This is the Associated Press, over the weekend:

In a sense, they have a point: I’ve been gleefully urging Democrats to push impeachment without rest almost since Trump was elected, seeing it as at best a goldmine for Trump, and at worst a gateway to a candidate I’d have actually supported on my own in 2016, Mike Pence, to the Oval Office.

But it’s almost like they want citizens to think that impeachment was part of some GOP/NRA/Heritage-Foundation/Military Industrial Complex plan to make the Democrats look like idiots.

And the worst thing is, Democrat voters will probably believe it.

5 thoughts on “Victims

  1. Democrat voters will probably believe it

    They already do. It doesn’t matter what the topic. I know of virtually no Democrat whose mind can be changed by reason – I’m not saying they don’t exist – I just don’t know of any.

  2. The facts don’t matter to the Democrats running the process. For them, it’s entirely political, akin to a Vote of No Confidence in Parliament. That’s why Democrats began demanding impeachment before Trump was even inaugurated, first allegedly because his serving as President promotes his hotels (public office for personal gain, emoluments clause), then because of Russian collusion in stealing the election, now for investigating corruption involving American politicians (emoluments, again).

    It reminds me of climate. Give up your car because of Global Cooling. No? Well, give it up because of Global Warming. It isn’t? Well, then give it up because of Climate Change. The reason doesn’t matter, the facts don’t matter, the demand remains the same, proving that climate change isn’t about science, it’s about political power.

    As this impeachment is not about wrong-doing, it’s about revenge for an outsider having the audacity to not only challenge The Smartest Woman In America (TM), but actually to beat her. That simply cannot be allowed to stand.

  3. Samson, when confronted by hordes of Philistines, looked around for a handy weapon and picked up the jawbone of an ass and proceeded to smite them.

    If the Dems, appropriately, are going to leave a jawbone of an ass laying around, they shouldn’t be surprised if it get used against them. Then there was that fellow Haman who ended up being hung on the gallows he had constructed for killing others (hoisted by his own petard, as it were). So many useful lessons in scripture…

  4. I don’t have time to read the entire report.

    I hope AG Barr might have time to summarize it for those of us who are pressed for time?

    If you just include the parts where Trump is exonerated you’ll have the summary done in no time. Thanks in advance.

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