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Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Great site
Joe doakes

I usually deride’s “social science” section as “Tumbler for overdramatic solipsists” – but they’ve had some good stuff on 2nd Amendment issues over the years.

5 thoughts on “Settled Science

  1. And how do the Dems intend to stop young Black men from shooting one another?
    By taking guns away from middle aged white guys! Duh! Get with the program!

  2. If people didn’t have guns, then burglars couldn’t steal them and sell them on the street to muggers. Dry up the supply, eliminate the problem.

    It’s such a simple solution, I don’t know why we don’t apply it to other problems.

    If people didn’t have whiskey, then bootleggers couldn’t sell it in speakeasys to drunkards.

    If people didn’t have pain medicine, then burglars couldn’t steal it and dealers couldn’t sell it in schoolyards to addicts.

    Congress should get right on this.

  3. Here is an interesting perspective: List of countries by suicide rate

    The United States comes in at #34 well behind Russia, India, Belgium and Japan.

    But let’s look at suicide by method in the U.S.

    Guys prefer guns: 50%
    Females don’t: 31.2%
    Females prefer poison: 31.4%
    Guys don’t: 9%

    Both use suffocation 27% of the time.

    So let’s just say we took guns out of equation, what happens? Well, what do they do in England where guns are rare(r).

    Hanging and suffocation: 51%
    – Men: 57%
    – Women: 35%
    Drug related poisoning: 21%
    – Men: 15%
    – Women: 35%

    So what do they propose? Once you outlaw guns, do you then outlaw rope and sleeping pills?

  4. No, Greg, they won’t need to outlaw anything. There is no “substitution” in suicide, that’s only for economics. Potential suicides who find themselves stymied by lack of a firearm will not choose another method; instead, they’ll see the error of their ways and vote straight-ticket Democrat for the rest of their long, long lives.

    Meanwhile, in gun-free England where knife crime is a looming problem:

  5. Joe, it’s no mystery where the wild west is today, or who the gunslingers are.

    The problem is, the degenerate left is doing an excellent job of keeping that blazing obvious fact from being an acceptable topic of discussion.

    If leftists really wanted to stop gun violence, they’d:

    1. saturate Negro areas with cops and jails.
    2. Cut welfare to bare subsistance.

    In that way, they’d stop the immediate carnage, and cut the replacement rate of incarcerated murderers.

    But that would also cut their go to g base in 1/2, which is unacceptable.

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