Christmas Deadline

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Before Christmas, Democrats in Congress expect to vote on articles of impeachment to remove President Trump from office.
Before Christmas, funding for the federal government runs out, unless President Trump agrees to continue the funding.
This creates an opportunity for President Trump. I can’t wait to see how he uses it.
Joe Doakes 

Me too. Unlike the Boehner-era Republicans, Trump and McConnell might just do the right thing with an opportunity like this.

7 thoughts on “Christmas Deadline

  1. I think this is related insofar as it involves the real business of government. This link points to some interesting facts. The text is below, but I didn’t include the links from that Instapundit post.

    HMM: House Democrats gave Trump ‘everything he wanted’ on a $738 billion defense bill while on the brink of impeaching him.

    Previously: Democrats, White House announce deal on new North American trade agreement.

    Forget the impeachment theatrics, which really are little more than a sideshow to keep the base riled up. Because when it comes to serious issues like trade and defense, House Democrats sure are negotiating as though they believe Trump will be around a while longer. Like, five years longer. They wouldn’t give a lame duck “everything he wanted” on anything.

    Meanwhile, Charles Blow is resetting expectations lower: Impeachment in the House Is the Victory.

    I don’t if or how this plays into Mr Doakes’ or Mr Berg’s expectations.

  2. jdm, like I said in the other thread, their house impeachment vote is what they will run on. They will call the senate acquittal “partisan”.

    Their vote of course will not be called partisan by the barking moonbat mediots.

  3. kinlaw, my reason for the comment above was that in spite of the impeachment circus on which you so ably commented, there are things getting done in spite of that – or perhaps because of it. I didn’t know that and I found it interesting.

    I don’t know anything about how any federal government funding proposals will go. I think Trump would be likely to pass any and all because he knows that most people – that is, the majority of voters – don’t care about the deficit nor the debt. And these same people will be angry voters if the necessary steps are taken to deal with either. Sorry to burst your bubbles, fiscal conservatives.

  4. Trump doesn’t think he did anything wrong. So, of course, he’s going to keep doing it.

    The GOP keeps telling him it’s OK.

  5. Emery on December 13, 2019 at 11:32 am said:
    Trump doesn’t think he did anything wrong. So, of course, he’s going to keep doing it.
    The GOP keeps telling him it’s OK.

    This is the story Dems tell themselves on the websites & media platforms. It’s comforting, because it puts the blame for the failure of impeachment to be meaningful on Trump and the GOP.
    Numbers tell a different story. Nate Silver’s 538 shows that support for impeachment among Dems, independents, and Republicans, peaked around October 31, when the House announced its impeachment inquiry. Since that time, support for impeachment has remained steady among Democrats, but dropped among independents and Republicans. All the weeks of hearing resulted in less support for impeachment among all voters other than Democrats.
    If the story Emery is trying to tell was fact based, you would expect to see support for impeachment increase among Dems and independents, while decreasing among GOP voters. This is not real, this is not what happened.

  6. By the time the 2020 election actually starts to heat up — who knows what will be the issues of the day. Six or seven months is a lifetime in politics. I suspect Trump will be using Immigration, deficits and soci@lism as his political cudgel — impeachment not-so-much.

    As I’ve mentioned before — the 2020 election will be the only opportunity the democrats will have to unseat Trump.

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