Is She Perchance Samoan?

You’re a radical “Progressive”.

As such, you pretty much despise most of the things that allow you the wealth and leisure to be a radical “Progressive”: commerce, the free market, individual wealth (beyond whatever is needed to give you everything you want), and the cheap, safe energy, whether petroleum or fission-based, that makes that wealth and leisure feasible. Oh, yeah – and the people who produce it.

As such, you may have wanted to to participate in the extended squat against the Dakota Access Pipeline a few years ago – where you and a few hundred of your fellow leeches protested against a pipeline carrying Bakken crude oil to market, because it’s so much better to have it transported by truck and train through rural America, after all. You (or people you sympathized with deeply) came, rioted, got tossed, and left one of the most disgusting messes in the history of a very tidy state – because hey, it’s not really pollution when it’s something you’re inflicting on Red America, is it?

(No, the new “red America”. Your antics turned out to be potentially catastrophic for the original “red” America. But as we know, Urban Progressive Privilege means only the purity of your “progressive” motives really matter; actual consequences are irrelevant).

And – as, to some extent, you (plural and singular) hoped for, the law stepped in. You – the larger “you”, maybe actually You, maybe some other Yous – got arrested and charged for all sorts of mischief. In a state full of people who are not amused by your juvenile hijinks and not impressed by the adoring media coverage you got in the Twin Cities.

You needed legal help. And legal help takes money.

And some people stepped in to provide it. Because it’s what progs do for other progs.

But what if a group were to raise lots and lots and lots of money from progs with deep pockets to seek “justice” and pay for a legal defense for all your fellow litterbugging shrieking ninnies?

And then decide “justice” would be best served by – allegedly…

…telling you and your snowflake friends to plead guilty, while they just keep all that money?

I said allegedly

I came across the podcast “A Mexican Crossing Lines – Scandalous Accusations” that discusses vast sums of money that was raised by the non-profit “The Freshet Collective” and raises questions about what happened to all of this money. Specifically, on this podcast, an activist named Duke Gomez-Schempp claimed publicly that this organization was failing to pay its legal bills and was instead “getting everyone to plead guilty and keeping the money.” Freshet was registered as a Minnesota Non-Profit Corporation on August 30, 2016. This Non-Profit appears to be closely affiliated with Attorney Tara Houska, who has ties to Honor the Earth, a Minnesota Non-Profit, and is a “Native American Adviser” to US Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders.

Oh, darn.

And again – we don’t know anything yet.

Other than the fact that a lot of money got raised, and it seems to have stayed put.

6 thoughts on “Is She Perchance Samoan?

  1. This is freaking hilarious. If your protesting results in you in handcuffs and a court date it aint protected by the 1st amendment and anything you get is deserverd in my opinion.

  2. POD – I think in the past, it was understood that certain protests might land you in jail. Mostly thinking of civil rights in the 60s,. The problem is when they stopped arresting protesters that broke the law – shutting down I94 during BLM protests or assaulting rally attendees – that set expectations. That if it was a protest, law breaking didn’t count. My biggest problem with this change is a lack of sincerity. If you aren’t putting yourself at some level of risk, you’re just out walking around with friends vs protesting.

  3. Reprobates in Virginia are taking steps to get CWII going hot, lads. My network of local political activists are buzzing like hornets about this. There’s discussion of resolving to support our Virginia brothers and sisters if the reprobates follow through on their threats.

    I wonder if it occurred to them that calling out the national guard could be their Waterloo.

    If the sheriff’s are standing with the people, how many VNG will step across and join them? What happens if the armories put themselves at the disposal of the people?

    When you threaten to use violence against citizens, you’ve crossed the Rubicon. We’re following this very closely down here.

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