The Mother Of Invention

First prediction: there will be a Coronavirus vaccine.

It may arrive sooner, it may arrive later. Probably somewhere in between. I have no idea.

But it’ll come rom a country with a relatively free market for healthcare. The US? Norway? Germany? I don’t know – but it’ll be someplace that hasn’t nationalized healthcare.

Feel free to mark my words on this.

Beyond that ?

Last week on Twitter, Scott “Dilbert” Adams wrote:

The shortage of ventilators is the thing that’s terrifying people. The stories from Italy about doctors choosing who lives and who dies are pretty mortifying, especially if you have older relatives and family with lung conditions.

So people are innovating:

The doctor stresses this is a last ditch measure – to be used in cases where doctors are making life or death choices among 2-4 people at a time.

But it’s a start.

5 thoughts on “The Mother Of Invention

  1. Come XMas time there will be a baby boom world wide. They will be called corona babies (or maybe something more creative) and it will name a new generation.

  2. PoD;
    That’s the prevailing thought. Make sure that you move your money into Gerber, Proctor and Gamble and Kimberly Clark. Also consider Graco, not the local one.

  3. “There’s a shortage of ventilators..”
    Liberals-“Let’s keep those borders open!”

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  5. Combining some engineering and medicine to MacGyver a innovative solution to a life and death problem.

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