Let’s Make Sure We’re Clear On This

“World’s Largest Candy Store”, (run by a buddy and contributor to the governor and his campaign): absolutely essential, and above question as to its impact to the community.

Chain of rural Minnesota bars that employs dozens, in areas with very, very case rates (because they are very, very low density), but who make a point of defying the regal power of the state executive branch?

Bring down the full weight and power of government!

17 thoughts on “Let’s Make Sure We’re Clear On This

  1. Well, as long as you get the optics out there, Herr Ellison. When do you organize your own Stasi unit?

  2. Oops, I guess I missed it the other day. Corrupt and incompetent, check and check, but it seems I forgot arrogant too.

  3. It’s not in the linked article, but I read the Temporary Restraining Order the AG drafted for the judge to sign on Monday morning. The AG claims this is a Consumer Protection action. You know, like we’d use against deceptive advertisers or misleading product sellers.

    I guess we can all be glad Keith E. is keeping those thirsty rural hicks safe from an unscrupulous knave bent on using his trickery and wily deceit to entice unsuspecting church-goers into dark places where they might be led astray into imbibing strong spirits while enjoying convivial conversation and possibly pickled eggs. And not a single fern in sight.

    The horror!

  4. On another note, one of the chicken shit owner of Hell’s Kitchen was on the news this morning, insuring that even when they do open, I will never step foot into their restaurant again. Cynthia Gerdes said that it is not economical to open the restaurant at 50% capacity and that they don’t feel safe doing so. They estimate that they won’t open fully until September. Of course, she also owned Creative Kidstuff, so she’s probably flush with cash. They tout that they became employee owned on January 1, 2020, so hopefully, she’s paying the employee owners, but they are most likely all collecting government cash and are waiting until that gravy train runs out.

  5. The AG claims this is a Consumer Protection action.

    If the state really wanted to protect consumers, it would keep Keith (Beater) Ellison away from women.

  6. Couldn’t help myself (with an apologetic hat tip to Monty Python).

    Small Business Owner: I’m opening up again.
    Jarring chord. The door flies open and Governor Wally enters, flanked by two members of his government. Sec Jan Malcolm has goggles pushed over her forehead. Attorney General Keith Ellison is just Attorney General Keith Ellison
    Walz: Nobody expects the MN State Government! Our chief weapon is arrogance…arrogance and corruption…corruption and arrogance…. our two weapons are corruption and arrogance…and ruthless incompetence…. Our three weapons are corruption, arrogance, and ruthless incompetence…and an almost fanatical devotion my re-election…. Our four…no… amongst our weapons…. amongst our weaponry…are such elements as corruption, arrogance…. I’ll come in again.
    SBO: I’m opening up again.
    Jarring chord. They burst in.
    Walz: Nobody expects the MN State Government! Amongst our weaponry are such diverse elements as arrogance, corruption, ruthless incompetence and an almost fanatical devotion my re-election and these nice masks – oh damn! (to Malcolm) I can’t say it, you’ll have to say it.
    Malcolm: What?
    Walz: You’ll have to say the bit about ‘Our chief weapons are …’
    Malcolm: I couldn’t do that…
    Walz bundles the cardinals outside.
    SBO: Well, I’m opening up again.
    They all enter.
    Malcolm: Er…. Nobody…um….
    Walz: Expects.
    Malcolm: Expects… Nobody expects the…um…the MN…um…
    Walz: State
    Malcolm: I know…I know! Nobody expects the MN State Government. In fact, those who do expect…
    Walz: Our chief weapons are…
    Malcolm: Our chief weapons are…um…er…
    Walz: Arrogance
    Malcolm: Arrogance and…
    Walz: Stop. Stop there! Stop there. Whew! Our chief weapon is arrogance, blah, blah, blah, blah. Attorney General, read the charges.
    Ellison: You are hereby charged that you did on diverse dates speak of re-opening your business and then actually attempt to do so. My old man said follow the…
    Malcolm: That’s enough. (to SBO) Now, how do you plead?
    SBO: I’m innocent.
    Walz: Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
    Malcolm: We’ll soon change your mind about that!
    Walz: arrogance, corruption, and a most ruthless… (controls himself with a supreme effort) ooooh! Now, Attorney General, the court order!

  7. I hope you are all enjoying your free trial of Democratic Socialism!
    The very best experts in the land are now in charge of your health and the the economy.

  8. These lockdowners have f*cked the pooch so bad . . . if there is a covid-19 resurgence, or another virus causes a pandemic, the common people will have case law on their side. No more governor tyrants! Kick the bastards to the curb!

  9. Well, not sure if it as bad as what’s happening to a salon owner in Commie Kate Brown’s fiefdom in Oregonistad. That arrogant beetch sent Child Protective Services to the salon owner’s home when she wasn’t home and interrogated her kids. They were “Investigating an alleged complaint”. Then, OSHA showed u at her salon and despite her cooperating with the jerks, they classified her independent contractor stylists as “employees”, then cited her for an unsafe work space. Damn! I sure hope those tools that elect DemocRATs in these states are waking up.

  10. @bosshoss: I have a similar hope that the good-intentions crowd that probably vote Democrat because their parents voted Democrat wake up. Reminds me of a few years ago when the Obama EPA screwed the pooch and polluted the Animas River with heavy metals, turning it yellow. The EPA bureaucrats, who for decades had ground down people with regulations and practices rooted in junk science, had the nerve to be surprised when they encountered animosity from the states.

    These words from Ingersoll seem fitting to echo during the pandemic: “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.”

  11. Little off topic, but wth.

    I see Karen, from CNN pestered Drumpf for not signaling with a maskie, but tore hers off the second she thought no one was looking.

    “CNN’s Kaitlan Karen Collins spars with Trump after video shows her removing mask in WH briefing room”

    If she would have opted for the pussy hat, like I’m telling them, she wouldn’t be getting dragged by Drumpf Jr, now.

    These low IQ slobs just won’t learn.

  12. BTW. I’m working in NC this week. It’s under the control of a leftist reprobate, so the resturaunts are closed. I don’t eat at fast food joints; ever.

    Its only 22 miles to the SC border, so I cruised on back for a nice, sit down dinner. I taped a little sign in the back window that said “Heading to SC for a big steak dinner”

    Got several honks.

    This is Clown World lads.

  13. One thing that strikes me is that a limit of 50 really doesn’t take into account how close patrons will be. I’ve been in restaurants that were packed with 50 people, and in others where it was basically vacant. Same basic thing with restaurants.

    Given they can’t figure out that nursing homes are probably the worst place in the world to place COVID patients who don’t need hospital care, I guess it would be a stretch to suggest they would be able to apply basic epidemiological principles to this case.

  14. In a long term care home, the state has complete control over the care of vulnerable citizens, and in Minnesota, Walz’ incompetence is killing them by the thousands.

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