This Is Nancy Nord Bence’s Mind On…Er…Does Anyone Actually Know?

“Protect” Minnesota – which, as we all know, is Nancy Nord Bence and a bunch of the kind of people who think armed churchgoers are a bad thing, but only if they have never shot anyone and will never shoot anyone – posted this on social media last week:

So – prohibition doesn’t work, and people who want to flout laws will seek what they want on a black market which will leap to fill the demand, with the higher price enforced by the legal risk to the product…

…but “Universal Background Checks” will curb crime!

The reason we say gun grabbers are irrational bobbleheads is, they are irrational bobbleheads.

6 thoughts on “This Is Nancy Nord Bence’s Mind On…Er…Does Anyone Actually Know?

  1. Wouldn’t “rational gun laws” include stepped-up prosecution for people illegally possessing a firearm?

  2. Anyone interested in starting a black market for people who could literally legally purchase a product one day and the next day its illegal because of a law change? There has to be a lot of money out there to be made.

  3. Reminds me of when my folks lived in PA in the mid 90s: Pennsylvania was very proud of their state-owned, state-run liquor stores that somehow magically eliminated underage drinking. Big surprise, the prices went up. A few years ago, I came across this article.

    The Protect MN crowd and their ilk are meddlers. They’re the philosophical kissing-cousins of the Hollywood types that like to lecture us peasants about what’s in our best interest. The world needs more Ricky Gervaises that tell the meddlers to pound sand.

  4. It does raise an interesting question.

    If Americans are too intellectually, emotionally and psychologically immature to do important things at 18, we must delay them until they’re 21, how do we distinguish between those important things and all other things?

    Smoke a cigarette. Drink a beer. Enlist in the Marines. Buy a box of .22’s and a pistol to shoot them. Get married. Have children. Take a student loan. Take a home loan. Buy a sports car. Hunt big game. Go to adult prison. Run for political office.

  5. Huh. I remember that back when I was a young pup, the law that one had to be 18 to buy cigarettes never seemed to stop the burnouts at my high school from smoking.

    My guess is that Nord-Bence has been taking advantage of the new laws in Illinois and Michigan, if you catch my drift.

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