You May Ask Yourself…

… how many mulligans does a democrat get before people start actually calling them on there, well, “inconsistencies”?

The answer, of course, provided they are progressive enough, is “as many as they want”


This is not the Babylon Bee. 

The article itself is a moderately interesting read, if only to (try to help sort of maybe kinda) understand the minds of those whose entire frame of reference begins and ends with progressivism filtered through the lens of identity feminism.

7 thoughts on “You May Ask Yourself…

  1. You know, Mitch, some might consider this bullying given just how stupid this woman actually presents herself to be (aka is). ana marie cox. One of the left’s deep thinkers. Also by the bint.

    Is [Trump] exempting the UK from the travel ban because he thinks they’re more white than the rest of Europe?

  2. Oh God could you imagine the presidential debates between Trump and Fauxohontas? He would have completely wiped the floor with her in 5-10 minutes.

  3. PoD;
    You’re giving Fauxcahontas far too much credit. I think that it would be over before it started. 😂

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  5. The article you cite is from The Atlantic Magazine.

    The Atlantic is owned by Laurene Powell Jobs, the wife of the late Steve Jobs. She is worth north of $21 Billion and she adamantly believes that billionaires should not control so much of America’s wealth…

    …unless of course, they devote themselves to “advocacy for policies concerning education and immigration reform, social justice and environmental conservation”.

  6. As I see it not a single one of the ladies that challenged to be the DFL candidate had the intellect to do the POTUS job. They’re light weights at best, not a Angela Merkel in the bunch much less a Golda Meir, or Margaret Thatcher.

  7. Scott, while I agree in general, I think that the Frau Merkel’s oikophobia more than discounts any intellectual superiority she might have over those female DFL candidates.

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