where free speech is still a thing. It’s still in it’s infancy, and as such the content is limited and because it’s wide open, has plenty of content for idiots.

    Twitter also has a rival: GAB, which has the same benefits and limitations. I monitor GAB because many political and philosophical observers I follow have moved there to speak freely. It’s got a lot of potential, but it’s got a lot of real idiots…just like real life.

    The one thing neither bitchute or GAB have is a stinking reprobate skulking behind a “delete” button. They leave the censoring duties to the customer; as it should be.

  12. There are increasing indications that the chicoms are developing & deploying significant resources to game the censorship rules of Youtube & Twitter. It’s a sort of an arms race — any rule set can be exploited by an actor with sufficient resources, and China has a lot of resources.
    The answer, as usual, is freedom. There can never be any content neutral system of censhorship.
    If Youtube and Twitter abandon their efforts to “curate” content, they lose their business model & the internet becomes an unmoderated BBS. To filter that mess, it would be possible for the user to “opt in” to a curating service.
    Leverage consumer freedom & market forces. The current goal of Youtube & Twitter is to filter the information available to the American people based on the opinion of “experts” of their own choosing. This is a recipe for disaster.

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  14. You can file this under “More useless statements from ‘health officials’.””

    “We think there’s a storm out there, there’s the potential for a storm. We’re not sure if it’s going to land on shore,” said David Rubin, director of the PolicyLab at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, whose models show the impending surges. “The next two to three weeks are going to be really important.”

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