Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

New bill in the legislature.

Does “knows” mean “has actual knowledge” or does it mean “didn’t have actual knowledge, but under the totality of the circumstances, after reasonable inquiry such as a background check, should have known and therefore is presumed to have known, so it’s okay to punish him as if he had actually known the buyer was prohibited.”

Joe Doakes

I think in this case it means “whatever an ambitious prosecutor with ambitions in the DFL wants it to mean.

1 thought on “Definitions

  1. That is a terribly written bill. It actually uses the word “knows” rather than “has reason to believe,” so it depends on state of mind.
    Suppose you sell a weapon to a person who you believe is prohibited from owning a weapon, but you are wrong?
    Or suppose you choose not to sell a weapon to a young black man because he looks like a guy you saw on TV who is a felon?

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