12 thoughts on “Civics Education

  1. I think the kid went to alternative high school. No classes, no grades, no accountability.

  2. Actually, Trump isn’t even impeached yet. He won’t be officially impeached until Nancy Palsy sends the articles to the senate, which she is not going to do yet.

    Lol, like a deer in the headlights, the despicable creature just doesn’t know which way to turn. She is in a lefty bubble, where the word is that just having the vote in the house is enough to damage him, but part of her knows impeachment is unpopular with swing voters and independents, so she is paralyzed. She also wants to dictate the terms of the senate trial. Yeah, that is not going to happen.

    I have also been hearing lately that the shampeachment was to try to prevent PDT from getting another Supreme on the court.

    Hang on Ruthie!

  3. Not sure who this chucklehead is (can’t find that twitter account), but Mr Maine Antifa was educated by woke Boomers and Gen-Xers who wanted him/xim/it to be ignorant. And stupid. And malleable. And angry. Angry enough to be doing the killing (and dying) in the war the woke are trying to provoke. Tomorrow belongs to him.

  4. That picture looks familiar . . . ah-ha! It’s the illustration for the dictionary definition of “wannabe Canadian.”

  5. There are screen shots circulating the dark web of a group of Negroes wondering if the 2020 election will be cancelled now that Pence is “finna be President”. One assured the others she was “crine” with joy, but was afraid of what Pence might do.

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