Elections Have Consequences

I say this apropos what’s happening in Virginia right now.

After a chaotic morning at the state capitol in Richmond, and despite huge turnout from thousands of gun owners, Virginia Democrats approved a number of gun control bills in a key committee hearing Monday.

Ten years ago, I’d have said “this kind of overreach is going to lead them to an electoral reckoning”. Power for “progressives” is like a Blackjack table for a habitual gambler.

And it could very well still be the case in Virginia, where most of the counties have declared themselves “sanctuaries” from Governor McMinstrel’s depredations.

But I’m less sanguine about this than I used to be, at least in places like Virginia. Virginia is so dominated by Blue counties, and Blue America has gotten so very, very tribal, intellectually monolithic, entitled and, let’s be honest, stupid – and that’s not even bringing the money of Big Left into the picture.

This could very well be Minnesota next year.

6 thoughts on “Elections Have Consequences

  1. “Virginia is so dominated by Blue counties…”

    WTF? Stand back, I’m fixing to uncork one.


    Like many states, Virginia has a reprobate problem in its big cities and surrounding suburbs, but the overwhelming geographical area is conservative.

    I left a comment yesterday, in fact, noting that 90 of 94 VA counties have declared themselves immune to unconstitutional gun grabbing laws…do you not read your comments? And if you doubted my narrative, it wouldn’t take more than 60 seconds to verify it.

    Also, you all wouldn’t necessarily know this, but in most Southern states, “Blue” means “less red”.

    The reprobates down here tow the line, and stay away from the far left’s agendas, or they get BTFO. That’s why even the Democrat county commissioners voted for 2A sanctuary status in VA.

    Of course, that’s not the case in cities that serve as gibs distribution centers, like Richmond and Columbia, which is why all the real scumbags run for office there.

    I’ll tell you what, Mitch. I read this post as a whiny snivel from a guy who sees his own state swirling down the toilet. You’ve tossed in the towel; too busted to get up off your ass to do anything about it, and your feels are hurt because you see others fighting back.

    As I’ve said, I’m traveling with a contingent from SC, and we know people are coming from all the surrounding states and as far as Texas. All of the buses VCDL has chartered are full, and most of the dozens other groups chartered are full too. But don’t take my word, go to VCDL.org and check for yourself.

    I expect to see no less than 10k show up, and so do the reprobates.

    So dry your tears, little fella. Get yourself a nice cup of tea and watch the men go to work.

  2. That’s exactly right jdm. And why not?

    Reprobates are deploying Irish Democracies anywhere and everywhere they run into something they don’t like; and it’s not just around firearms, dress wearing men in the girls bathroom or border jumping GuataMexidorians.

    I just read Monday that a county judge in Wisconsin has found the state elections commission in contempt of court for ignoring his order to purge dead people and people no longer in the state off the voters rolls. He fined the 3 degenerate lefty members of the commission personally, as well.


    So sure, I’m their huckleberry; let’s play. Pound your laws up your ass.

    I’ve moved across the country to escape those parasites, and I’m done running. It’s time to say “and no further shall you go”, and damn well mean it.

  3. BTW, we have an excellent example of Irish Democracy run amok in America; remember the Volstead Act?

    When a smattering of “progressive” twats decide to pass a law, or hell, a Constitutional amendment, and 30% of the population says “no”, it’s not only unenforceable, but the chaos it creates makes space for genuine criminals to do their thing unimpeded. A fricking mess ensues, and as usual, it’s the law abiding people who pay the biggest price.

    That’s why it frosts me when so-called “conservatives” pull the covers over their heads and cry “We give; no more!”.

    Speak for yourselves.

  4. Okay, Virginia wants to implement Bloomberg’s wet dreams….blah, blah, blah…

    But none of this is about that.

    Listen to the rhetoric. Where is the “sensible” talk about keeping weapons out of the hands of criminals? What I am hearing is nothing less than visceral hatred of the type of person who would own a gun.

    Gun owners are merely stand-ins for everything blue America hates.

    Wait until they turn on pick-up trucks. The tone, the words, the wailing will all sound exactly the same.

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