8 thoughts on “Word Of The Day

  1. The definition is epic…

    a hipster sub-type.
    see that guy with the stack of books on his table, wearing an MIT shirt, looking at porn on his laptop?


    i’m going to punch that metrollectual motherfucker and break his non-prescription glasses.

  2. at least they’ve given up the turtleneck, pipe smoking shtick and no wants to be Arthur Miller anymore.

  3. Oh, Pig… very nice. That pipe was very useful when used together with the correction “actually”.

  4. Takes pipe out of his mouth “Goethe died crying for more light, actually.”

  5. Takes pipe out his mouth “Actually, new research has revealed that Eliot, like Hitler, had an undescended testicle.”

  6. Takes pipe out of his mouth “Actually, the rain in Kurasawa’s Rashomon is a metaphor for the wickedness and dishonesty that lie at the heart of all human relations.”

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