Things That Make Me Chuckle Like An Eighth Grader Telling A “Fart” Joke

I listen to a fair amount of public radio – largely because, sans antenna, it’s the only non-music radio I can get in my car.

And public radio, especially the news and public affairs departments, take the news media very, very seriously.

And periodically, I’ll hear programs on which I hear a variety of people – pundits, academics, journos, talking heads of all varieties – talking about the imperative for a free press. For the regular hoi-polloi, much less so – but that’s a separate topic.

This is important, say the talking heads, because “journalists” are “trained to ask questions”, and feature an intellect noted for “insatiable curiosity”.

And I usually end up shouting at the radio: “Where? Where are these mythicsl curious journos?”

Because of people like this – about a Babylon Bee satirical piece about Democrats flying their flags at half-mast over the death of General Soleimani:

  • Today’s “elite” “journalists” are some of the least curious, inquisitive people there are.

13 thoughts on “Things That Make Me Chuckle Like An Eighth Grader Telling A “Fart” Joke

  1. If you need a disclaimer to distinguish satire from straight news, you’re not intellectually tall enough for this ride.

    And turn in your voter registration card. The last thing we need is more idiots voting.

  2. I cant find the article but I remember reading in the last 24 hours somewhere that a journalist (using that term very loosely) complaining about the Babylon Bee article had cited the Onion on his twitter feed before.

  3. JD to be fair I have to do a double take on some news articles probably at least a few times a month because I think that this has to be a Babylon Bee or Onion article. The Babylon Bee has also gotten so good that I see the headline of the article as believeable until I see the website its from. And the amount of people on Facebook that are clueless (on both sides, yes our side has a fair share too sadly) makes you question reality sometimes.

  4. The BB podcasts are worth listening to. They are usually about Christianity in the current culture.

  5. This like the satirical post that circulated from late November into early December that claimed if Trump is not impeached via the Senate dismissing the charges, that Trump would automatically be entitled to another 3 years in office. Libidiots and their media masters heads exploded and they perpetuated the meme, proving that they are as clueless about the Constitution as they are about life.

  6. bosshoss… to further your point that was also the same time that the ACLU tweeted out Men can have periods/Men can give birth. I actually want them to go down that path because it just further exposes who they are and in the end it will only damage them at the ballot box.

  7. Just out of curiosity, how would journalists know that those reposting the Babylon Bee don’t know it’s satire? Notice; they’re not posting how they “knew” their acquaintances “didn’t know it was satire”. Rather, they’re really simply acting on the fact that people reposted it.

    Here’s some more “news” from the Bee. I’m rating it as “true”.

  8. That is probably the most accurate article they have written yet to date.

  9. Soleimani’s widow enters the Dem presidential nominee race & immediately has both a fund raising & grass roots support advantage over her Democratic opponents . . .

  10. Yesterday, Prof Kreapy’s hero, Paul Krugman, tweeted out his IP had been hacked and someone was downloading kiddyPr0n to his computer. He guessed it might have been, wait for it, QAnon.

    Later he deleted it.

    The internet doesn’t believe him.

    On the other hand, everyone believes a satirical post saying leftist reprobates are flying their flags at half staff for a head choppping muzzy.

    These stories have a very fundamental link. Can anyone guess what it is?

  11. At first I thought anyone who said the people running hollywood and our political elite are secretly a bunch of pedos were a bunch of tin foil hatters. The more that comes out… the more its seemingly true.

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