Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Gas on Sunday at Sam’s Club was $1.98 per gallon. That’s the lowest I’ve seen in a long time.

Sure, it puts a couple extra bucks in my pocket. It also makes it possible for people to drive more, which creates global warming gases to kill the planet. 

I’m saving money and have more freedom. That’s a bad thing.

 I blame Trump

Joe Doakes 

This, and especially the ongoing slashers in regulation, certainly have their upsides.

It’s a shame it takes an international crisis to discover it.

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  1. The more I dig into this “crisis” the more I’m convinced that we are being played. For instance, there has been peer reviewed studies done on a malaria drug, chloroquine, that completely kills the cv in 6 days or less, yet it isn’t been announced. And, just like clock work, some research entity comes out yesterday and releases their study results that show how long the virus can last on surfaces. Guess what? Cardboard was specifically mentioned! Allegedly, it lasts for 24 hours on that, 3 hours in the air, a couple of days on plastics and glass. Fortunately, the media, at least Fox 9, had an medical guy from the U on and he put it in perspective. This virus doesn’t transfer through skin, so wash your hands. I sure hope that while everyone is home, they are doing real research into this farce. We are not getting the real story and China has moved against the dollar, affecting the markets and working to destroy our economy. Meanwhile, their Democrat puppets let them do it and continue their fear mongering.

  2. Hoss, I getting a real bad feeling about this. California counties are toying with Martial law light and their degenerate governor has issued an order allowing for the taking of private property for government use.

    Some degenerate mayors are declaring a ban on purchasing firearms and ammunition.

    Only low IQ leftists are buying into the Dempanic narrative. Most people are starting to see the chaos is completely manufactured. No one knows anyone that is sick much less dying. 70+ year old people don’t have large circles of friends and most young, healthy people don’t even show symptoms of Chinkypox.

    How long to you think the tens of millions of illegals in California will sit quietly in their government subsidized apartments?

    The reprobates are really playing with fire, imo.

  3. It looks like the degenerates are starting to realize they may have gone a bridge too far, and are starting to try and walk it back.

    NY Degenerate Governor Cuomo heaped praise on Drumpf last night:

    “His team is on it. They have been responsive late at night, early in the morning. And thus far, they have been doing everything that they can do, and I want to say thank you, and I want to say that I appreciate it.”

    I expect some kind words to start flowing from California’s Degenerate Governor soon. Probably minutes after the first gun fight that occurs when a cop tries to enforce the travel restrictions on a truck full of cartel couriers.

  4. If people think their lives are okay, they see no need for a change, they re-elect the incumbent. The party out of power has to convince voters their lives suck, that it’s the incumbent’s fault, so vote for us.

    I wouldn’t put it past Democrats and their PR arm in the mainstream media, to blow a flu scare into a full-blown panic. See, we’re all gonna DIE and it’s Trump’s fault so vote for Biden.

    Except, they don’t really want to destroy the economy, because that would affect their well-heeled donors. It’s fun to fantasize about all those icky people dying but when there’s no toilet paper, and decent restaurants are closed, and the market is tanking, even the well-heeled might start to wonder if we’ve pushed this a bit too far. Start talking about in-home quarantine (meaning no maid service, no pool boy, no masseuse), well, now, let’s not get crazy.

    Give it a week, two at the tops, and people will be fed up, particularly since there are no piles of dead bodies. Then they’ll start to wonder if Trump was right – it really was a Democrat hoax.

  5. boss,

    I would be very surprised if that report from some reasearch entity isn’t the same as the one mentioned here.

    This article is built around a report linked to with a very small link (“A study”). That study, as far as I can tell, is interested in determining the “stability” or viability of the HCoV-19 (SARS-2) in comparison with SARS-34 CoV-1.

    If I interpret correctly, the term SARS(-34) CoV-1 is an updated name for the SARS CoV from the outbreak between 2002 and 2003. The article ignores the apparent fact that:

    “Overall, stability is very similar between HCoV-19 and SARS-CoV-1.”.

    The one exception was that the former seems viable for some hours longer on cardboard. That’s it. The study does not (cannot) address why the former has been much more infectious and also more deadly.

    “HCoV-19 has caused many more cases of illness and resulted in more deaths than SARS-CoV-1 125 and is proving more difficult to contain. Our results indicate that the greater transmissibility observed for 126 HCoV-19 is unlikely to be due to greater environmental viability of this virus compared to SARS-CoV-1.”

    In my opinion, the article and any derivatives of it are overblown hype and shoddy journalism. I encourage others to read the study to make sure I didn’t miss anything – as well get some pleasure in telling me I’m wrong.

  6. Gas on Sunday at Sam’s Club was $1.98 per gallon.

    We paid $1.45 in Oklahoma yesterday. Makes the $1.85 we saw in Iowa look like a rip-off.

  7. These low gas prices only prove what a scourge fracking is.

    We must ban it now, as Joe and Bernie suggest, and get back to the sacred price of $3.86 a gallon.

  8. jdm;
    Yup! That’s the study that I was referring to. Since it comes out of Princeton, I am at least a little suspicious.

  9. Trump’s failure to ramp up testing is the prime reason this virus has gotten a huge leg up on this country.

    There’s no whitewashing this chapter of Trump.

  10. Hoss, as this hoax wanes, America will witness the consequences of electing degenerate leftists, first hand.

    Lefty sh*tholes have taken, and are continuing to take advantage of the hoax to put their businesses and citizens under drastic and foolishly harsh restrictions. Conservative states, under wise leadership have been careful to keep the touch light and to make sure the disruptions are as minimal as possible.

    Because of their miserable response, and because they have welcomed millions of low IQ, uneducated, unemployable GuataMexidorian peasants to sneak into their states, the coming months for leftists, Californians and New Yorkers especially, are guaranteed to be filled with suffering, violence and economic collapse.

    They cannot take the risk of pissing Trump off. They’re going to need his help to drag them off the ledge over the next 5-6 years.

  11. I wasn’t aware the President did those tests himself. Is that part of the White House tour? Is there a fee?

    Oh, you mean he should have over-ruled the experts in the bureaucracy who let the boatload of infected come here? Or over-ruled the experts who said no test unless you had come into contact with someone who was already diagnosed as having it? Or over-ruled the experts who sent out test kits lacking an essential chemical?

    Since when do Liberals demand Trump over-rule the experts?

  12. They’re going to need his help to drag them off the ledge over the next 5-6 years.

    There has been talk going on now for the last couple years about consequences and I keep seeing nothing.

  13. I rarely make predictions, but I will go out on a limb and say that covid-19 deaths in the US will be similar to the number of deaths due to ordinary seasonal flu. The CDC says that number is 22,000-55,000. As of today there have been 11,329 cases and 161 confirmed deaths.

  14. MP, I posted an article yesterday that set the average age of Italians that died from the Chinese flu at 81. That’s *average* age.

    Evidently (according to the report) Italy has the oldest population of any civilized, Western country.

  15. Profit Taking Swiftee;
    “Evidently (according to the report) Italy has the oldest population of any civilized, Western country.”

    Apparently, Spain is right behind it. They claim that 80% of the population of Madrid, may get the virus.

  16. Talk about tone deaf…”Trump’s failure to ramp up testing.”. But as said earlier, liberals continue their push for high density urban living, mass transit, reusable bags and open borders….

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