Democrats: “Never Waste A Crisis”

Americans are, to say the least, distracted these days. The epidemic, and its economic fallout, are pretty much front and center for most of us.

Perfect cover, if you’re a weasel.

Georgia Democrat Congressman Hank Johnson is a weasel. He’s introducing a bill that doubles as an encyclopedia of all the Democrats true hopes and dreams when it comes to gun control: bans of classes of weapons, “Universal” registraiton, age limits, purchase limits, and pretty much name it.

This is today’s Democrat party – exploiting misery to grab power.

9 thoughts on “Democrats: “Never Waste A Crisis”

  1. Thanks, Mitch, that’s more evidence in the “Hoax” column.

    Democrats know the virus is nowhere near as bad as they claim – they’re just using it to frighten voters so Democrats can pass laws the voters would never stand for, in ordinary times.

  2. Ҥ 932. License to own firearms and ammunition
    “(a) In general.—Except otherwise provided in this section, it shall be unlawful for any individual who is not licensed under this section to knowingly purchase, acquire, or possess a firearm or ammunition.”
    LMAO. In other words, “blow it out your ass SCOTUS!”
    Actually, I’ll bite. The degenerates can require a license for excersizing the 2nd Amendment if they also require one to vote, and contain the exact same restrictions.

  3. This is the same moron that thought Guam would capsize if we assigned more military personnel and put more equipment on it.

  4. DJIA closed up….wait, what? 1351?
    Of course once the numbers of people put out of work due to degenerate panic mongering will no doubt dampen things tomorrow, but for now, DRINK

  5. I have about 4/5 of my wealth in growth stocks. One fifth is in cash. Every month my employer puts an eighth of my salary into more growth stocks. I ain’t changed that formula since 1/1/2020. I expect I’ll do okay.

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  7. All recessions are unique but human behavior appears unchanged. Previous bear markets have an average of 429 working days from start to finish. We are only at the beginning of this bear market that is full of new extremes (longest bull market, quickest bear market, largest points loss and gain on the Dow, largest bail outs ever, Russia/Saudis/US oil war, whole countries closing down for a minimum of 2 weeks but could but 6 weeks… need I go on?)

    Absolutely no one on this planet knows how all this will play out in the short-medium-long term. No expert, no world leader, no economist, we are only at the beginning of this bear market and health crisis. The worst truly is yet to come.

  8. Are you a joke, Emery?
    You follow: “Absolutely no one on this planet knows how all this will play out in the short-medium-long term.”
    With: “The worst truly is yet to come.”
    You should aspire to less trollish behaviour.

  9. The Powerline boys tell us about Britain’s covid-19 related authoritarian turn:
    But it could have been foreseen. The British police force is more like our FBI than like your local police or sheriff’s department. It is a top-down organization led at the national level by bureaucrats. When it was founded, it had hard limits on what it could do. No guns, no policy making. It was not to be a paramilitary force. It kept order. But since WW2 it has seen its independent power increase, for what may seem to be good reasons (fighting terrorism, mostly). But it has devolved in to what it was never supposed to be — the enforcement arm of a political state. It has become a standing army used to impose the government’s policies on a reluctant population.
    I have heard English commentators denounce this as “un-English.” It is against the ancient liberties of Englishmen, etc. But I do not think that they are right. English history is a history of oppression. There are many, many incidents, even after the Glorious Revolution of 1688 (which gave parliament, rather than the monarchy, absolute political power), there is blood everywhere on the map of England after 1688.
    The English have many qualities that are politically admirable. Keeping civil order with a bunch of Arthur Treachers wearing funny helmets and wielding whistles and queen’s-head clubs was one of them. No longer. Now they carry machine guns and ignore habeus corpus.
    Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four was his thinking about 1948 (the year it was written), a time when Britain was under a socialist austerity government, and a time when the Soviets, under Stalin, were extending their control over Europe. Orwell knew people, and he knew social class, and he knew government, more than most people. Orwell had a more dismal, and more correct, idea of collective human nature than even American conservatives.

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