Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Now that’s funny, right there.  I don’t care who you are. 

That there is funny.

Joe Doakes

Didn’t think The Donald could do “pithy”.  That was a good one. 

7 thoughts on “Brevity

  1. Bloomberg ifs the perfect thorn in Trump’s side. It’s trolling on a grander scale — billionaire trolling pseudo-billionaire.

  2. The only truly funny thing about any of this is that a series of people got paid to come up with this idea, sell it to Bloomberg’s team, and then install it.

  3. What happened to the debt ticker on Fox news?

    Perhaps Bloomberg should remind the public about what at one time was an important issue.

    Worth mentioning…
    “If the Dow drops 1000 points in two days the President should be impeached immediately! ~ Donald J Trump. (twitter 2012)

    So taking the robust economy out of the picture, no reason to vote for Trump.

  4. No reason?

    Aside from flipping the 9th Circuit

    And the 11th Circuit

    And appointing nearly 25% of the federal judges now on the bench

    with 80 more to go

    No, no reason at all to vote for Trump. After all, federal judgeships are non-partisan. They play it straight down the middle, every time. There are no Liberal judges or Conservative judges. Just ask the Chief Justice.

  5. All good info, JD, but perhaps if someone wasn’t using a faked tweet on which base an opinion, that person wouldn’t need to be corrected.

    Oh, what am I saying? That same person has, without shame, been providing SitD readers with baseless and thus often incorrect commentary for months (years?) now. Why would this case be any different?

  6. “Buy the dip.The market will jump thousands and thousands of points if I win, and if I don’t, you’re going to see a crash like you’ve never seen before” ~ Donald Trump to stock market investors

    Throwing naive retail investors under the bus just to save himself. Absolutely shameless.

    Why waste time on searching for a vaccine when a teaspoon of Trump’s very own snake oil will slay the virus and put a fistful of dollars into your pocket.

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