Blue Fragility: “Science!”

I’ve been pretty stringently self isolated since March 16. I’ve got my reasons – a number of people in my family and immediate social circle with immune and cardiovascular problems, as well as a mother in memory care and a father who is doing quite well, but he’s 82, so why chance it, anyway? I’m blessed with a job that allows me to work from home. It makes perfect sense for me to do so.

I believe the closest thing we have to scientific consensus – drawn from decades of experience in operating rooms worldwide – is that masks don’t prevent anyone from catching viruses; they prevent them from being spread from the infected to other people. Which is my operating room staff wear them. And if you were able to get all the worlds asymptomatic yet infected people to wear masks, I suspect you might cut the infection rate down by a fair chunk.

That being said, I think the current orgy of virtue signaling over masks is largely pseudoscientific logrolling – a festival of malinformed logrolling and bandwagoneering.

And with that, in turm, being said, I’ve worn a mask twice in the past week: both times to go to Menards, which requires masks. It’s private property, and it’s about 7 miles closer than the nearest big box home improvement store that doesn’t require a mask. Putting on a cheap surgical mask for 10 minutes burns up less of my time than driving all the way to Home Depot.

Wearing a mask, in short, is purely a matter of contingency, not belief.

And I believe that Mayor Frey’s order that all people wear masks while in any indoor public accommodation in Minneapolis is, if not pointless, then merely virtue signaling of the most callow order.

And yet, if I had taken the call from the Strib’s “ Minnesota“ Poll, I would’ve come down on the “make everybody wear a masks” side of this fairly dimwitted bit of propaganda, which appeared as an at taken out by the DFL on the various Star Tribune online properties over the weekend. It read:

74% of Minnesotans have worn a mask in the past week

Minnesotans support the lockdown!

Now, we don’t know how many people among the “74%” in this “Paul” are like me Dash people who wore masks for utilitarian or social reasons, rather than out of any conviction that Governor Walz is anything but Way over his head and being led around by a bunch of party hacks whounderstand neither business nor science.

And, obviously, we have no idea how many of them are committed mask wearers, like this woman, whose mooring in the world of science is clear and utterly unassailable:

That’s the thing I love about “ progressives”: their absolute, categorical commitment to science and reason.

But the Democrats – and some of their apologists in the “center” – are claiming this isstar Tribune Minnesota poll is a mandate for the governor.I don’t think that necessarily means The DFL, the posters or the various media organizations involved (the Strib, MPR and KARE11) are stupid.I think it means they are counting on Minnesota voters to be stupid. And doing their best to keep them that way.

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  1. I LOVE IT!

    If only she was wearing a T-Shirt saying: “Size Doesn’t Matter.”

    I stopped at Menards on South Robert. Employee at the door wouldn’t let me in without a mask. He offered to sell me one for 99 cents. I drove a couple more blocks to Lowes, dropped $148 on home improvement stuff, hit the Chick-fil-a drive through on my way home to Como Park.

    I willingly drove out of my way and paid more to shop at a store that does not require me to muzzle myself.

  2. There has been no “second wave” in Florida and Georgia since they lifted their lockdowns. The media doesn’t like to cover this. It goes against their narrative. But occasionally you will read an article where an epidemiologist tries to explain the lack of an increase in covid-19 deaths in Florida and Georgia, and a decline in covid-19 death rates all over the world, by raising the possibility the virus is “burning out.”
    Really? I don’t remember any of these fools saying that was possibility a month ago.
    These “experts” are useless.

  3. So wearing a mask does the same thing as coughing into your hand or sneezing into your elbow?
    And we need an emergency order from the governor to wear a mask?

  4. Wear your mask in Minneapolis, or Frey’s jack-boots are likely to put their knee on your neck.

    So, on a question of jurisdiction and ordinances: I avoid Minneapolis, but say I cross the border on my way to someplace else and a Frey-truppen gives me a citation. Does that ticket and fine follow me back to the land of the free, or can I trash it as soon as I get home and forget about (as long as I don’t go back to Minneapolis)?

  5. Staunton, VA had an election for city council last week. The city has been a reliable Reprobate stronghold for years; they voted for Obama, Memaw and the cunt currently occupying the Givernors office.. On Tuesday last, however, the city voted overwhelmingly for Republicans. The GOP won four city council seats out of four, kicking 4 degenerates to the curb.

    In neighboring Waynesboro, another leftist cesspool, the GOP took control of the council as well.

    What has the degenerates scared is, it wasn’t lack of turnout from their slobs that killed them; turnout was higher than ever. It was simply the GOP had an ever higher turnout…the dragon is awake.

    According to exit polls, 2 things drove GOP voters to show up; 2A and the bat flu lockdown.

    The degenerates can force captive Americans to wear their stinking pussy maskies, but they can’t stop the storm that’s coming. Payback time is near.

    I have real hope for my friends in the Old Dominion. And they have the 2A powerhouse Virginia Citizens Defense League to thank, for they are and have been the razor sharp tip of the spear headed for the hearts of the rat horde that has infected that beautiful state.

  6. That said, I ENDORSE! the maskie Karen is wearing, there. And I encourage all you guys that are forced to visit places that require maskies to get you one of those.

    Think about it. Anyone that complains about them will have to prove the cloth bandanas and procedure maskies are more effective…and they can’t.

    It’s an Alinsky rule, but I can’t remember which.

  7. That’s a good idea, Swiftee, but I found two other mask designs that I like as well. One that says, all caps white on black, “This Protects You From Nothing”. The other, of course, is “Trump/Pence 2020” in the official colors.

  8. Some wit observed that Sleepy Joe came out of the basement yesterday and saw Drumpf’s shadow, which means 4 more years of #Winning

  9. As I posted the other day, dumb ass Alyssa Milano posted a selfie of her and her family in their car, wearing masks. Ms. Big Mouth, #MeToo hypocrite, was wearing a mask like this woman’s. She has been defending herself against the backlash, which is quite comical.

  10. The best mask I’ve seen is a piece of gauze stretched out, with a piece of tape along the top with PLACEBO written on it.

  11. Best mask I’ve seen was a piece of gauze stretched out with tape along the top with PLACEBO written on it.

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  13. I came up with the term idiot signalling. The mask wearer is signalling that they are a really, really useful idiot.

  14. I travel a lot for work and recently have been to Florida, Florida, Georgia, Alabama in the last 3 weeks. All areas which have more or less opened up first. I am required to wear masks as I work in customer sites with other facility staff/personnel. I can say that 75% of the folks I have worked with recently want this crap to be over and encourage rule breaking so ‘we all get it and can go back to normal’. Honestly I agree with them, but have to follow the rules being a customer facing employee. I like the idea of the crappy knit mask though- looks much more comfortable and just as effective as the others (considering I am constantly touching the inside/outside of my mask to adjust it because they suck). Also not a fan of smelling my own breath all day, but that’s another issue altogether..

  15. All masks have holes, to let the air through, otherwise you couldn’t breathe.

    The holes in her mask are just larger than those in the cloth mask, paper mask, or red bandanna.

    Since all those masks are equally permissible under the new rules; therefore, the size of the holes doesn’t matter.

    Size Doesn’t Matter.

  16. Knit masks. Politicians breaking lock-down for personal jaunts. Reporters who wear masks on-camera only. Computer models that fail to match the past and can’t even explain the present, much less predict the future. Rules that incorporate numbers plucked out of the air – 6 feet, 25%, one tank – and categories chosen without explanation – religion is not essential, but candy is – and spending bills that include every Liberal wish-list item despite having no relation to the virus: all these and more are mounting daily evidence that President Trump was correct.

    The existence of the virus is not a hoax. The Democrats’ panic over the virus is the hoax. It’s not a real panic, it’s a hoax intended to divert attention from the failed impeachment, from the success of the Trump economy, from the impending landslide election. They think that if they can make voters’ lives bad enough, they can blame Trump for it and convince voters into voting Democrat this fall. They are literally destroying the country to save it from four more years of Trump.

    In Paradise Lost, Satan explains why he and the other Fallen Angels rebelled against God:

    “Here we may reign secure, and in my choice
    To reign is worth ambition though in Hell:
    Better to reign in Hell, then serve in Heaven.”

    350 years after Milton, Democrats are re-enacting it here in America.

  17. Joe – the hope may be to use the virus to get rid of Trump, but the Dem governors are also going to be up for election at some point, and their policies hit a lot closer . to home than a federal response. Unfortunately, Walz isn’t on the ballot this year.

  18. If your interests lean towards the conspiratorial (which I’ll admit mine do), Sarah Hoyt yesterday at Instapundit mentioned the Remodern Review website.

    The establishment status quo had been under assault like never before. I will even go so far to say they were losing. Populist uprisings around the world were gaining traction. We were questioning why such incompetent, selfish hypocrites were in charge, demanding respect they never earned, producing terrible results over and over again.

    The Postmodern elites had no valid answer. It was all starting to slip away from them. So they went kamikaze. They determined it was better for them to crash civilization rather than lose the power and prestige they’d seized in the corrupt Postmodern hierarchy. They took advantage of a virus which was potentially a little more dangerous than the usual flu (unleashed on purpose or on accident, who can say?), and created the mother of all false flag operations, the Woo Hoo Floo Hysteria.

  19. A reminder that the following is still on the homepage of Clorox because of something the President of the United States said:

    “Bleach and other disinfectants are not suitable for consumption or injection under any circumstances.”

  20. A reminder that the following is still on the homepage of Clorox because of something the President of the United States said:

    “Bleach and other disinfectants are not suitable for consumption or injection under any circumstances.”

    Because there are many people, like yourself, lacking in reading and listening comprehension.

    And far too many of them call themselves journalists and pass their comprehension issues off as facts.

  21. A reminder that the following is still on the homepage of Clorox

    Dimwit, you’re completely out of the loop.

    Drumpf is off the Clorox regimen. He’s now suggesting you ignorant slobs fill your bongs with hydrochloric acid, which you can get at any Menards (wear your maskie!). Light up some of your favorite bud and take a big honkin’ toke.

    You’ll be happy to see that Menard’s isn’t harshing your buzz with any stupid warnings on their webpage…go there right now and check.

  22. You know, Emery, the media were very harsh about Trump’s endorsement of hydroxychloroquine and musing about internal disinfectants–the medical term for them would be “antibiotics”, by the way–but if I remember the papers correctly, there are precisely zero cases where people outside the media have misinterpreted this. Even the one alleged case was a Democrat who is now under investigation for poisoning her husband.

  23. Corona beer sales dropped sharply because people quit buying it to avoid catching the virus. And Tito’s Vodka had to warn against making hand sanitizer from it.

    Lotta morons out there, mostly on the D side of the aisle. Can’t blame Trump for that.

  24. Hey Emery;

    If you’re drinking water from any municipal tap, you are drinking chlorine, bromine and flouride. Makes you a hypocritical moron, doesn’t it, loser?!!!!

  25. A friend of mine, in his 50s, caught the virus. He felt horrible and lethargic for a week before the doctors decided he was sick enough to be tested, and then it took several days (over a weekend) to get the results back confirming he had it. At that point, my friend says, using a scale of 1 to 100 with 100 being hale and hearty and 0 being dead, he felt as if he was at 20. That morning the doc gave him hydroxychloroquine and zinc. By 7:00 p.m. he actually started feeling “normal”, except very, very weak. It was several more days before he was able to think clearly enough to do work-related (thinking) things. Whether the treatment was the reason or not, he knows when he was at his very lowest, and he knows when he started climbing out again.

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