CBC erases Donald Trump’s cameo from the movie Home Alone 2.

Steyn’s comment is the part I love throwing out there. Trump is a former Democrat, and spent a couple of decades as a blue state cultural icon before going apostate.

Or, as I put it on the air, “I disliked Trump back when “Celebrity Apprentice” was appointment TV for many of his critics today”.

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  1. I’m honestly surprised that none of the hardcore MAGA supporters haven’t edited the scene back in but with PM Justin Trudeau in black face instead of Pres Trump.

  2. Ha! Great point, re: appointment TV. I LOVE shoving that back into the faces of my Uber liberal wife and her hypocritical family, whenever they bash Trump. They never missed that show, even recording it if they had to be away while it was on.

    And while we’re on the second subject, I seem to recall many black and Hispanic participants on that show. I guess my eyes were deceiving me, because Trump is a racisssst.

  3. The CBC explains” CBC edit of Trump scene from Home Alone 2 was done in 2014

    “As is often the case with feature films adapted for television, Home Alone 2 was edited for time,” Thompson said. “The scene with Donald Trump was one of several that were cut from the movie as none of them were integral to the plot. These edits were done in 2014, when we first acquired the film and before Mr. Trump was elected president.”

    Good Lord! Is everyone triggered these days? I sure was.

    But all this raises another question: Why is there a CBC, or a BBC, or a PBS, or an NPR?

    Why must I pay for leftist driven?

    Good grief, I used to love MPR/NPR. I listened to them while driving to and from work. I listened while I cooked dinner. I listened to them to relax. I worked the phones for fund-raisers. I was a proud member.

    Now public radio is dreck. Nothing more than a bunch of snotty kids prattling on about their prejudices. They can’t go five minutes without preening about Trump, race, gender, immigration or sexuality.

    Public television is quickly tipping over the edge too. Thank God for Netflix.

  4. The CBC explains

    Actually, I accept this. Commercial TV does it for the ads, but deciding for the people who produced the movie what is integral to the plot and what is not is precisely the sort of thing the high-handed jackanapes from any-country’s public TV would do. It doesn’t have to be about politics. It’s because they can.

    I used to love MPR/NPR

    Man, even before I got religion, so to speak, I couldn’t much handle that earnest NPR demeanor (that’s why the SNL “Schweddy Balls” sketch was so good). That said, however, I did feel slightly guilty about watching/listening to their shows without contributing. No more. They get nothing.

  5. The last time I listened to MPR was a Saturday evening when I tuned in for The News from Lake Wobegon. I used to listen to the entire show but after a while, I grew tired of the skits and music and listened for the News but nothing else.

    Admit it – Garry Keillor is a hell of a story-teller. If only he could have kept his politics separate from his show biz.

    Now, I don’t listen at all.

  6. Man, even before I got religion, so to speak, I couldn’t much handle that earnest NPR demeanor (that’s why the SNL “Schweddy Balls” sketch was so good).

    I started listening to MPR/NPR in the early/mid 70’s. Back then the Left/Center slant didn’t bother me – because that is where I was and their bias was not out of line with the MSM of the time. They even gave voice to Republicans who were not employed by the New York Times.

    Now it is obnoxiously woke.

    I always had a chuckle during membership week when Bill Cling toted out his “we get criticism from both the right and the left” (therefore we are non-partisan).

    Always glad MPR was to the right of the Pol Pot – too bad that had to change.

  7. JDM wrote:
    ” . . . No more. They get nothing.”
    Yes they do. They get your tax dollars.

  8. Hey, you know what? Yours truly, Mammuthus Primigenius, have had my comments attacked by people on both the Left and Right, so I guess I am shooting straight down the middle, aren’t I?
    Another example of the idiocy of our cultural elites. Fer cryin’ out loud. Nixon was attacked by people on both the Left and the right.

  9. I have been attacked by R Wing neocons and R Wing “classical liberals,” because I am a social conservative, and I believe society needs to consider man as more than economic man. That doesn’t mean that I am a straight down the middle guy.
    The bias of NPR news and entertainment is neo-liberal. They are sometimes criticized by socialists and marxists. That doesn’t mean that they are “straight down the middle.” They have some smart people their, they probably know that their editors and content providers are neo-liberal to marxist, but they want to be coy. One more reason to de-fund them.

  10. The bias of NPR news and entertainment is neo-liberal. – MP

    They used to be but not anymore. Now they are WOKE, which is a religious, not a political posture.

  11. ” . . . No more. They get nothing.”
    Yes they do. They get your tax dollars.

    I came to this realization a decade ago or more. IF Republicans are ever successful at shutting down funding for public broadcasting (which I doubt they ever will be….too many suburban kids watching Sesame Street), then I will consider donating to MPR for the enjoyment my son and I get from Classical MPR. But until then, as long as they get even one cent from me involuntarily, they will not get one cent from me voluntarily.

  12. Back in the day (when “Kling Bill” was in charge), I was recruited by a head-hunter for a branding/writing position with MPR, which included speech-writing for Mr. Bill. I was both tempted and amused (the salary, IRC, was about $30k more than I was making at the time), but after laughing for 10 minutes I told the head-hunter that I didn’t think I’d be a good fit. The HH (who’s job is to recruit, obviously), tried to sell me about how “moderate” MPR really is, and that was almost as funny.

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