The Good News: Americans Have Learned A Lot About Dealing With Crises

The bad news: they learned it by watching The Walking Dead.

I’ve noticed a serious uptick in incredibly dangerous, reckless driving since the onset of the epidemic.

Now, out on I94 between the Cities is one thing. But this includes a lot of episodes on Saint Paul’s narrow side streets.

Worst example? I was driving down Phalen Parkway, out toward the East Side a few weeks ago. Not long after I passed Olive street, moving about 40MPH, I saw a car way behind me, moving very fast, swerving between the oncoming and right lanes, doing at least 90mph (in a 40mph zone).

Worse yet, I saw a concrete median, and cars in the oncoming lane, Speed Racer was going to have to squeeze into the right lane, along with me, before we got to the median.

Part of me thought “just carry on, and let the moron either jam on the binders or smack into the median – before I remembered that “me and my new-ish used car” were also a viable option. I pulled over – and the moron (a twenty-something of Vibrant descent) swerved into the lane with probably ten feet to spare, jamming on the gas.

I followed him, hoping to get a license or at least be around to call in the crash report, but he swerved onto Frank Street, narrowly missing an oncoming car, and gunned it up the hill into the neighborhood. I lost him. I have to hope he didn’t kill anyone – yet.

So I’d been wondering when we’d start seeing stories like these all over the place.

6 thoughts on “The Good News: Americans Have Learned A Lot About Dealing With Crises

  1. You’re not far off Mitch. Saw a news item about three weeks ago that traffic accidents are higher than normal, despite the lower traffic volumes.

  2. This behavior is very European – or rather, part of the European experience. Also mostly vibrants. What’s your problem, Mitch? You racist?

    Wondering when the widespread car arsons start. Oh, and the Swedish vibrants are experimenting with widespread bomb explosions. There were 257 in 2019. Do we have enough vibrants of an Islamic bent to start a trend on church vandalism and arson?

    Whypeepul are so boring.

  3. Slightly off topic . . . as of Monday (when the last Stay Home order expired), the Ramsey County Sheriff is requiring appointments to drop off your Permit to Carry Application (initial or renewal). They need to limit the number of people cluttering up the lobby so we don’t all die of Covid. Appointments take 15 minutes each. Soonest I could get an appointment was second week in June.

    Are there REALLY that many people surging into the Sheriff’s office for gun permits? Must be a whole lot of people thinking about that Walking Dead theme.

  4. Where I’ve noticed the problem is in parking lots – I’ve almost been hit a few times already by people in the wrong lane at the entrance, cutting diagonally across the lot, backing out of a space abruptly. It would keep me on my toes, but I already have them on the brake pedal.

  5. There’s a reason Negroes haven’t dominated motorsports.

  6. Just so we’re clear – “Vibrant” is more a state of mind than a racial identifier.

    A lilywhite “Anti”-fa thug, a gang of teens of any ethnicity out for mischief (knowing that any justice that might intersect with them will be dilatory, indecisive and free of consequence), anyone who believes the rest of the world is subservient to their will and wants? They’re all “vibrant”.

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