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Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Check out this still photo of the guy who shot the gunman in church [Jack Wilson – Ed]. If you figure 5 feet between pews, he’s 25 feet away when he takes the shot. That’s good shooting, Tex, way better than me. 
I need to hit the range. I need practice.
Joe Doakes

It’s definitely gotten me thinking more seriously about the subject.

Or would, if guns didn’t terrify me, and if mine hadn’t all fallen in the lake.

2 thoughts on “Call To Action

  1. Last week, I took advantage of the warm weather and went to the range at the Minnesota Horse and Hunt Club, as the guest of another member. Since I don’t own any firearms myself, I rented a couple of different guns from the club. During the sessions, I met many 2nd Amendment supporters, perfecting their skills, including several women. I was pretty encouraged by the conversations about efforts by Dems to confiscate our guns via dubious and false claims.

  2. Everyone knows I suffer from an irrational fear of firearms, but I don’t want to be defenseless.

    I’ve been hauling out my wife’s shoe collection, and winging them with great velocity, at the neighbors yowling cats from increasing distances…getting pretty damn good.

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