The Usual Disclaimers Apply…

But more of this, faster:

It may turn out all for naught. But on the other hand, a very timely advance like that – almost deus ex machina, if not a maguffin – would be a wonderful break for the economy, wouldn’t it?

On the slower and steadier front – US Health and Human Services will waive HIPAA regulations for “Telecare” consultations, even for HIPAA infractions committed “In good faith“:

Secretary Azar:

“Thanks to the Public Health Emergency I declared in January, more older Americans will be able to access healthcare they need from their home, without worrying about putting themselves or others at risk during the COVID-19 outbreak. Providers will be allowed to use everyday technologies to talk to telehealth patients, more telehealth services will be covered for millions more Medicare beneficiaries, and providers will be allowed to offer these telehealth benefits to Medicare beneficiaries at a lower cost than traditional services. From the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, President Trump has been knocking out every bureaucratic obstacle possible that stands in the way of a rapid and effective response. We are grateful to the hard work of those across HHS who put together these actions, and we’re grateful to American healthcare providers for working to take advantage of these options and continue their heroic work serving patients during the outbreak.”

What a week: liberals buying guns, people appreciating going to work, kids wanting to be back at school?

I’ve been saying for years – after a disaster, everyone becomes a conservative. Who knows?

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  1. It’s actually not incredibly surprising that Hydroxychloroquine is effective. It is known that it worked for SARS, which is another coronavirus. Now, I have no idea how they figured out that one.

    I’ve seen this news in the last couple of days in 3 different abstracts from papers. Allegedly “prestigious journals”, although I’m not sure I’d call Nature that. The point is that it appears a bunch of different groups have been looking at Hydroxychloroquine since this outbreak occurred.

  2. Intelligence Chairman Raised Virus Alarms Weeks Ago, Secret Recording Shows

    “There’s one thing that I can tell you about this: It is much more aggressive in its transmission than anything that we have seen in recent history, It is probably more akin to the 1918 pandemic.” ~ Senator
    Richard Burr Chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee — Feb. 27 2020

    ‘On Feb. 27, when the United States had 15 confirmed cases of COVID-19, Trump was tamping down fears and suggesting the virus could be seasonal.

    “It’s going to disappear. One day, It’s like a miracle. It will disappear,” the president said then, before adding, “it could get worse before it gets better. It could maybe go away. We’ll see what happens.”

  3. Nice to see Emery congratulating the President for his considered, temperate response.

    Or, wait. Was he suggesting we should have shot everybody in the streets, to prevent the spread?

    What, exactly, IS his point?

  4. What a week
    Indeed. Let’s take an inventory of the massive wins we have accrued so far:

    – Immigration, legal and illegal is done, done, done for the foreseeable future.
    – “Sanctuary cities” are collapsing under the weight of their feckless, degenerate leadership.
    – Home schooling has received a huge boost. Parents are not going to leave their kids unschooled for 3 months.
    – Urban planning for dense populations? LMAO! No.
    – Globalization is now the “G” word.
    – Degenerate plans to count millions of their illegals into the census are in a shambles.
    – The degenerate candidates have been disappeared. Trump has the spotlight, and as I speak, is having his 4th Presidential press conference in 4 days. He is rolling like a boss,and even the fake media is treating him with respect.
    – Gun sales are through the roof. Even people such as myself that fear firearms, are re-thinking the wisdom of having protection at hand.

  5. Drumpf just had a presser, where his health officials announced they have several therapeutic drugs being tested because Drumpf waived the red tape.

    The Dow started edging up.

  6. It is pretty clear that every US manufacturer, from makers of cell phones to Big Pharm, had exposure to Chinese perfidy that was not accounted for.
    Accounting for this properly will have the same effect as raising the cost of manufacturing in China. China’s “Belt and Road” project was intended to make China the world’s pre-eminent economic power, surpassing the US. This project has just received a giant setback, since it requires the trust of other nations.
    High growth rates are addictive. The US is happy with 3% growth. If China’s GDP drops to 3%, its people are hurting. Chinese leadership is likely getting nervous about now.

  7. MP, this could cause the collapse of the CCP and they know it. Iroically it was their own malfesance that caused it, this could have been stopped early on but their totalitarian nature took over and threw gas on this fire instead of water.

  8. Trump during his press conference today, once again, has just straight up over promised—if not outright lied—from the podium. This time on FDA approval of Chloroquine.

    Maybe we should track the number of times he tells the truth. Might be easier math to do.

  9. Trump does this to get through the next 24 hours. Now everyone will be running around discussing whether or not there is a “cure” instead of the lack of tests, masks and ventilators. He does this every 24 hours.

  10. I think we should all thank God that we are not Quartined with Emery or someone like him who clearly doesnt know when to shut the fuck up.

  11. The only people who are convinced that Trump’s actions or inactions had anything to do with the covid-19 pandemic in the US are people with Trump Derangement Syndrome.
    It is weird; you read the foreign press & they have nothing to say about Trump & convid-19. But in the US, yesterday, our journalists were obsessed with a rumor that an unnamed Trump admin person had referred to covid-19 as (I kid you not) “kung-fluey.” People are dying, the economy is grinding to a halt, and this is the priority of the American media.

  12. MP, I believe that Ill be telling my kids and grandkids that this is the moment that the MSM lost any credibility with the vast majority of Americans, like 70-80%. Once this is over I expect mass layoffs and closures of news organizations.

  13. One of these countries is a superpower.

    Special Report: How Korea trounced U.S. in race to test people for coronavirus

    “The first coronavirus case in the U.S. and South Korea was detected on the same day. By late January, Seoul had medical companies starting to work on a diagnostic test — one was approved a week later. Today, the U.S. isn’t even close to meeting test demand”

  14. He does this every 24 hours.

    LMFAO Yup!

    The degenerates and the fake news are being played like a violin. They know it, too, but there is nothing they can do to stop him. He’s rolling into a huge win, and it’s driving the degenerates wild with impotent rage; I laugh at the sputtering because it’s funny,

    I’m not tired of winning, yet….maybe in 2024, we’ll see.

  15. Special Report:

    Yup, there’s nothing Americans *love* more than leftist shitheels trash talking America in the middle of a “crisis”. lol

    Bring moar, ya witless twat. I’m having a wonderful day!

  16. Special Report: How Korea trounced U.S. in race to test people for coronavirus

    Special Report:Hapless Americans have no chance against Nazi supermen. Roosevelt urged to come to terms with Mr. Hitler in the face of a no-win situation.

    keep going Low IQ Emery. please.

  17. I’ve been hearing that people with type A blood are especially susceptible to covid-19. This interests me because I have type A blood. The percentage of South Koreans with type A blood approaches 0.

  18. Say Low IQ Emery? How about this one?

    Special Report: How Japan played America for suckers at Pearl Harbor.

    Pretty funny, right?

  19. The article Emery cites doesn’t blame Trump for the relatively slow US effort to develop & distribute tests vs South Korea.
    The article blames instead sclerotic federal bureaucracies, AKA the “Deep State” actors Emery believes should have more power in the pandemic.
    They call it TDS because it really is a derangement, like blaming devils or Jews for the occurrence of disease.

  20. MP would that also stand to reason that a lot of people in Italy have type A blood? Or would that be a correlation does not mean causation situations?

  21. Here’s my take: I’m optimistic with some caveats. I don’t think people should start taking the drug if they have mild disease, i.e., not sick enough to need hospitalization. So don’t call your Health Partners PA or MD asking for a prescription you can take “just to be safe.” Save it for people who are really ill, in the hospital, or who have a lot of risk factors: age, other health conditions, health care providers who get exposed to lots of virus particles. There can be unintended consequences, like genetically selecting for drug resistant strains, which is a huge problem already for treating bacterial infections.

  22. So, the DJIA closed up 188. Not a huge move, but maybe we’ve turned the corner.

    A measured, thoughtful response is the enemy of the degenerates counting on disaster to win the next election. Drumpf is stepping up to the plate by any measure, and if he pulls this off, the next election will be a landslide.

  23. Hey Emery,
    Apparently, you missed the part that chloroquine has been approved by the FDA already, but for malaria. The approval Trump is green lighting and the FDA is working on quickly, is approving it for use on the corona virus, numb nuts.

  24. Trump Touts Drug That FDA Says Isn’t Yet Approved for Virus ~ Bloomberg News

    /“The drug, chloroquine, hasn’t yet been approved for treatment of Covid-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus. While it’s been available for decades for malaria, it’s not clear whether it will work against the new illness. A March 10 review of existing research found there’s little solid proof one way or the other.

    During an at-times-confusing White House press conference, Trump said that chloroquine was approved for use and that he wanted to “remove every barrier” to test more drugs against Covid-19 and “allow many more Americans to access drugs that have shown really good promise.”

    “Normally the FDA would take a long time to approve something like that, and it’s — it was approved very, very quickly and it’s now approved by prescription,” Trump said.

    An FDA spokesperson said the drug hadn’t been approved for use in Covid-19 patients. However, U.S. doctors are legally able to prescribe a drug for any illness or condition they think is medically appropriate.”/

  25. How dense are you, Emery? It’s called off-label prescribing. It has been done for years.
    Next you’ll be calling for leeches to reduce fever.

  26. Two weeks ago, Democrats in Congress tried to stop the President from issuing a travel ban to keep the virus out of the country.

    Now, they’re frantic because identifying the virus in the traditional manner – by place of origin – highlights how badly Red China has acted.

    And then, when the President gets the deep state bureaucrats at the FDA to get out of the way so doctors can treat the virus with off-label uses of existing drugs, they nit-pick his wording.

    If the virus were Nazi soldiers marching around America killing people, Democrats would claim it’s racist to mention they’re from Germany, it’s immoral to shoot them without a trial, and it’s all Trump’s fault for not surrendering earlier like the wise people of France did.


  27. What are the chances that COVID-19 will mutate to a form that is both far more lethal and that will result in its victims becoming undead zombies whose terrible hunger can only be satisfied by eating the brains of living humans? Greater than zero, right?

  28. It’s worth noting that both the geriatric contenders for the Dem presidential candidacy (bewildered Biden and unrepentant commie Sanders) believe that it is a mistake to keep people from traveling to an from the US during a time of pandemic. Both believe that closing the borders will make us “less safe,” e.g., they are complete idiots.

  29. Well, MP, they can suck it, because Trump just closed the Mexican border, except for trade, to protect our Border Patrol and ICE Agents. The Democrats will be going apoplectic today, because their cartel money “donations” will drop significantly.

  30. bosshoss, citing a Vice article is like citing a left wing version of infowars.

  31. PoD;
    Yea, I know, but it is not a typical article and I have actually known about copper’s antiseptic properties. We were actually taught that in Air Force survival school. In fact, many people don’t know that both sugar and honey are anti-bacterial and can be used in the field for scratches and wounds.

  32. More from Vice (hat tip to Insty):
    “As Hospitals Prepare for COVID-19, Life-Saving Trans Surgeries Are Delayed”

    Our progressive elites mourn the fact that making room for covid-19 patients means that doctors will have to delay requests from crazy people to maim them.

  33. MP. when I read crap like that, I quietly root for a 75-80% planetary die off. You may say “why Swiftee, that’s a pretty dank, misanthropic outlook”, but you’re wrong. I love most people.

    Killing off 75% of us may be the only way we can save our species from complete extinction.

  34. Swiftee, if a large scale die off were to occur, probably the wrong people would die.
    Every hundred years or so, we get a complete turnover in population, and the same ol’ world is created anew.
    I’ve read that to be “sentimental” about a thing is to love it more than God loves it. God loves us, even when we sin. God even loves the dipwads who enable the disturbed people who want to maim themselves. What a crazy world.

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