Miss Compassion

“Protect“ Minnesota is planning to bring people to the senates hearings on “gun safety“ up in Hibbing next week.

But… Only the right people…

It would be so fun to get some film of The “Reverend” Nancy Norred Ben’s and her enforcers ensuring that no “gun rights advocates” – Or, for that matter, people who are disabled and can’t afford T-shirts – get on the bus.

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  1. So, here’s a question. What could a guy do to cause a cancellation of that trip? I mean, it looks possible.

  2. 90% of these tossers have got to live in the TC. It’s what, 2.5 hour drive to Duluth? And bout an hour from Duluth to Hibbing?

    Why would they rent a bus for the last hour of a 3 1/2 hour trip, you might wonder? It’s a test to see how many people they can count on to show up. So, here’s some fun y’all can have. Everyone sign up for this little excursion, and just don’t show up.

  3. On the subject of rallies.

    I’m joining a group of South Carolina patriots for a trip to Richmond next week (MLK day) to show support for our kin in Virginia who are being assaulted by anti-American, Constitution hating reprobates that have infested the Commonwealth’s legislature. Word we’re getting is there will be as many as 10k Americans from all over the country there to tell the reprobates what’s what when it comes to the 2nd amendment.

    Since we’re going to be in the area, we’ve made an appointment to meet with our US House Rep in DC the next day to discuss legislative actions we’d like to see happen to preempt the mess Virginia is dealing with now.

    If Mitch would like some photos and video of this historic gathering, he can send me whatever email address he is using these days; mine is the same as it’s always been.

  4. I wonder how many MN NRA members will “fill the room” wearing blaze orange? Interesting they seem worried Bloomberg won’t put up enough dough to fill the bus seats.

  5. I wonder how many MN NRA members will “fill the room” wearing blaze orange?

    Quick show of hands; how many SITD readers are planning on going up there to protect your Constitutional rights? Any NRA Life Members?

  6. swiftee;

    It would be cool if you could get 40 or 50 people to picket the houses of these miscreants. Probably couldn’t get close enough to Governor Blackface’s house, but the legislators might be better to go after anyway. After all, they are the ones pushing that crap!

  7. Boss, the pressure is on. There are 94 counties in VA; as of today, 90 of them have declared themselves 2A sanctuaries. More importantly, many county Sheriff’s have thrown their support in with the people.

    This is why the reprobate leadership is pushing to get this crap through fast. They know they cannot hold their degenerate membership together long, and they know that if everyone in the state is pissed off enough to vote next time; they’re finished. Gov Blackface doesn’t give a damn because the Old Dominion wisely limits Governors to 1 term, but his Lt. Governor is a rent seeking, leftist Negro who wants to sit in the big chair.

    There are people from other states, such as myself and my friends, going to send messages to our home state legislatures “No further shall you go”. We plan on pushing our state reps to preemptively declare the Palmetto State a 2A sanctuary. Our US Rep has extended an invitation to visit him in DC, and we aim to take him up on it next Tuesday.

    Y’all better start taking this serious. Blogging is fine, and complaining in comment threads is all good fun, but it’s not gonna get the job done. Y’all are gonna have to put in the work. Once these laws get passed it’s gonna real hard to get them rescinded anywhere, and in a nominally leftist state like MN, y’all will be finished.

  8. Well, Swiftee, you know that most our representation in the District of Crooks are leftist reprobates, but I send frequent don’t you dare letters to both my state rep and my senator, Melissa Francen. I’m not as worried about her, because even though she’s from Puerto Rico, her husband’s family are Minnesota farmers. I keep reminding her that she stood on my front step while she was campaigning and told me that she would not support any gun laws that would be against the 2nd Amendment, lest her in-laws disown her.

  9. Picturing the orange bus heading for Hibbing, I can’t help but remember stories about the “Prague Spring” Czech protesters who strategically turned and altered road signs when the Warsaw Pact troops moved in, and re-routed an entire Division to Poland.

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