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The Minnesota GOP has had so many opportunites to grow a pair in recent years – budgets, bonding, single-subject-clause fights, and on and on.

But hey – better late than never.

Daudt’s in the House, of course – where the GOP is down by quite a few votes.

But there have got to be some nervous outstate and far-metro DFLers out there.

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  1. Saw this on Channel 9 this morning. They had Daudt on a Zoom call. The rebuttal was from state certified moron Ryan Winkler, who commented that “this was no time for games”. I was cleaning the coffee that I spewed out off of my carpet for about 10 minutes. The master of left wing dirty game playing making a comment about games.

  2. Boss,
    Too bad Kurt didn’t take a page out of Winkler’s own playbook and flip him the bird.

  3. Kurt Daudt is being dragged kicking and screaming by his own Caucus as they follow the conservative lead of the New House Republican Caucus.

  4. He was also on J&D this morning addressing this and it indeed sounds like he grew a pair. Also on was Scott Johnson from Powerline blog. He was talking about being denied access to the Governor’s daily briefing and detailing the reasons. He went on Twitter last week to challenge Wally directly, but I missed the outcome. If anyone else heard it and can report, that would be good, otherwise I’ll listen to their podcast later.

  5. Somebody has to ask Walz some tough questions about the decisions he as made. In my state, the legislature is AWOL. Haven’t heard a peep from any of those guys.

  6. The problem with risk calculation is that we are in unknown territory. The first data on the Coronavirus are collected now, and there are still many unknowns. We have no models or historical data on the interrelation between a plague and our modern economy. So we are in a situation characterized by “real uncertainty”, where data based risk management is imposible. In this kind of situation, there is a very good rule: “the precautionary principle”: identify the worst case outcome, and avoid it. That is where the epidemological modellers came in.

    I think their focus on avoiding a too high mortality by flattening the curve and protecting health institutions was sensible. The challenge now is to unlock without creating a new wave.

  7. There is similarity between the pandemic models that have been produced & the climate models that predict catastrophic global warning: both are essentially forecasting the future using incomplete data sets. The data that is missing is filled in by the experts using their imaginations.
    There may very well be no “second wave.” We do not worry about the Spanish Flu anymore, or the Hong Kong Flu. Successful viruses tend to evolve towards relatively harmless H1N1 characteristics or they die out completely.
    Taking a contrarian position often produces a more accurate forecast than taking the orthodox position.

  8. MP;
    And just like the gloBULL warming “experts”, the medical/science “experts” that develop these models, all serve the same master and those masters are the ones that fund their grants and pay their salaries. Just like weather people, they get paid a lot of money, are wrong at least 50% of the time and don’t get fired. Great gigs, if you can get ’em.

  9. No! No! No!

    We cannot unlock now, or the surge will come rushing forward. Didn’t you listen when Governor Walz explained the need for the extension (not the current one, the one right before that)?

    The computer model predicts – with 95% confidence – that a surge of Covid cases will strike in Late May – June – possibly July. We’ve bought ourselves a little time with the Stay Home order, which we put to good use by tripling the number of ICU beds. But thousands of ventilators are still on back-order and without them, the mass of incoming Covid patients will die.

    None of the governor’s press conferences have repudiated the computer model; therefore, it still controls our public policy decisions. We simply cannot take the chance of lifting the order until it’s absolutely confirmed that the surge has been averted. At 5,000 tests per day, for 5.5 million people, it’s going to take a few years but it’s not only totally do-able, it’s absolutely essential, to avoid loss of life. And to prove how serious we are about saving lives, anybody seen on the streets without a mask will be shot on sight.


  10. “At 5,000 tests per day, for 5.5 million people, it’s going to take a few years but it’s not only totally do-able, it’s absolutely essential, to avoid loss of life.”
    And when everyone has been tested, you have to start over again.
    Test fetishists are almost as dumb as ventilator fetishists.

  11. Bosshoss429 – at least KARE11 meteorologist Sven Sundgaard got fired for calling Walz shutdown protestors “white nationalist Nazi sympathizer gun fetishist miscreants.”

    I guess he was wrong one too many times!

  12. When I first moved to Southern Minnesota, the only thing I knew about Walz was that he was our DFL Congressman.

    One day, I asked my neighbor, an old sheep farmer, what he thought of Walz. The old man snickered then said, “He thinks in jargon.”

    I’ve never heard a better description since.

  13. “Test fetishists are almost as dumb as ventilator fetishists.”

    That’s exactly right, MP.

    Remember the reprobate Governor of NY screaming for more ventilators, ventilators, VENTILATORS!!?

    How many did they actually use? 1/2 of them? 1/4? 1/8? We will never know.

    It came to light that some hospitals may have been misusing them, because putting a patient on a vent increased the government payout by $40k. Also came to light that a lot of people were dying while on vents.

    When was the last time you heard anyone screeching for Moar Vents? Looks like most are being used as props by nurse hero’s for their tik tok twerk videos.

    This is the same big mouth asshole that got a US Navy ship delivered, and had mobile field hospitals erected in Central Park, just to sit empty.

    Oh, and now the degenerate mayor of NYC wants Franklin Graham and his band of Christian bigots out of the city.

    So now it’s tests…eff the tests. I’m not going to get tested; no one I know is going to get tested. This is just more BS to gaslight the truth of the disaster government has wrought on us.

  14. Questions arising for me are first whether we can avoid getting the disease altogether via social distancing–I’ve seen and heard a fair amount of pessimism on that from people (e.g. researchers at Mayo) I trust–and secondarily how much help can be afforded by medicine. Long and short of it is that I’d guess we get about a 30-40% reduction in fatalities if medical care is adequate. So maybe the best we can hope for is to balance COVID fatalities (it’s probably almost certain it’s going to hit 100K now, hope I’m wrong) with fatalities from things like “bypass surgery delayed” and fatalities of desperation.

  15. Regarding the tests, even if they’re perfect, they would only allow us to quarantine a bit more selectively. As they are, we’ve got a fairly high false positive/negative rate that would make the quarantine fairly broad, and would still tend to miss things like early stages of the disease. I’m hopeful, but let’s be realistic, too.

  16. W/R/T ventilators, a Doctor I follow on the twitter says for him personally, no ventilator. His reasoning is that even before COVID, 95% of people who go on ventilators, die on the ventilator.

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