Yet Again

You could almost sense it, coming everywhere from Democrats on social media to progs in the dead tree media; this was going to be the UK election that set so much right in the UK, undoing Brexit and re-setting the left’s agenda…

…and telegraphing the public mood about Trump and the rise of other populists in the west.

Well, they were half right.

Mr Johnson’s snap General Election gamble paid off as he romped home with an estimated majority of 78.
The ecstatic Tory boss said his “stonking” win has given him a “powerful mandate to get Brexit done” as humiliated Jeremy Corbyn vowed to quit.
The results mean Britain’s political chaos could finally be over, leaving Mr Johnson with the numbers to finally push his Brexit deal through Parliament in just weeks.

I’m trying to remember the last time anyone had an absolute majority. Under Thatcher?

The final count:

  • The Tories: 364
  • All the rest: 284. Labour was 203 of ’em.

So Jeremy Corbyn, the standardbearer for European-style Democrat Socialism, who explicitly walked hand-in-hand with his closest American counterpart, Bernie Sanders, has gone down in flames.

So that leaves Democrats in the US with a rousing anti-mandate from the UK (which has at times been a bellwether for sentiments in the US as well, as in the 1979 contest that put Thatcher in office), with a field of frauds, flyweights and, well, Labour candidates.

Which will leave them to flog their impressively vacuous articles of impeachment into a rallying cry for the legion of the invincibly ignorant.

Which, history shows, isn’t a bad strategery for them, but isn’t necessarily airtight.

39 thoughts on “Yet Again

  1. There are no lessons to be learned from yesterday’s election in Britain.

    – There is nothing comparable to Brexit in the U.S.
    – Jeremy Corbyn is a Marxist gadfly who has embraced every anti-west notion to bubble up in the last century. He is not a Bernie Sanders or even an Elizabeth Warren.

    So therefore, the American left has nothing to fear…nothing at all.

    Carry on.

    Move along.

    Nothing to see here.

  2. Which will leave them to flog their impressively vacuous articles of impeachment into a rallying cry for the legion of the invincibly ignorant.

    If I may make a slight correction to this otherwise wonderful sentence, I’d add “and arrogantly” right in between “invincibly” and “ignorant”.

  3. Especilly now after this Im not even 100% sure we make it to an impeachment trial. Democrats are expecting major defections on the impeachment vote and they only need 25 or so defections with a unified GOP for this whole thing to go down in flames. If it passes it will be by less than 5 votes and if it fails it will be by less than 5 votes, And what they are going to run on in 2020 I have no idea.

  4. Greg stole my thunder; well said sir. I will do the flip side of the coin. Had Corbyn won big it would have been on the mainstream mediots shows 24/7 for weeks. More gas lighting about where the country is headed, more condescending arrogance from the left.

  5. POD, they will simply run against an “impeached” president. Thats it, nothing more, they will call him corrupt and impeached.

    Um, no, it won’t work.

  6. English workers party leader Jeremy Corbyn to undergo period of exile, and head shaving, on collective farm in North Luton.

    Will be forced to wear the dunce cap of self-criticism, and to ride the Donkey of Shame.
    DPRK News Service @DPRK_News

  7. ^^ Reminder: if you want to be an advocate for free speech, you must sit still while absolutely any dipshit on the face of the planet yammers at you. If you don’t, you’re not in favor of free speech!

    Pro-tip: Increase your dosage of Thorazine— it may help restore your mental balance 👨‍⚕️

  8. absolutely any dipshit on the face of the planet yammers at you

    Man, every single Emery comment in a nutshell.

  9. And the value of the GBP v Euro soars 5% on the election result.
    This means that currency traders believe that the GBP has greater value than the Euro, post-BoJo Remainer stomping.

  10. POD wrote:
    Especilly now after this Im not even 100% sure we make it to an impeachment trial. Democrats are expecting major defections on the impeachment vote and they only need 25 or so defections with a unified GOP for this whole thing to go down in flames.

    There will be some interesting gamesmanship. Every Dem from a Trump district will ask why he should vote yes, rather than some other representative. If their were some Republican votes, more of the nervous Dem reps would be free to vote “no” and increase their re-election chances next year.

  11. Corbyn had no position on Brexit —by far the
    most important issue of the election. He ran as a neo-Marxist and an anti-Semite.

    There’s nothing remotely comparable in the US.

  12. Corbyn’s instincts were to be pro-Brexit, because membership in the EU would have blunted some of his anti-capitalist policies. He turned against Brexit when it came to be the Conservative position.
    The Dems are anti-capitalist and anti-Israel. There is indeed a valid comparison between Corbyn and at least some of the Dem candidates.
    How did Corbyn get to become the head of the Labour party? Labour changed its rules to allow the rank & file to vote for the head of the party. Corbyn was the popular choice of Labour voters.

  13. Don’t let anyone tell you that there is something marginal about the Brexit victory yesterday. The head of the Lib Dems, the most Remainer party, lost her seat to a Tory.

  14. FYI, the Brexit victory means the US stock market has more headroom, as the US can potentially trade with Britain on equal footing with EU members.
    Let’s keep this bull market going until I retire mid-2020! And beyond!

  15. MP that trade deal with China that was agreed to should help as well for the stok market.

  16. Everyone’s so excited about this trade deal has anyone bothered to check what’s in it? I understand it to be rolling back 50% of the tariffs for a pinky promise that China will buy a few more agricultural products? Sounds like China is winning.

  17. Yes, the Democratic initiative may go down in flames if enough Democrats defect, but quite frankly, it might be better for the GOP and conservatism if they go through with it. No mandatory discovery, no cross examination, misrepresentation and neglect of critical evidence, all that makes it a goat rodeo worth mentioning next year in commercials. “This is what Democrats will do to you” and all that.

    And soon, Englishmen will be able to buy a pound of bananas for a pound sterling (or pound worthless fiat I guess) and get change. Except in posh areas!

  18. Emery, has there ever been a time that you thought China was NOT winning the trade war?
    You must realize it is irrational to believe that if Trump keeps the tariffs in place, he loses, and if he drops the tariffs, he loses.

  19. ^^ So for 20 billion in agriculture losses we get to go back to how it was under Obama — heckuva a job Trump.

    Stop rewarding Trump for the end of a problem created by his own action. He basically stopped holding his breath and will now brag about it.

  20. You see, I have no emotional investment in Trump. I neither like him nor hate him. My support of Trump is entirely transactional.
    The Dems made a huge error back in November, 2016. They could have co-opted Trump, the way the DFL co-opted Jesse Ventura. Instead they indulged their desire to hate; progressives are like that, they justify themselves by the intensity of their hatred.
    If the Dems had acted rationally, they would have another pair of Supreme Court judges, and Trump would be facing a vicious primary battle that would open the door for a Dem elected president in 2020.
    But they could not act rationally. The desire to righteously hate Trump, and his sixty million voters, was too great for them to resist.
    God help us if gain the presidency of the senate in 2020. They will be in a mood to punish half of America for supporting Trump.

  21. I see that “Blackout” Bloomberg has joined the environazis & wants to eliminate all coal fired power plants by 2030 & phase out relatively clean natural gas fired power plants (one of the reasons why CO2 emissions from US power plants is so low is because most coal fired plants have been converted to burning LNG).
    Do yourself a favor & spend a few hours at the DOE website, looking at the history of electrical power generation in the USA, and projections into the future.
    What you see is that as our wealth increases, our use of electrical power increases. We’ll need to generate twice the electricity we use today in 25 years.
    The other thing you notice is that the use of all power sources (coal, hydro, windmills, solar, nuclear, whatever) follows a pattern. Their use starts out increasing rapidly, then quickly flattens out as generation from that source reaches diminishing returns. There are only so many river that can be dammed, after all.
    So what you need to supply current growth and future use is a scalable energy source, some source that will cost no more to produce the second 100,000 gigawatt than it did to produce the first 100,000 gigawatts.
    Hydro can’t do that. Wind power can’t do that. Solar can’t do that. Geothermal can’t do that. With fracking, fossil fuels can do that. Nuclear can do that.
    That is reality.
    All the Dems, even the “moderates,” are willing to leave you cold and starving in the dark, if that is what it takes to reduce atmospheric concentration of CO2.

  22. ^^ So to recap. China will buy agricultural products again and the US will not impose new tariffs and scale back a portion of those already levied. All that talk of opening markets and IP theft that was used as the justification of the squabble was just talk? What was it all for? Seems like we are simply 1/4 of the way back to where we were before this whole thing started. I applaud anyone who seeks to address the trade issues the west has with China, but have a clear goal and plan. If you are going to disrupt global supply chains, reduce trade and lower global growth — at least get something for it. The lack of any clear policies with coherent plans on how to achieve anything from this administration is embarrassing at the very least.

    Re: Bloomberg

    The US is torn between globalism and populism and capitalism and socialism. Perhaps the media will get over its loathing of Trump the personality and address the real decisions Americans will have to make.

    A Bloomberg vs Trump election would hopefully result in some honest debate on the role of the US in the world and present real choices on the question of globalism or populism. America needs an open and honest debate and political decision on its future direction.

  23. Pffft.

    Enema is projecting the panic I’ve read into the papspew lefty media has been publishing about BoJo’s tremendous victory. They know the tide is turning against them.

    Even the 1/2 wits can see what coming down the pike for them. Trump parlays the drubbing the Senate will deal the reprobates into a real electoral victory, and the reprobates lose the House.

    You can smell their fear…It’s like a hot roast beef sammich.

  24. “Following tonight’s devastating election results, it’s time for the left to reflect. 😞

    We have clearly failed to win over the hearts and minds of our fellow citizens.

    The obvious conclusion is… we didn’t call them racist often enough.

    — Titania McGrath (@TitaniaMcGrath) December 13, 2019”

  25. ^^ Now that Trump received 23 votes for impeachment from the house judiciary committee and hillary never got any, he finally got more votes than her.

  26. Trump is president because he got more votes than Hillary did in the electoral college.
    You can’t win an election if you don’t know how they work, Emery.

  27. Gosh — it’s so confusing. I see the president says on TV the Ukrainians should investigate Biden but other people say no he didn’t say that. I don’t know what to believe it’s just politics.

  28. I get the GOP’s “be careful, you’ll make impeachment routine” argument. It’s a threat — “we’ll impeach the next Democrat President [like we did before].”

    But really, for “don’t do this or we’ll act badly” to work, there has to be room for you to get worse than you are now. Is there?

  29. You forget that it is the Dems who have trivialized impeachment. This isn’t a “talking point” it is reality. No one cares. No one watched the hearings. No one is talking about it, outside of the news media. It’s the projection of Democrat hatred of Trump into meaningless ceremony.

  30. Impeachment is, by its very nature, a political process, there’s no way around that fact.

    There is a better way to remove President Trump from office. It’s called an election in 2020.

  31. “Abusing the power of office” and “obstructing congress.” Neither of which is a crime or a misdemeanor. Neither has a fixed definition because neither is a law passed by congress.
    Pitiful, really, and a good indicator of just how far out there the Dems have become. They are for democracy, and the rule of law and the constitution only when it suits them. This has been noted, not just by the GOP, but by independent voters, especially those in the swing states the Dems hold in contempt.

  32. I blame conservatives for the 1619 project, Swiftee.
    For decades, an awful lot of conservatives cared more about the latest free trade treaty and tax cut than they did about abortion, the traditional family, gun rights, and secure borders.
    Fuck ’em. It takes a special sort of idiot to believe that Trump’s mild nationalism is more dangerous than a K-12 curriculum designed by Bill Ayres and the NY Times.

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