Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Hunter Biden is being sued in Arkansas for paternity and child support. 
I don’t know anything about Arkansas child support law, but if this were a Minnesota case, our law requires the court to set child support based on income. Where income has changed downward, the court can rule that the obligor is intentionally self-limiting his income to avoid paying child support. In that case, the court can set child support based on imputed income.
Suppose you are Hunter Biden’s lawyer. He formerly made $80,000 per month for sitting on the board of a corporation. He no longer has that job. Do you concede that the board job was a legitimate job so his earning ability is $80,000 per month and set child support based on that? When he fails to pay, they’ll find him in contempt and throw him in jail. 
Or do you assert that the corporate job was phony, he was just a bagman for his dad to collect bribes from foreigners and now that his dad is out of office, the kid has no ability to earn the same level of bribe money so child support must be set lower?
You might get the kid out of paying child support, but what does it say about his dad, the candidate, and about President Trump’s phone call for which he just got impeached?
Answer, you quit. Hunter Biden’s lawyers just resigned from the case. I bet I know why.
Joe doakes

You can lie to the public, to a FISA court, or to a Democrat-controlled House with great, consequence-free effect.

But a family court? Where county money is at stake? Good luck with that.

8 thoughts on “Overmatched

  1. It’s called Biden privilege, Joe.

    Does anyone seriously believe the county and family court would waste more than ten minutes on a child support case from a clerk at a NAPA store?

  2. Say, shouldn’t the guys with degrees in journalism told us about Biden’s conflict of interest back when he was Obama’s point man on Ukraine?
    Imagine how much better informed Americans would be if the MSM covered Biden Junior’s corruption instead of treating it like business as usual?

  3. MP, remember JournoList, the Google Groups forum where journalist coordinated behind the scenes to defend Obama and attack conservatives?

    The world is not going to get better until journalists stop speaking power to truth.

  4. I don’t understand this focus on Hunter Biden when Trump’s children are out there openly using their father’s position to make deals worth millions and millions. Ivanka’s Chinese patents alone should be cause for concern with it’s pay-to-play-corruption. I hear her new hand lotion is rich in emoluments.

    Why doesn’t someone look into that and lay it out for us?

  5. Emery, is it true that Trump’s children are netting millions from their father’s position? Do you have some evidence for this? As I see things, his kids were multi-millionaires/billionaires making bazillion-dollar deals well before 2015. Should they need to take a vow of poverty because their father is President?

    Good starting point would be a map of their business fortunes before and after 2016. Got any such thing?

    Biden, on the other hand, was one who in 2008 was still paying on his mortgage after 35 years in DC and had little/no dividend or interest in come. He’s done pretty well for himself the past decade, though. Gosh, why would that be? Maybe somebody was paying him and his son for access to on Barry Soetoro?

  6. I don’t understand this focus on Hunter Biden – Emery

    Neither do I.

    There was no focus on Hunter Biden until the Democrats brought it up in a “I heard it on the grapevine” whistle-blower complaint.

    Using Hunter as a cut-out for Joe’s shake-down of the Ukraine is just good old Chicago style politics. I mean, hey, when you elect a politician from Chicago, why be surprised when that is what you get?

    Like shucks, even if the Ukrainians launched an investigation into Joe and Hunter, what would happen? Anything more than what the media is doing now?

    So what wrong with a little bribery or a little investigating bribery or a little selling access paired with a little investigating selling access?

    After The Clinton Foundation, why would anyone ask?

  7. Enemary, like his dimwitted ilk doesn’t understand the difference between nepotism, which is legal, and shaking down a business, or country, for a juicy no-show job for a drug addled, disgraced son which is a plot line from the Sopranos, AND how Sniffer Joe rolls… and is most definitely not legal.

    Enemary is an idiot. Q. E. D.

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