My Libertarian Nature…

Is offended by government ham-handedness – even in an emergency (although conservatism recognizes the tension between liberty and public order).

However, any talk of domestic travel restrictions that keeps these morons sequestered away from the general public works juuuust fine for me.,

I could just scream.

9 thoughts on “My Libertarian Nature…

  1. Pretend for a minute that the virus is regular old influenza, the normal kind we have every year, the kind that kills .0001 of our population every year.

    No, really, it does. The CDC estimates 10,000 to 60,000 Americans die of the flu, every year, call it 30,000 average. Out of 300 million, that’s a 1-in-a-ten-thousand death rate. Would you stock up on toilet paper?

    Well, but this virus is ten times as dangerous. Okay, so it’s a one-in-a-thousand chance you’ll die of it. About the same as dying in a motorcycle racing accident, or mountain climbing, or drowning.

    Ah, but you don’t engage in risky behavior so those odds don’t apply to you. But everybody shops for groceries so your risk of exposure is higher.

    Yes, but unless you’re old and sick already, the flu doesn’t usually kill you. We’re talking 1 in a thousand old, sick people dying. Not young, healthy people, they just get the flu.

    Yes, but they can spread it. Young, healthy people go from their parties on the beach to the old folks homes and cough on everybody.

  2. Somebody list the things Trump was doing while South Korea was preparing.

    1- Golfing
    2- Fundraising
    That’s about it

    The reason Trump keeps mentioning his decision to impose travel restrictions — is because he can’t list anything else he’s done.

  3. I tire of these lies. Every single post that doesn’t have to do with something or someone local ruined with these lies.

  4. Read behind the lines, friends. Low IQ Emery is spending all his time scouring the interweb for something to blunt the excellent response Drumpf is receiving for his leadership through the dempanic. (evidently Popeye’s had a big layoff).

    Normally, I tire quickly of his inane, ignorant prattle, but I find myself looking forward to each new sputtering. The fact that he can’t come up with anything new, or relevant just proves how well Drumpf is doing.

    The market is edging up slowly. When Drumpf announces a vaccine has been identified in record time, it will take off. Good times, friends…good times.

  5. Hey Emery;

    Even Ilhan Omar praised Trump’s leadership in this crisis. I know that this shocks you, so please stay away from sharp objects.

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  7. “List the things Trump was doing…”. I see, as opposed to liberals focusing on the really important matters like labeling Trump a racist for calling a virus from China……the China virus

  8. You know what the MERS in MERS virus stand for?
    Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome.

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