Good Guys With Guns. Again.

Goon attacks church, killing two…

before being brought down by armed parishioners:

“It appears that a gunman shot two church members at back of auditorium with a footlong weapon, then a member shot the gunman with a pistol,” [Editor Bobby Ross of Christian Chronicle] wrote. “This is just based on me watching the video again. Screaming afterward in the church. So tragic. Two quick shots at back, then another shot. Then at least three members (I believe) with pistols [walking] toward where the gunman appeared to fall.”
CBS News Dallas reported that a witness confirmed to them that another church member shot the suspect.

Video of the episode:

The recognition of the good civilians with guns runs to the highest level of Texas government:

In the meantime, Jews in New York State react to yet another antisemitic attack – in some cases, utterly sensibly:

At the risk of sounding mawkish?  I’m proud to be an American when I see this.  

In a related matter, some prominent American Jews have some ideas on accessories in a time of rising antisemitic violence

7 thoughts on “Good Guys With Guns. Again.

  1. There was 40 feet between them when they stopped to make their plaaay….

    And the swiftness of the Boomer is still talked about todaaaay….

    Zoomer had not cleared leather when a bullet fairly ripped, and the Boomers aim was deadly with the big iron on his hip….

    Big iron on his hiiiiiiip.

    It was over in a moment, and the folks had gathered on the round…

    There before them laid the body of the incel on the groooound…

    oh, he might have gone on living, but he made one fatal slip, when he tried to match the Boomer with the big iron on his hip.

  2. I’ve watched the video. You can see the first guy who was shot, was slowly reaching behind him to pull out a piece. Sadly, he dropped like a rock and you can see the backspray if you look closely enough. The second guy to get shot took a less direct hit, as he was scrambling around on the pew immediately after, but apparently succumbed to his injuries. The man who took the criminal down, I have read was a former FBI agent and part of the church’s security team. The shooter dropped as fast as the first victim, and I also read that his final 6 seconds between his first shot and the agent’s only shot was concluded with a head shot. Others have suggested the security team could have done better at identifying the shooter and preventing him from entering.

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