Shutdown: Racist!

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

It is well-established law that a policy which appears to be
race-neutral, but which has a disproportionately large adverse impact on
racial minorities, is a form of racial discrimination.

Governor Walz’ Stay Home order, which ordered the closure of
non-essential businesses, has resulted in nearly half-a-million
Minnesotans losing their jobs, 25% of them racial minorities as opposed
to only 12% Whites

The Stay Home order is a form of disparate impact racial discrimination.

Governor Walz is a racist.

Republicans in the state House tried to end the Stay Home order.
Democrats blocked their efforts.  Twice.

Minnesota Democrats are racist.

Why isn’t anybody talking about this?

Joe Doakes

Rhetorical question, right?

6 thoughts on “Shutdown: Racist!

  1. Lake of the Woods County has yet to report a single case of China virus, but Gov. Walz ordered it to be shut down, with devastating economic consequences – because people are dying in Minneapolis.

    So here is an interesting thought experiment: if people were dying of the China virus in Baudette but no one had contracted the disease in Minneapolis, would Gov. Walz shut down Hennepin County?

  2. Greg (and others) I know this will fall on deaf ears but hell, call me stubborn (or anything else, Mitch’s commenters seem to have no other response). The number of new cases in MN is increasing, not decreasing. Unless you think the state is just out and out lying, which is tin-foil hat level stupid. Whether a county with a population of 3500 has a case is irrelevant and frankly, talking about a county with 3500 people is cherry-picking facts. Hennepin and Dakota county have populations hundreds of times higher, clearly they have numerous cases (and growing). Until the number of recovering cases dramatically exceeds the number of new cases, and more importantly until the new cases can be contact traced (you know, using that old hated Big Gov’mint thingey which other countries have used successfully), you (we) would be fools to relax. Also Greg, and bosshoss (I can’t believe you called it a fraud, did you mean something outside the pandemic, that wasn’t clear).- please remember that despite Der Trump’s protestations, we are very nearly ONLY testing people who are symptomatic and quite ill. Otherwise, people are told to assume they have it and stay home/away from others. I have relatives who are under 40 and are part of the “presumed” cases of Covid-19, but their cases aren’t reported as positive because they can’t get tested and that is exactly what they were told, “Tough luck, probably have it, stay home, we don’t have enough of the tests to test you unless you get really sick.” There aren’t sufficient tests to test the general population, there aren’t even enough to test those who are sick but not severely so, so your claim there are no cases in Lake of the Woods county is quite possibly wrong. So, again, who is it that may be perpetrating a fraud? I think you’re aware that there is insufficient testing. Here is tracking from the State’s figures. If you don’t like Minnpost (which has nice graphs) go get it from the state. You’ll see pretty obviously that the number of new cases per day is rising.

  3. We must test every Minnesotan until we prove none of them have active cases of COVID-19.

    And then we must test them again, to eliminate false negatives and because some of the formerly-uninfected may have come into contact with interstate truckers or newly arrived travelers at the airport.

    Only when every person in the state has a clean bill of health, can we lift the Stay Home order, can we reopen the schools, can we let people work. Okay, yes, it may take some time. The CDC bungled the first test kits, the FDA shouldn’t have prohibited private test kits, but we’re past that now. We’re starting to test.

    5 million people in the first go-round, then another 5 million in the second, is 10 million tests needed. The governor set a goal of 5,000 tests per day (not including weekends, of course, because that would be overtime which we can’t afford to pay). So 25,000 tests per week to test 10 million people will only take 400 weeks which isn’t even 8 years. This is completely do-able.

    And think of the advantages. A kid who was in Fifth Grade when the order went into effect will never have to set foot in school again. We’ll save a fortune on diplomas. Pulling school busses and commuter traffic off the streets will reduce wear and tear: they’ll last forever without needing repair.

    Okay, Penigma, you’ve convinced me. I’m all for it. Oh, did I mention that I’m moving to Texas, where the governor is already lifting their order? Yeah, I am. So enjoy, you guys. Maybe when you pass your test, the state will issue you an easily recognized identity card so people will know you’re clean. How about a nice yellow star?

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